NBC’s 1st Look with MCGH

The Motor City Ghost Hunters on National Television

We are proud to bring you the episode of NBC’s 1st Look with host Audrina Patridge.

This video aired coast-to-coast on October 17, 2015 on NBC stations. We were sent an inquiry by the producer about ghost hunting in Michigan and we knew right where to take them – the Fort Gratiot Light House and Keepers’ Quarters in Port Huron.

The Light House is the oldest in the state being first used in 1837 and we always get great evidence there. The night we brought 1st Look with us was no different.

We had Ovilus responses that were spot on. The production crews’ drop lights started going on and off like flashlights do during an investigation. We also had some great ghost box responses.

It took several hours to film due to white balancing in every location with three cameras being used. It was a very hot night and the ceiling fans couldn’t be used due to noise, but it was still a wonderful experience for all involved.

One comment on “NBC’s 1st Look with MCGH

  1. Mary DeCraemer

    My sister and I attended your presentation last night (Oct. 19), at the Orion Library. We really enjoyed it! Thank u!

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