Plymouth Residence; August 30, 2013

Background and claims:

The home is a 1,264 square foot Colonial, built in 1926. There are two adults, two children & one dog that occupy the home. The family have lived in the home for six years & just recently decided to remodel. This is when the unexplained occurrence started to occur.

The client states that there is a feeling of heaviness in their home. She has seen a shadow in the basement. The children are extremely afraid of their closets and will not go into the bathroom alone. They have had numerous electrical fluctuations that have caused their dog to act very nervous, he stares at empty light outlets growling and his hair stands up on his back. The oldest son has very bad nightmares, dreaming of a “Bad Girl” who passes through the walls and comes out of his closet. They have had tapping on the bedroom walls. A strange spot appears and disappears on the youngest child’s bedroom ceiling. The client had a friend come over to smudge their home. The friend felt negative energy in the home and saw a dark shadow in all three bedrooms while conducting the cleansing.


Investigators: Tim R, Brenda, Sharon, Mike
Temperature: 88 degrees outside, 75 degrees inside, air particle count: 392274
Winds: 8 mph E/NE
Sky Conditions:  Sunny but then down pouring rain storm came in in the middle of the investigation
Humidity: 37% humidity outside
Time 8 pm – 11:30 pm
Date 08/30/2013

Living Room/Dining Room: Temperature – 74.4* EMF – 0.0

The Team explained to the client how we conduct our sessions and what type of equipment we will be using throughout the evening. The client began explaining some of the activity that has occurred in this area and two EVP’s were captured at this time. The first one was during the explanation of the flickering of the lights & that’s when Brenda asks are you (spirits) the ones messing with the lights, and you hear a childlike voice say “WHO ME”.  The second one is when the client was explaining the movement of objects, and Brenda began explaining that spirit can do this, and you hear a “YEAH.”

As we began our EVP session Brenda, Mike, Sharon & the Client remained in the dining room area  while Tim went into the living room area, which is opened to the dining room. Brenda started our EVP session and immediately saw shadow movement by the stairwell area while feeling a pulling on her arm. Tim noticed that his Mel-Meter had a .1 reading. Tim asked the spirits if they were happy with the remodeling of the home and the team could hear what sounds like a double female voice saying “NO”. The Mel-Meter continued to fluctuate from .1 to 1.0. The team conducted a spirit box session and received the spirits of Jonathan, Benny & Bill. The Client had no knowledge of these three individuals. Brenda had asked if they had possibly came from the park across the street and two of our flashlights lit up. When asked how many spirits are with us a male stated “Four”, which also is the number that came thru earlier on the Ovulis. Tim’s K-II responded to red along with the Mel-Meter reading a EMF of .2 .
Bedrooms: Temperature – 77* EMF – 0.0

The Team split up with Brenda, Mike and Client conducting an EVP session in oldest son’s bedroom, while Sharon and Tim conducted a session in the youngest son’s bedroom.

Brenda stated that they had no experience other than a couple flashlight responses.

As soon as Sharon started the other session the team had flashlight responses. At 23 minutes into our session Tim was explaining that it was OK for the spirits to stay here as long as they do not scare the family. An EVP was captured saying ‘NO WAY’. Tim felt like there was a presence in the room with them. Sharon had no reaction to it. Tim got the chills and goose bumps. The team did not know, during the session which room had the weird spot on the ceiling.  Tim noticed the spot and it appeared to come and go. Tim felt the need to ask if this was the room. Tim asked if this was the room and to turn the flashlight off.  The flashlight immediately went off which we took as a confirmation. Tim then ended the session and called the clients into the room. Tim asked them if this was the room and where was the spots. The clients confirmed this and pointed to the ceiling above the bed. The spot was about a foot long with gooey light green ooze coming from one side of it. They stated that they never seen the ooze. Tim asked if they had checked for leaks in that area and by the chimney.  The clients stated they had four times, and seen nothing unusual in the attic area.

 Basement: Temperature – 76* EMF – .1 (Basement had a lot of old wiring in the ceiling).

The team started an EVP session trying to contact one or all four of the spirits that had come through the spirit box that evening. During this session, the weather outside turned into a down pour and the streets were starting to flood.  When we asked for “Bob”, all three of our lights turned on showing contact. It seemed as if “Bob” and a spirit by the name of “Louis” needed help crossing over, so while Brenda  began trying to cross them over I saw what seemed to be a shadow dart across the back of the basement. The basement had the most flashlight responses when conducting our EVP sessions.

Ovilus Words Obtained During Investigation:

Cent, Battle, Danger, Cookies, Clay, Sunday, Jonathan, Familiar, Goose, Religious, Refer, Asleep, Frog, Heavy, Step, Private, Park, Dull, Couple, Control, I’ve, Mood, Plant, Ahead, Only, Fewer, Bell.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

“NO” EVP Class C:  Two Female Voices – “No”

“No way” EVP Class C: Voice saying – “No Way”

“yeah” EVP Class A: Are you shifting things around – “Yeah”


The team had an average amount of activity and believes that the spirits that came through that evening were not negative in nature.

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