Port Huron Museum and Log Cabin; April 12,2014

Case Background and Claims:IMG_9423

Motor City Ghost Hunters investigated the Carnegie Library and Log cabin for the 3rd time. This time our researchers were able to dig deeper into the former library now museum and also into the log cabin history,

Kammer Log Cabin Findings- 

Conrad Kammer, the original owner of the museum’s log cabin, immigrated to the States in 1852, with his two brothers, John and William, William’s wife Gusta, and their children Gust and Bertha, all natives of Hessen Dormstadt.  Conrad was 38 years old at the time. He met his future wife Caroline during the ocean voyage; she was only 16.  The Kammer brothers, and their families, settled in Casco County.  John and Conrad eventually bought adjacent tracks of land, off of what is now known as Hessen Road.  Conrad’s log cabin would occupy this land for one hundred and twenty two years.  In 1981, Mr. Robert Nellis contributed the log house to the Port Huron Museum.  At the time, the Times Herald attributed the home to a Henry Kammer.  Through the extensive research of Mr. William Pierce, it was proven that the home did indeed belong to Conrad Kammer.

Conrad and Caroline lived in the home for the rest of their lives.  Conrad died at the age of 83, on May 22, 1898, after suffering for fifteen years of Marasmus.  (Marasmus is severe malnutrition caused by a severe deficiency of nearly all nutrients, especially proteins and carbohydrates.) Caroline died May 23, 1923, at the age of 86, of apoplexy.  Conrad’s death certificate, as well as Caroline’s, list place of death as Casco County.  While no specific address is provided, one may logically speculate that the Kammers died in their home, as was routine for the time period.  However, these facts cannot be proven beyond a doubt, and are speculation only.  The Kammers had eight children: Caroline, August, Amelia, Hellen (Lina), Anna, Albert, Frederick, and Herman.  Fredrick did not survive infancy.

Carnegie Library Findings-

  • The identity of our mysterious librarian is Mrs. Anna Manwaring.  She was the assistant librarian, under Miss Alta Stansbury.  Mrs. Manwaring died May 28, 1909 of apoplexy at 8:40pm.  The newspaper article states “She had been standing behind the counter for about an hour, when Miss Eva McDonald, who was at the drinking fountain, heard her fall.  At first it was supposed she fainted and an effort was made to revive her by bathing her face in water.  She gasped once or twice.  Dr. S. K. Smith was immediately summoned, but said that death has been practically instantaneous, the result of a stroke of apoplexy.”  The coroner was called, confirmed death, and the body was then removed to the family home.
  • The first librarian was Miss Alta Stansbury.  Assistant Librarians under Miss Stansbury were Mrs. Anna Manwaring and Miss Eva McDonald.
  • Other librarians, and librarian assistants, throughout the years included: Miss Katherine Sleneau, Miss Helen Hendricks, Miss Katharine Curne, Miss Lenore Taylor, Miss Minnie Manwaring (daughter of Mrs. Anna Manwaring), Miss Constance Bemment, Miss Barnum, Mrs. Coletta Vesper, Mrs. Eva Jane Dunn, and Miss Laura Briesemeister. I am confident this list is not complete.
  • Early in the library’s history, it held a large collection of German books, a total 1300 in all.  The collection is attributed to Charles Baer.
  • The identity of the maintenance man, that allegedly committed suicide in the basement, was not uncovered.
  • Two mentions of janitors/maintenance men were found:

Thomas Storey is listed as janitor in a 1914 library event program.  He is also listed in the 1915 City Directory as janitor of the library. However, he is not found in the 1916 City Directory.  There is no documented evidence to suggest he died at the museum.  Further research implies Mr. Storey moved out of the area.

o   A letter dated August 30, 1920 from a local lawyer to the library alleges that a janitor, named Mr. Merrigold, was negligent in his leaving hot ashes outside on the library grounds, into which a toddler stepped and severely burned his feet.

Lesley spoke with Anita at length the evening of our investigation.  Anita confirmed that the museum is the owner of many unusual artifacts. Rumor has it that they own one of Chief Sitting Bulls’ buckskin jackets. Unfortunately, the museum’s vault has not been cataloged.

Sources:  William Pierce’s compiled research Kammer Log Cabin September 2005,1880 US Federal Census Record,Death Certificate of Conrad Kammer ,Death Certificate of Caroline Kammer, ZIMMERMAN, GARY J., and MARION WOLFERT, compilers, German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1847-1854, With Places of Origin. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987. 175p.,William Pierce’s compiled research on Port Huron Museum,University of Michigan Alumni Records ,  Michigan Library Bulletin, Volumes 11-16, Public Libraries, Volume 27 ,Library Report 1899, Library of Michigan, Page 65,   1894 Michigan State Census, City of Port Huron 1899, Port Huron City Directory 1914, Carnegie Library Event Program 1915,Port Huron City Directory, 1916 Port Huron City Directory


  • Investigators: Bert,  Cas, , Don,  GayleHeatherJasonJohn,  Kate ,  Tim R., Lesley, Tom
  • Weather: Heavy Rain, Lightning, 56 degrees
  • Moon: 96% visible, Waxing Gibbous
  • Structural:  3 stories + basement former library now museum and pre 1900 Log Cabin
  • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, JVC Digital Video Camera w/ IR, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps, Flir I7 Thermal Camera, EM White Noise Generator, PSB-7 Spirit Box, Minibox Plus, Frank’s Box, Laser Grid, Flashlight, Static Electricity Detector, Trigger Objects (Family Masonic Rings)
  • Time: 8:00pm-1:00am

The Museum

During our investigation of the museum the REM pod activated during one of  the sessions with no one near the device. Tim R and Ally went looking around the 2nd floor. They heard a loud noise like someone had flushed a toilet and they could hear the pipes making quite a bit of noise, so they went to check it out. While  looking around the found a room in the back part of the 2nd floor. It was the employee cafeteria and break room. Tim R and  Ally decided that would be a good room to conduct an EVP session in. Tim R, Ally, Sharon, and Gayle started the EVP session in the employee break room at 8:30pm. Gayle started off the EVP session by reading off the names of former librarians. “Anna” was the librarian who passed away at the library. Tim R received spikes on his K-II meter when we read aloud some librarians names. At one point Gayle thought she heard women talking, but was unable to capture it on recorder


Log Cabin

At one point Gayle did see a white orb like ball on ceiling float above herself. Jason also saw a white light float around near the bed. Two knocks  were also heard in response to the question “If the male figure still here please knock”  also T3 and  Gayle felt chills at same at that moment.  Later, Gayle and Tim heard shuffling on their side of the room. When Jason and Kate were in the cabin they also heard a shuffling. They described it as sounding like a dead leaf was moving.  A team also heard a loud floorboard creak by the cradle in the kitchen. There is an upstairs that is too dangerous to walk around in so Jason placed a motion sensor at the top of the stairs. During the last EVP session the  motion sensor had turned on.

EVPs obtained during Paranormal Investigation


“No.” Class C EVP.  At about 24 seconds, what sounds like a child saying no or uh huh can be heard.

“God, Damn Thing” Class B EVP.  At 16 seconds, a female voice can be heard saying “God, damn thing”


This was MCGH’s 3rd investigation of the Museum and Log Cabin and once again the bulk of the activity was centered around the Log Cabin.

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