Canton Home; February 7, 2009

Case Background and Claims:

The family had a history of haunting’s in prior homes, possibly related to their Native American heritage. The current home was built on an Indian burial ground and their children were scared by some very negative entities. Two smudging/cleansing treatments have made the clients more comfortable in their homes, but still sense the presence of spirits on occasion.


  • Investigators: John, Curt, Eileen, Jesse, Kenny and Art
  • Date: February 7, 2009
We received a frantic phone call from a Mother that was claiming her 2 young boys were getting scratched and were seeing a ghost child who called herself “Sara”. This Spirit was not complete even though it looked like a little girl (it had no back to its head). The children also stated they saw another spirit named “Johnny 2 Guns”. We gathered at the client’s home that evening (the weather was light snow and the temp was 38*). While in the home, we were told of how the family had experienced this activity of the paranormal following them for the past few years and how they would have to leave a home because it would become so hectic it would interfere in the family’s lives. The last home they left they even packed up piece-by-piece and moved out trying to trick whatever spirit was following them. We started off with our interview and were told by the client that she contacted another local paranormal group who were scared away when the kitchen stove turned on by itself and they never returned, claiming that something evil had followed them home. Anyways, while Curt & Eileen conducted the interview with the family, the rest of us started to examine the home. We found roaming emf readings within the home that would be there one minute and then disappear the next. Also detected was the feeling of dread by Eileen who claims she saw a dark shadow in the living room. Jesse, Kenny and John had moved into the Master bedroom where Chassidy and her Husband Chris said they saw shadows and felt a presence and noises of growling coming from a closet in the bedroom. We started our investigation with our k2 emf detectors. As John would ask questions, it would appear that something was moving past Jesse and then Kenny causing one k2 meter to go off then the other just seconds later as something passed by our investigators (this was witnessed by John, Kenny and Jesse) also noted is that we heard a growling coming from the closet but could not determine the source. Chassidy also stated that something was moving her dolls in her room, but we did not witness this activity while in the home. After compiling our information and spending about 5 hours with the family in their home we left heading to Ypsilanti to check out another possible investigation for Chassidy’s friend. While there, we received a call from Chassidy stating her dolls were moving in the bedroom and she could hear growling noises coming from her closet again and asked us to return the next day. When John and Jesse returned it was also explained that Chassidy and her Family were of Native American decent and were very active within their Tribe. It was later found through research that her family was a direct descendant of “Johnny 2 Guns”, a Famous Blackfoot Indian that was placed on the Buffalo nickel. Due to the extreme pressure this family was under, we decided to smudge the home as well as all family members living there. Afterwards, during a follow-up with Chassidy, she said the home seemed much better and had found out that her Trailer Park was located on a old Indian Burial Ground, so it was decided that John and Jesse would return and re-smudge the home with a stronger dose for removal of any lingering spirits. That night Chassidy and Chris reported that they heard a Female spirit talking saying it didn’t want to leave, then changing its voice and tone to an angry male voice screaming it didn’t want to leave (this lasted and went on for over 3 hours) they reported. Since our return it’s been determined that the home is located on a portal and spirits do come and go from time to time but are no longer bothering the family or threatening the children or any other family members and are drawn to the family because of their strong Native American Heritage. Chassidy and Her husband Chris have both since joined the MCGH team and wish to help others, especially children “So No Child Has To Live In Fear Of The Unknown”.

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