River Raisin Battlefield; August 9, 2008

Case Background and Claims: 2008_08_09-River-Raisin-Battlefield_Picture_WoodlandCemetery

The Battle of Frenchtown (Battle of the River Raisin in Monroe, Michigan) was the largest battle fought on Michigan soil. This was a major defeat for the Americans and was one of the bloodiest engagements during the War of 1812. The massacre of some wounded soldiers the following day shocked and enraged Americans throughout the Old Northwest Territory. This incident soon became known as the “River Raisin Massacre” and the rallying cry “Remember the Raisin.”

The battle fought here, on January 22, 1813, was one of the largest engagements of the War of 1812. Of 934 Americans who fought here, only 33 escaped death or capture. The massacre of wounded soldiers the following day shocked and enraged Americans throughout the Old Northwest Territory.


  • InvestigatorsJohnSue, Patti, Nan, Art
  • Date: August 9, 2008


2008_08_09-River-Raisin-Battlefield_Picture_CannonEMF READINGS SPIKED AT THIS CANNON WHILE EMPLOYING THE “SINGAPORE THEORY”: At the Visitor’s Center is a replica of a cannon that the British used to decimate the Americans with. American snipers methodically picked off the French who were manning this cannon. The cannon was interesting during our investigation because we decided to try the “Singapore Theory”, which suggests that by using a trigger like music from the era of the haunting, activity might be stirred up. We played music from 1812, like fife and drum combat music and also music about Kentucky citizens. Because most of the Americans who died here were from Kentucky, we thought the music about them from that era might entice ghosts to become active.

While we were playing the music, we got spikes in our EMF readings. The cannon is out in a field where the battle occurred and there is no electricity in the field. Our readings were consistently .1 and .2 until we played the music. Then, the EMF readings went up to the 10.0 and 12.0 range around the cannon.

2008_08_09-River-Raisin-Battlefield_Picture_Navarre-AndersonTradingPostMIST PHOTOGRAPHED AT OLD BUILDING:  This building belonged to Dr. Joseph Dazette, who often administered to the Indians as well as the settlers. The building still has bullets in the exterior walls from the battle, and was used as a hospital for the wounded.

Before and after the war, it was the trading post  of John Anderson, famed Scottish pioneer of the River Raisin. Anderson, Colonel of Militia in 1812, who was taken prisoner at Detroit, and later escaped. Mrs. Anderson, alone at the time of the River Raisin Massacre, successfully defied Indians who invaded the her home. Mrs. Anderson sat defiantly upon the family money chest as she was threatened with upraised tomahawks. “Shame, so many Indians fight one squaw”. Mrs. Anderson cried. Cowed by her words the Indians left and she survived. 

The photographs before and after this one do not have a mist in them, which rules out that it might be a water drop on the lens. The mist may possibly be a spirit manifested as mist.

2008_08_09-River-Raisin-Battlefield_Picture_CusterFamilyPlotWOODLAND CEMETERY: None of the following photos are paranormal in nature. But the Cemetery is very old and beautiful and we’re sharing the pictures because the cemetery is worth mentioning.  In this location, some of the retreating Kentuckians surrendered. The Custer family plot is here. General Custer’s father is buried here, as well as Custer’s brother & some other family members.

To read more about the history of the River Raisin Battlefield, visit these pages: http://www.riverraisinbattlefield.org/ or http://www.riverraisinbattlefield.org/visitorscenter.htm.

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