Mt. Clemens Bar; August 4th, 2014

20140804_104818 (1)Case Background and Claims:

An employee noticed somebody leave the restaurant from the bathroom area when they were closed. She chased after, but nobody was around. When she came back in, she was so scared she was ready to quit. Some of the televisions turn on by themselves. The vacuum has also turned on while not even plugged in (and this has happened more than once). Objects have been moved, as well as have come up missing


Video from the investigation


  • Investigators:,  CasJasonJohnAllyTim R
  • Weather: 78 degrees and cloudy
  • Structural:  Two floors, restuarant along river
  • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps, Flir I7 Thermal Camera,  PSB-7 Spirit Box, Frank’s Box, Laser Grid, Flashlight, Echovox
  • Time: 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM

The group split into smaller teams, with team one consisting of Jason, Tim R (T3), and Ally, and team two being John and Cas.

Team one began in the kitchen area and eventually migrated upstairs.  Tim felt as if someone was watching him from the bottom of the stairs, so they conducted an EVP session from the bottom of the stairs. Tim and Ally left the area to go get more equipment from the kitchen. Jason went to go look in the banquet room where he noticed that the television in there was on.  When the team did a walkthrough of the location, it was off. The general manager of the bar said that it’s a new television and the remote isn’t present because they never use it. Then, Jason, Ally, and Tim heard a loud metal slam. Team one all gathered in the hall immediately and pinpointed the noise as coming from the electrical box door. Additionally, the box, which was open before, was now closed.IMG_0632

While investigating the stairwell, the team heard a loud thud from upstairs. Jason went to go check it out but couldn’t find the source. Jason stayed near the top of the stairs, so he could get a jump on the noise in case it happened again. Instead, while sitting there, it felt as if someone had stepped on the step behind him. Ally and Tim were commenting on the K2 meters lighting up, and at that moment, Ally saw a shadow on the wall behind Jason that she described as the shape of an arm.

Team 2 started in the restaurant area but didn’t have any activity other than some hits on the Ovilus, Frank’s Box, and EchoVox.

Words from the Ovilus: raster, symbols, periodic, June, try, morning, on, grain

Words from the Frank’s Box: love, speak up, like you, who are you?, no

Words from the Echovox: Martin, yes, direct, no we haven’t, loading, Alley, yes, no, wreck, outside, dusk, lesson, be right back, ten, quit talking, death, not far, self, yeah, later, Martin, Molly, help me, please, rapture,  slo mo, blood, killed, Jason, on bike, yes, 50, hi, purpose, Martin, yeah right, James, please, Dorothy, yes, music, cry, me, Martha, Dave, rest, Dave, one more time Martha, brother, Dorothy, cool, yeah.

Team one’s second session was in the restaurant area. Ally and Tim set up at the bar and took a seat while Jason sat at a table with the video camera. A few minutes into the session, the Rem Pod that Cas had left on the table started going off. When Ally asked the spirit to tap the flashlight to make it light, she had an immediate response by the flashlight coming on. Tim tried conducting a spirit box session and the client asked if the spirits here were friends of hers by the name of Mark or Ray. Mark came through and wanted to speak to a Dave who the client also knew. As we were conducting our session, a couple walked into the restaurant even though the door was locked. Tim went over to test the doors and it seems that the top latches were for some reason not latched. He then re-latched the doors.

Team two then went to the stairwell, where team one was getting a lot of activity. John sat in the middle of the staircase and began to sense the taste of blood in his mouth followed by a migraine feeling.  After leaving the stairway, these sensations went away. Cas replaced John in the stairway to try to recreate the experience but was unsuccessful.

Rem pod activity began on its own. John asked the rem pod to light and multiple times it appeared to respond to his request to activate the rem pod. When asked if the entity’s name was Deborah, the rem pod activated. This happened on two different occasions. When asked if Deborah needed our help, the rem pod activated.

Words from the Ovilus: tail, Kansas, Deborah, leaded, fist, bend, second, jade, happen, lab, themselves, coast, toward, feed, ticket, one, happen, Anna, astral, brown, language, blank, judgment, lead, turning, embark, Anna, represent, ground, language, it, core, woman, since, trace, long, mouse, happy, trace, Deborah, December,  empty, ground, discover, woman, ate, without, center, December, grandmother.

20140804_140855Teams one and two combined for the final session in the restaurant. Tim started out the session by trying to contact the women that was seen coming out of the restroom by the employee. Tim had noticed earlier that the women’s rest room light was off and then noticed before this session that it had turned on; none of the ladies that were present had used the bathroom. Then began the mystery of how patrons kept entering the building. During this session, four different people, on four separate occasions, came through the front door. The same front door that Tim just re-latched the session previous. After every time someone came in, Tim and the general manager went to lock the doors. Additionally, after one of the occasions, the general manager locked Jason out of the building, so they could test the lock from the outside to make sure it was catching.  Jason was unable to open the door when it was locked.  This event really baffled everyone in the building.IMG_0623

Cas was conducting an EchoVox session, and during this time, Jason felt his ears pop, like when flying.

Words from the Ovilus: spell, float, woman, Mike, bring, spell, woman, seed, reach, park, spell, Frank, Christy, malign, tied, cancer, you, mite, leak, horse, tide, oracle, Frank, malign, shining, lent, ate, hope, park, mite, ate, weather, malign, woman, oracle, spell, reach, corner, malign, hope, oracle, land, stirred, reached, park, read, breached, oracle, lark, Sheppard, afraid, dollar, ate, mite, reached, weather, wondered, cannot, picture

Words from the EchoVox words: did it happen, sober, Brian, Frank, pencil, 20, Pat, what is, Tim, Jason, Tim, ask, No, answers, guilt, walk back, don’t period, Dorothy, lock smith, respect, home, no, awful, no, lunch, Dave, poltergeist, Martin, park, out, love it, no, echobox, yes please, park, officer, no, myth, question, you tell us, Jason, double, trailer, what, yes, yes, Martin, Dave, Nat, Selfridge, prison, pushed, Dave,  be happy

Some things of note that correspond with the above words: The owner’s name is Dave. Dave sister is Natalie (sometimes called Nat) and her husband, named Martin, recently passed away. Additionally, Sarah, Dave’s wife, is also owner of the bar, and she was able to connect Selfridge to Martin because he used to work there. This connection was made by Sarah after hearing that that word had come up.  Lastly, Dorothy is the manager of the bar and her pencils seem to come up missing.

Audio evidence obtained during investigation

Most audio evidence needed to be thrown out due to contamination from the compressors and some general chatter. We did get a key piece of audio from the stairway and an EVP from the restaurant, which can be seen in the video at the top of the page.  It is also significant to note the importance of some of the words from the EchoVox as they very specifically corresponded to the owners, their family, and the location.


It is of MCGH’s opinion that the owners and managers know at least the one spirit that has made itself known to them. Sarah told us that before Martin passed, he said he was going to haunt them, and we think this could be some good-natured joking from a family member on the other side. There was a lot of activity that Monday morning and we can’t wait to come back.

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    I used to work here, super strange! have also ate here alot

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