Plymouth Main Street Business, 9 Jan 2016


The area of investigation was first purchased by John Kellogg in 1832.  The family owned the property until the death of the three sons of John Kellogg.  The family donated part of the land that is currently known as Kellogg Park.

This area of the town experienced a fire in 1856 and was rebuilt.

The site was also said to be a livery at one point where the horses would get shoed and other work done.

From Downtown Plymouth Website South Main Street at Penniman Avenue, showing the Plymouth United Savings Bank

From Downtown Plymouth Website South Main Street at Penniman Avenue, showing the Plymouth United Savings Bank

In 1893 this site was owned by the Draper family and they ran a grocery store. Draper decided to move to the general store at the corner of Main and Sutton Streets (renamed Penniman Avenue in 1912), and rented the space in the front window for watch and clock repair. He later occupied two other sites on Penniman Avenue prior to moving to the address of 288-290 Main Street. At this location he sold a variety of wares in addition to jewelry, glasses, and watches, including china, silver plates, enamelware, purses, albums, celluloid goods, Dresden Tea Sets, cameras, musical instruments, medallions, mirrors, and sewing machine supplies. He stayed in business for 47 years, from 1893 until 1941, and played an integral part in the history of Plymouth

This area of town experienced another fire in 1896.

Image courtesy of the Plymouth Historical Society

Image courtesy of the Plymouth Historical Society












It is also said that the Mason’s used to hold meetings on this site.


Employees (especially the females) feel chest pressure when they go into the basement. The sewer backs up in the basement for no reason (according to a licensed plumber who checked it). Objects in the ground level kitchen move. Utensils are missing in the kitchen. The owner claims he got a phone call from the site when it was closed/no one was there.  Occupants also claim someone was touched, feelings of being watched or followed, objects moving, falling, disappearing or being rearranged.  They believe there is a small boy on the site.

Client’s Video of Phone calling him at 5 am

Client Video Onion Bag Moving Plymouth


We began the investigation on the basement level of the building.  No other levels were investigated.


Meeting Room Temp 66.9F Air Particles 629,730 EMF .3 Moisture 10%.  A couple of team members felt pressure or hard time breath.

Mason’s Meeting Room Temp 65 F Air Particles 565,110 EMF .1 Moisture 0

Kitchen Temp 65F Air Particle 647,802 EMF .6 Moisture 44%.  We found high EMF near the kitchen sink and discussed having an electrician come in to make sure the wiring is properly grounded.  Some team members experienced headaches while standing in front of the sink.

Electrical Room All panels registered good the furnace was off.  There was evidence of a sewer back up at one point.  A leak (probably from upstairs kitchen sinks was discovered Temp 65.7F Air Particle 736, 632 EMF .6 Moisture 62%

Vacant Office Temp 60.4F Air Particles 609, 327 EMF .1 Moisture 17%

Storage (area where staff feels most of their issues) Temp 63.1F Air Particle 622, 071 EMF .1 Moisture 0

We began an EVP session in the main meeting room.

We began getting K-II activity and the MEL meter was next to the K-II.  The MEL meter did not measure any EMF but the K-II went to orange during communication.

We also had activity through the flashlights with Yes/No card.  We confirmed through the flashlights that the first entity we communicated with was there during one of the building fires in either 1856 or 1896.  It appears we were communicating with a young boy who liked to be a prankster.  (The owners believe there is a spirit of a little boy in the building).

Video from Paranormal Investigation

The K-II meter was going off and was right next to the MEL meter.  The MEL Meter didn’t register any activity.  It appears the entity liked to play with the K-II meter.  You will also see movement and we cannot determine if it was dust or an orb due to high dust particles in the area.


20160109K2 Meter

EVP’s from paranormal investigation

Brenda believes she captured an EVP of a young male child saying, Flashlight, when we were talking about the flashlights.

Brenda captured another EVP of the voice but cannot understand what he said.

Gayle captured an EVP Brenda says that Phillip was a cook and he takes forks.


Ovilus:  Push, Minutes, Want, Element, Throw, LMAO, System, Normal, About, Home, Halt, Four, Evolution, Dock, Important, Hand, Kansas, Lake, Important, Ron, Broad, Lock, War, Put, Nose, Belong, Normal, Tube, tablet, Important, Valley,  Belong, Valley, Mean, Tablet, Point, Coffee, Barn, Similar, Than, Tear, Cross, Space, Important, Blood, Space, With, Alcohol, Cancer, Just, Home, Point, Space, Tube, Barn, Subject, Hand, Lemon, Tube, Mean.

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