2010 Investigations

We welcomed reprieve…

For the first time since the inception of the Motor City Ghost Hunters, we had less cases in 2010 than we had in 2009.  Although we had less investigations, we enjoyed everyone of them and this year also saw us investigating at two of our favorite locations: Canterbury Village and Whitefish Point.

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  List of 2010 Paranormal Investigations

02/04/2010 & 02/06/2010 Detroit Residential

02/18/2010 Redford Residential

03/12/2010 Washington Residential  Video Icon

04/17/2010 Waterford Residential  Video Icon

05/21/2010 Battle Alley Antiques

06/26/2010 Fenton Residential  Video Icon

07/24/2010 Lake Orion Business at Canterbury Village

08/14/2010 Trenton Residential

08/29/2010 Garden City Business

9/24/2010 & 9/25/2010 Whitefish Point Light House, Paradise, MI  Video Icon

10/17/2010 Brownstown Business.

12/11/2010 Dearborn Heights Residential

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