2008 Investigations

Slowly we grow..

Motor City Ghost Hunters had been around for two years in 2008, but until this year, we didn’t have a website so we did not have any residential clients.  Our group was very small all those years ago, and we mainly traveled around visiting paranormal hot spots refining our investigation techniques to pass on to newer investigators.  We wouldn’t have had it any other way!

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List of 2008 Paranormal Investigations

05/03/2008 Ohio State Reformatory Video Icon

05/31/2008 Historic Fort Wayne

06/13/2008 Waverly Hills Sanitarium Video Icon

06/17/2008 Old Tigers Stadium, Detroit

08/09/2008 River Raisin Battlefield

09/06/2008 West Bloomfield Residential

11/09/2008 Historic Holly Hotel



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