Dearborn Residence; December 11, 2010

Background and ClaimsDearborn Hts Residence_20101211_273_ndh1

Client reports noises in attic, feelings of being watched, hearing dripping noise in bathroom and child’s toy (Thomas the Train) making sounds when not touched. Their son is very scared and doesn’t want to sleep in his room as he thinks there is something in his closet.


Investigators:  John, Tom, and Teri

Conditions: 39.9F with overcast skies

We arrived at 8:00pm and met with Heather where she gave us an update on the home. She said her son is not sleeping in his bed and is still frightened by a spirit in the closet. Everything seemed quiet when we entered the children’s bedroom until we opened the closet. A child’s toy stored under the crib became active without any explanation and made an audible noise and the PX box began talking.  We believe we made contact with Heathers grandfather (John) as the PX box indicated and he was in the Navy on a ship in WW2 (Heather also confirmed this). He also stated he watches the family and is there when Sam reads to his children at night and plays with them by tickling their stomachs. The PX box did name both of Heathers children and said “tickle stomach”. There were a few other names that need to be confirmed by Heathers family. We did hear a “No No No” when Tome shut the closet door earlier in the night and some knocks from other areas of the home. It seems that if this is Heathers Grandfather he only wishes to keep a watchful eye on his grandchildren. I believe he means them no harm.
We also picked up on the spirit of a little girl that plays with Heathers children. John sensed an older woman who was slender in her 50’s wearing a gray or blue older styled dress with a white apron, her hair was up in a bun and she had a yard stick ruler (she reminded John of an old time school teacher). We are still trying to figure out who she is and why John sensed her in Heathers home though it is possible she was a teacher in one of the many schools in the area.Dearborn Hts Residence_20101210_401_ndh2


Teri, Tom and John believe that Heathers grandfather just wants to watch over his family and have an opportunity to see his family as most proud grandfathers would. We believe that Grandpa, the little girl and the older woman pose no threat to the family but the family didn’t understand that the spirits mean them no harm and only wish to remain in the home peacefully. We have received evidence through EVP’s and listening to the audible PX box that backs up our theory. We have also caught pictures of orbs in the living room and some anomalies in other pictures. The home had a very low air dust particle count, 881625 ppm @3 MC, very close to our first visit during the pre-investigation. During the pre-investigation we also noticed that the home has a very high EMF field and there was no grounding of the home. We suggest that the clients contact their landlord to correct this problem as this can attribute to headaches as well as many other symptoms of low radiation exposure. We believe the family is in no danger other than EMF exposure and symptoms from the electrical problems within the home. MCGH shall be available if the family should need us again.

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