Pontiac Residence; February 16, 2013

Background and ClaimsPontiac Residence_20130216_383_bedrm Pontiac Residence_20130216_383_kitchen Pontiac Residence_20130216_383_lvgroom

Client has had feelings of being watched and feels like she is being touched while she is asleep. She has had blankets pulled down while she has been sleeping in her bed. She also has felt hot and cold spots and has had tugging at her clothing. Client reports having seen shadows and has also had appliances that have turned off and on for no apparent reason.


TIME: 8 pm – 11pm


STRUCTURE: Apartment

ENVIRONMENT: 20 F outside, 74 F inside, 30% humidity

KITCHEN: At 8:00 pm the team started an EVP session in the kitchen asking many questions. We received a few hits from our K-II and EMF detectors and also a frequency change on our MEL ADD meter.

BEDROOM: The team moved into the bedroom. They continued asking questions, and the K-II meter, once again, responded to many of them. John developed a severe headache due to the overwhelming EMF and moved to the living room.


Ask, Toward. Nose, Do Not, Fear, Since, First, Police, One, Embark, Salvation, Act, Mission, Bend, Represent, Fruit, Debra, Jade, Astral, Warp, Does, Nerd, Lead, Barry, Happen, She, Mammoth, Length, Act, Quarter, Room, Seek, Feed, Subtract, Ticket, Themselves, Like, Section, Opposite, Long, Language, Represent, Distract, Coast, Happened. Barry, Anna, Themselves, Trace, Frank, Nose, Speculate, Two, Phantom, Trace, It, Special, Float, Deposit, When, Single, Suddenly, Chance, Let, Empty, Let’s, Weather, Various, Chris, Specular, This, Happen, Orb, Arial, Profit, Grip, At, Happen, Ground, Eats, Different, Stigmata, Most, Respect, Common, Hot, Danger, Spell

Video Evidence Obtained During Investigation


Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

“Hi” EVP Class C : John is sitting alone in the living room and a female voice says, “Hi”.

“Debra” EVP Class   C:John is talking about someone walking on the stairs and a male voice says, “Debra”.

“Dead eye” EVP Class C : John and Joe are joking about Joe being good at Darts.  Joe says they call him “Dead eye.” A male voice repeats it.




We believe that because of floor and ceiling electric heat as well as appliances, that the building is a natural fear cage. This is drawing in spirit activity from past spirits that have lived in the building over the years. We believe the client is not in any present danger as the spirits do not to wish her any harm. MCGH will be happy to return if our client requests our help again in the future.

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