Plymouth Residence; September 9, 2012

Background and claimsPlymout Residence_20120901_383_tim_w_session

Resident reported seeing white and dark shadows, hearing footsteps, feelings of being watched, a candle was slid of the dresser and started a fire in the wicker basket, and feeling something get in bed with her.


• Investigators:  JohnSue,, Eileen, and Tim W
Weather:73F with raining and overcast conditions
Moon: 96% Waning
Time 9 pm – 12:45 am
Date 09/01/2012

8:00pm Susan, Eileen, Tim, John arrived at clients home did paperwork and was given history and tour of the home.

8:45pm John and Tim set up equipment for investigation scattering numerous voice recorders and cameras throughout.

9:00pm Tim and John went to investigate the basement. Susan, Eileen, Rebecca and Homeowner went to 2nd floor to investigate. At one point, in the master bedroom Sue noticed a shadow figure move from the client’s office to the daughter’s room. While Investigating John and Tim were getting intelligent responses while using flashlight and the Trifield Meter.

945pm Sue, Eileen, Rebecca and the homeowner went into the daughters room to follow the shadow.  While investigating the room, there were a couple smells like smoke and flowers that would just seem to come in and out of nowhere. When the ladies were about to leave the room Eileen smelled a large amount of smoke in her face, described as someone blowing smoke in her face.

10:15pm All investigators including Rebecca and Homeowner gathered in Living room for Franks Box and EVP Session.

11:00pm Tim and Rebecca went to 2nd floor. John, Susan, Eileen went to the basement. During this time in the basement a flashlight session was held. Susan and Eileen were asking questions and were receiving a few responses when asking questions about the husband.

11:30pm John, Tim, Rebecca and homeowner all are in basement doing EVP session until end of the night at 12:10pm. Again While Investigating John and Tim were getting intelligent responses while using flashlight and the Trifield Meter.

 EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation


 “Just Me” EVP Class C: Recorder was on a desk by Tim next to the armchair he was sitting in – A male whisper is heard through speakers and verified through headphones saying, “Just me.”

“Here daddy we’re so pretty” and “I’ll be right there”  EVP Class C:There are two possible EVP’s in this clip.  The first is a female voice and says “Here Daddy we’re so pretty” and then a male voice whispers, “I’ll be right there.”

Whisper” EVP Class C: John just set the audio recorder in the side room of a basement and joined Tim in the center of the basement.  John picked up his Flir 17 thermal camera when the EVP was caught.


MCGH is in strong belief that no one in the home is in danger in anyway.  Through the communication sessions we had throughout the night and the EVPs we received we believe we have 2 spirits one of which being the clients father and the other being his best friend. Both have passed recently. We leave this investigation feeling confident in our findings and if the clients ever need MCGH we would be glad to come up.

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