Carnegie Center, Log Cabin & Train; April 28, 2012

383_IMG_6852Case background and claims:


Visit the link below to read up on the history of the buildings being investigated this evening.

The Port Huron Museum website






Investigators: John, Scott, Holly, Kellie, Ryan, Tim W., Tim B., James, and Gayle

Equipment Used: Standard static video cameras with night shot and IR lights; digital still cameras, digital audio recorders; K-2 meters; EMF detectors; Tri-Field meter Geophone; Ovilus and Frank’s Box.


Investigation began at 6:30 p.m.

383_IMG_6768Team 1 began investigating at the log cabin while team 2 investigated the D.B. Harrington Train and team 3 investigated on the third floor of the museum. During a flashlight guided EVP session at the log cabin, team 1 was able to get some responses from the flashlight. Team 2 used a device known as a ghost box. A ghost box is an AM/FM radio that has been modified to scan the band of radio waves. For the most part, all that was heard was white noise; however, there were multiple instances where the name “D. B. Harrington” was heard.

At 7:30 p.m., team 1 and team 2 switched locations, team 1 going to the train and team 2 going to the log cabin. Team 1 did not report anything unexplainable; however, team 2, through the continued use of the ghost box was able to make contact with what they believed to be a little girl who seemed to like Anita, a museum volunteer. They also received the word seven in reference to an age and the word Elizabeth in reference to a name. The words “cabin” and “pneumonia” were also heard through the box as a response to the question “How did you die?” Team 3 did not report anything unexplainable.

At 8:00 p.m., team 1 began investigating the third floor of the museum while team 2 investigated the basement and mechanical room. Team 3 went outside to investigate the log cabin and train. Team 1 conducted a flashlight and Ovilus guided EVP session. The Ovilus continuously said words like ‘lord’ and ‘light’ and when asked if someone needed help, Gayle’s flashlight turned on which was the agreed upon signal for ‘yes’. John proceeded to help the trapped spirit cross over into the light. Team 2 while investigating the mechanical room of the basement decided to conduct a mock engineering discussion. With all three team members wearing construction hard hats, they gathered around the table and came up with plans. During this time, one of the investigators saw one of the large cupboard doors open. Extensive tests were done to disprove and they were unable to recreate it.
They found nothing else unexplainable in the basement. Team 3 did not report anything unexplainable in the either the log cabin or the train.

At 9:00 p.m., team 1 began investigating the basement and mechanical room while team 2 investigated the third floor and team 2 investigated the second floor near the iron lung. Team 1 conducted an Ovilus guided EVP session in the mechanical room. Team 1 received some activity on the K-2 as well as on the Ovilus especially when referencing the month of November. Team 2 conducted a shot flashlight guided EVP session on the third floor however after twenty (20) minutes of receiving no responses they moved to the second floor and joined up with team 3 (hereby team 2) who was conducting a flashlight guided EVP session of their own by the iron lung. There appeared to be the spirit of a child nearby as they were able to get various responses from music boxes used as trigger objects. Both the flashlight and a k-2 meter response quite frequently although it was discovered that the responses were coming in a pulse like form which suggested a natural source.

At 10:00 p.m., team 1 conducted a short EVP session in the basement conference room. During this time, the Ovilus produced the words ‘book’ and ‘reserve’. Meanwhile, team 2 conducted a short session in the children’s play area.

After a short break and another reshuffling of team members, the new team 1 went to the first floor where, at 11:30 p.m., they conducted an Ovilus guided EVP session. The Ovilus produced many words throughout the session. Relevant words included: ‘library’, ‘book’, ‘read’, ‘quiet’, ‘Betty’, ‘Rose’, and ‘Lynn’. Team 2, meanwhile, conducted a flashlight guided EVP session in the basement mechanical room. They did not receive any substantial responses.

383_IMG_6742At 12:00 a.m., the entire team decided to return to the log cabin for one last flashlight guided EVP session. During this session John asked, “Can you light that flashlight if you would like to talk to us?” All of the investigators present heard a clearly audible “no.” This was also caught on one of our audio recordings.





Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation


                            Evidence from the Carnegie Center
                        (Several of these EVPs are very faint. Headphones are recommended.)

 “I Can’t ” EVP class C: Recorded in the museum entrance, John is heard commenting on the word “harmonic,” which came through the Ovilus. After he says “again,” a male voice whispers “again.” Near the end of the clip, a child says “I can’t,” which Tim heard as a disembodied voice.


“Ask them for a light” EVP class A: Recorded by the main entrance to the museum, the Ovilus says the name “George;” immediately following are two rings from one ofthe investigator’s phone, and then an EVP is captured which says what sounds like “ask them for the light.”


“Do you want them to shine them up again?” EVP class C:  on the third floor, the investigators present were discussing a sugar bowl and creamer in a display. Gayle is heard saying, “do you want them to shine them up again?” A giggle was recorded which could not be identified as belonging to anyone present.


 “HEY” EVP class C: Recorded in the museum entrance, John is commenting upon the word “grave,” which came through the Ovilus. A voice was recorded saying what sounds like “hey.”


 “HEY” EVP class C: Recorded in the museum conference room during the setup for an EVP session, the voice of a child was recorded saying what sounds like “hey.”

 “It’s Rex” EVP class B: Recorded in the museum conference room, this EVP sounds as if someone is saying “It’s Rex.” It’s interesting to note that the name Rex came through clearly earlier in the investigation in the cabin during a minibox session.


            Audio Evidence Obtained in the Log Cabin

                (Several of these EVPs are very faint. Headphones are recommended.)


 “I’M Home” EVP class A: Tim is the only one in the cabin and is looking around at the historical items. He can be heard saying “wow, this is awesome.” James and Holly enter the cabin and Holly is heard remarking about how a women outside is OK that she had just dealt with. Just as James and Holly are entering the cabin a female voice was recorded saying what sounds like “Come on in, I’m home.”


 “I Did” EVP class A: Tim and John are commenting upon the quality of the craftsmanship and that the owner must have really cared for their home. A voice was recorded saying “I did.”

 “NO” EVP class A: John is asking the presence to light the flashlight. A disembodied voice was heard by Tim, Gayle and John, which said “No.”


 “We will let you” EVP class C: James announces that he is going upstairs to check out the attic. When he starts to go up the stairs, this EVP was captured, which sounds like “we will let you.” It’s interesting to note that this clip is broken up between “we will” in a man’s voice and “let you” in a little girl’s voice.


* No evidence was captured in the train during our investigation.



After careful review of all video, audio, and photographic evidence, it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter team that there is paranormal activity at this location.
Our best evidence once again is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).
Lastly, we’d like to thank The Port Huron Historical Society to allow us the chance to investigate at such great locations with such a long history. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to return to investigate further.

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