Port Huron Business, Bank and Home Revisited; June 14, 2014

Case Background and claims:

IMG_0585 copyThe store with attached bank is located a few miles from Port Huron in a little village. In its heyday, It was  a bustling railroad town with a large pickle factory and farming community. Today this village remains a paranormal hot spot as so many events occured in the way of accidents, suicides, and robberies gone wrong. The depot which once sat across the street from the store/bank was built in 1858 where the famous Thomas Edison sold papers as a young boy. Edison spent many days in the depot  where many of his experiments would  come to be. A well known banker by the name of C.C. Peck purchased the bank that is attached to the store in the 1920’s. In September 1930 the bank was robbed by five heavily armed men late into the morning. A local businessman surprised the men and a gunfight broke out leaving one of the men dead while the other four escaped with the loot.  In the mid 1930’s Mr. Peck stole all the money from the bank and headed west with a Miss Mary Parkerton. The bank was forced to close its doors in December 1932. Mr. Peck is believed to be one of the nasty spirits that reside in the store today. In the mid 30’s a Mr. Harry Neal purchased the building
Bank bullet holes SC 1converting the bank into a town post office. In December of “37” while Neal was closing the store he noticed two strange men hanging around. The sheriff was called and the men left returning around 1 AM robbing the store/post office. They were not alone. The Sheriff and Postal inspectors asked the men to surrender, but they would not. Gun fire was exchanged and the robbers were killed. It was said that over fifty shots  sprayed into the building. The holes are still seen in the bricks shown in the photo above.
Moving forward 75 years on a August afternoon in 2012, the owner of the store was talking to a young women who she had hired to work in the store, about the young women’s long hair. The girl was of Native American descent (Blackfoot) and so was the owner(Cherokee). The girl asked the owner if she would cut her hair so she could donate it to a local children’s cancer charity. She did just that. The young women went back to her home that was located roughly 100 yards from the back of the store. The store owner was renting the yellow house to her and her husband.  The next morning The owner arrived at the store around 8:30 AM to open for the day. By herself she walked into the store down passed the grocery shelfs, passing the milk coolers  heading to deactivate the alarm system, when roughly ten feet from the turn to the alarm right in front of a five shelf stand full of  liquor, she felt a hand grab her left arm, she was then picked up off the floor and thrown head first into the shelf of liquor. While laying in a puddle of blood she realized that she had no cuts from all the bottles that had smashed across her body, but the blood was coming from her head. she then felt a present lift her up onto her feet where she then placed the peace of scalp that had been torn back from her head back down onto her head. She was able to call the police. She felt that her grandfather was her protector that morning. While at the hospital she was checked out thoroughly, and after examining her left arm the doctors found a man size hand print. The Motor city ghost hunters were called roughly three months later. After researching the property we notice in the records that there my be an indian burial ground located between the store and the yellow house. Could this be the cause of all the paranormal activity? Could the Blackfoot Indians be upset that the young women’s hair was cut by a Cherokee decendent just the night before? Could the men killed at the store because of  greed be haunting the old bank? We may never know.
Full body apperitions
Shadow figures
Being touched
Being pushed
Disembodied voices
Movement of items
Feelings of being watched



 Date: June 14, 2014
Time: 9:00 PM – 1:30 AM
Investigators Present: John, Tim R., Sharon, Brenda, Cas, Don, Kate, Leslie, K2, Ally.
Equipment used: Recorder, K-II, Mel Meter, EMF Pump, Ghost Touch, Infrared Video camera, Camera, Trigger objects, Laser grid, Temperature gage, Flur, Ovilus, Franks box,Trigger objects-Toy Piano & Morgan silver dollars.
Weather: 69 Degrees.


* We broke up into two teams with 45 minute sessions, then rotating.
   -The first team consisted of: John, Cas, Heather, Lesley, K2.
   -The second team consisted of: Tim R., Ally, Sharon, Kate 1, Don.
    -Extra people partaking in sessions: Client and friend, Ted, Jason.


Yellow House: Temp – 70.9 Degrees, EMF –  0
yellow house back SC 1Group: 10:15 PM
The client was not able to let us into the store until 11:00PM so the team decided to do a group session in the house. The house sits back about 70 yards from the store and is no longer occupied. Brenda started a EVP session trying to contact the older women who had passed away a few years back. Brenda asked if there were children (when we were last here spirit children were heard in the back yard area) here and the flashlights responded. While trying to contact the deceased women the flashlight responded then at 6:50 Brenda heard a noise then a GROWL was heard. I asked if any of the team members caused the noise and they stated no. We had numerous flashlight responses. K2, while sitting in the laundry room with Kate & Ally heard buzzing in her ear while Ally and Kate felt a presence pass by. The temperature was 4 degrees colder in the room. K2 also felt her crystal necklace move from side to side. She asked the team if there was something on her shirt and a circular white mark was around the crystal also on her back and right shoulder. Don and I tried to find out where on the wall, by the dryer it may have come from. We found nothing that would leave the mark. Judy came over to the home so John then split up the team into two and my team went over to the store. Session ended at 10:45PM.


Team One: 11:00PM
While in the house we had many responses on our Flashlights from the questions we were asking.  John attempted to cross over 3 spirits while in the house.Then we received confirmation afterwards they had been crossed as requested.  Words on Ovilus said: “Cross Valley Will Belong There” afterwards all lights lit as asked for confirmation as well. Room felt lighter.
Ovilus Words Spoken: Pan,John,On,Block,Cried,Finally,On,Morning,South,Minutes,
Dust,Mission,Similar, Dust,Death,Lamp,Embark.


Team Two: 12:50 AM
T3 started out the EVP session trying to contact the spirit of the Indian that I had an experience with last time I was there. Don and my flashlight both went off. T3 tried using the spirit box to motivate activity but we had no luck. No activity was captured during this session. Session ended at 1:30AM. * We all met up back at the store where we smudged the client and the team.


General Store/Bank : Temp – 69.5  EMF – 0
Team One: 12:00 AMIMG_0617
Trisha  felt like she was being touched while in the Bank area. Brenda’s video camera went out of focus a few times for no apparent reason. We received flashlight responses to a few questions we asked while in the bank. Judy felt a burning on her ankle.  Cas had a sharp pain in his ear.  As Lesley was playing an audio recording it was saying “were the police”, then the Ovilus says—“Police”,   Ovilus then says the name “Anna”- That was one of the robbers that died Mothers Name. Ovilus says Frank…. Frank was one of the robbers names.


Ovilus Words Spoken: Legion, Shall, Themselves, Steam, Dry, Believe, Dead, Control, System, Smile, Ken, Then, Blood, Share, Near, Dear, Cancer, Broad, Why, Yield, Point, Mean, Tablet, Box, Angles, Similar, Jacket, Brother, Valley, Dock, Four, Malice, Quarantine, Subject, First, Second, Elias, DoNot, Special, Barn, Wisdom, Hello, Represent, Second, Toward, Jade, Mission, Dust, Ron, Length, Barry, Nobody, Box, Since, Subtract,Throw, Ghost, Ready, Gabriel, Communicate, Salvation, Blue, Nerd, Coin, Police, Salvation, Open, Does, Bend, Ticket, Anna, Brother, Happened, Salvation, Lamp, Opposite, Note, Paralyzed, One, Salvation, Fist, Brown, Anna, Honor, Opposite, Ticket, Suddenly, Subtract, Opposite, Empty, Tune, Section, Yellow, Less, Trace, Grasp, Frank,Cry, Barry, Frank.
Bank Vault SC 1







Team Two: 11:00PM
The team split up with Sharon, Don, Kate, and Jason going into the basement/cellar. Ally and myself could not fit down through the hole leading in the basement. The client stated that she believes that there is evil in the basement . She warned the team to be careful and not to be fearful or the spirits would sense the fear and possibly attack them. The client went down there once and was pushed and poked. Once they were down there the team asked to be shut in. The basement is a partial basement with two full height rooms located at the bottom of the stairs. The rest of the basement becomes a crawl space. There are no windows in the basement but at some point you could see a faint light appear in the crawl space part of the basement.The lights appeared/disappeared several times. The lights could not be explained. The old stores foundation (Original store burned)could be seen. While on the main floor I asked Ally if she would like to investigate the bank. The client stated that she felt that she needed to be with us for protection. Ally and I set up with Ally stationed in front of the huge bank vault. The client suggested that she not sit in front of the door for that is where the bad spirits reside. She has seen them come out and down a hall through a back door. As soon as we got set up Judy explained that there is another cellar down a hall. Over the winter they had to go down there to work on the frozen pipes, which caused the activity to intensify. The client was pushed and her tools were thrown to the floor. She showed us the area where the girl would sit and cry. She looked around eight years old and from the pioneer era. They would sing her lullabies for her to stop crying and leave the bank area. Ally begun the EVP session and we all immediately felt a heaviness and electric tension moving through our bodies. The client got jabbed hard on her upper back. She yelled out for the spirit not to touch her. I asked if the spirit was Indian and Ally started yelling that her arm felt like she got a shot. I went over to look at it and she had a hand size welt that formed on her upper arm. The client’s friend had her butt area touched. The vault door creaked shut a little and the client had cold chills. The client had asked a spirit of Mr. Peck who had once owned the store and robbed it. He was captured and shot. At that time Ally’s flashlight was thrown to the floor. The client’s friend along with Ally left the room and went outdoors. John’s team arrived. The client stated that they all need to be careful because Mr. peck is not happy right now. The flashlight responded and turned on. I tried to contact this spirit and I was poked numerous times in the side. An ORB shot up from behind the client and went into the ceiling. The clients friend got sick and went outside and feels that something is draped over her and trying to attach to her. John’s team continued to investigate the bank while my team moved onto the Yellow house. Session ended at 12:30AM.


EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

EVP Class B: Yellow House family room – Don’s recorder is on the ground in the family room near the entrance to the kitchen. As Don is setting up his EM pumps in the center of the room he notices that his battery is dead so he goes to fetch a charged one and a low male voice is heard saying “IT’S SAFER”.



EVP Class C: Yellow house kitchen area– Dons recorder is by the sink on the kitchen counter. As we were have flashlight responses to our questions, Kate asked if there is a child present. Then T3 asks are you an Indian child from a tribe, and a child’s voice is heard (can not make out the response).



The MCGH’s believe that there are spirits that are still not at rest on the property & may never find piece in death because of the things that have occurred from there past.



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