Port Huron Business, Home and Bank; November 3, 2012

Case Background and Claims:

Port Huron General Store

We received an e-mail from the female owner of a general store, which was built in the 1800s. Our client reports being thrown into a shelving unit and receiving 48 stitches to her forehead. This also happened to the store owner a few days later after cutting the hair of an employee that works for her in the general store. The store owner is of Cherokee Indian decent and her employee is of Blackfoot Indian decent.We found out that  cutting of the hair is forbidden by others, especially those from an opposing Indian Tribe. This could be seen by native spirits as an attack and might cause a reaction by protective Native American spirits.

We also investigated the nearby home, property and old bank.





  • Investigators: John M, John H, Joe, Tim R., Teri, Don, Chass
  • Weather: Clear and mid 60’s
  • Time: 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Date:November 3, 2012

Starting at 10:30 PM in the general store, John M., John H., Joe, and Tim experienced many K2 hits and MEL Meter strikes, as well as direct responses through their question-and-answer session with the flashlights. The Ovilus X also responded at this time giving many responses. For example, Tim asked if there were spirits in the bank area, and they received responses on the flashlights and meters. John asked if there was more than one spirit present; the lights and meters lit, and the Ovilus responded with “four.”  The team asked if MCGH could help them, and the flashlights and meters responded, as well as the Ovilus responding with “thus,” “than,” and “gather.” They also received the following words during their session with the Ovilus: “death, choke, died, male, throw, tear, alcohol.” (Interesting Note: it was an alcohol shelf that the female client was thrown into when she received her 48 stitches.)

Also starting at 10:30 PM, Don, Teri, Chass and the clients began investigating in the home behind the store. First, while in the backyard of the store, the client started to feel sick. (At this time, Teri caught a raspy voice on an EVP.) Chass asked whoever is around here to please leave her alone, and at that time, Don got a K2 spike. About three minutes after, the client’s phone, which was in her pocket, called other the other client’s phone and again there was a K2 spike.

At 10:45 PM, the team began in the living room of the home. They started with an EVP session while also using the flashlight, too. Through the questions and flashlight responses, the team believes they were communicating with the spirit that grabbed the store owner’s arm and that the spirit wants to move on.  The flashlight went off again when they asked if the store owner was picked up and thrown into the shelf. The team asked how many spirits were in the store, and when they started to count, the flashlight lit when they got to five. Many other questions had direct responses.  They ended their session in the home.

 At 11:30 PM, John M., John H., Joe, Tim, and one of the clients investigated the home behind the store, where they experienced the K2 meter lighting up in response to the team asking questions. The Ovilus seemed to be very active especially while asking questions.  The words that were spoken from the Ovilus while in the home were:  “Want, LMAO, Just, Four, Pet, Mean, Dead, Steel, Usually, Tear, Cool, Everything, Pants, Lemon, PM, Share, Smile, Rates, Tablet, Yield, Male, Neck, Lemon, North, Gather, Death, Father, Pointe, Alcohol, Tablet, Death, Halt, Barn, Tube, Meline, Pet, Valley, Coffee, Yield, Gather, Mean, Repeated, Lock, Than, Malice, Death, Normal, Blue, Kansas, Cells, Thus, Neck, Put, Hand Angles, Threat, Throw.”  Some possible connections to these words are that: a lady actually died in the living room of the house; the client’s dog is named Blue and her sister is thinking about moving to Kansas; the client also claims the family drinks a lot of coffee; the client’s favorite saying is LMAO; the store owner was attacked and thrown into shelving in store; and confirmation of four was given by Ovilus as it did in the store.

At 11:30 PM, Chass, Don, Teri and one of the clients began their investigation at the store. During their investigation, the females were sitting at a table and felt a vibration on the floor. At one point, the client thought the flashlight had moved. The team started an EVP /flashlight session, where there was more activity and possible communication. During this time, it sounded as if something heavy was moved in the store, but the team could not find a source. Also while investigating, Don felt like something pushed on his back while in the back of the store. The K2 meter was very active while in the store. Chass said that she had started to feel real tired and couldn’t keep her eyes open as she felt the spirits had drained her energy. Teri also had a personal experience as she experienced a feeling of being watched while in the store near the bank area and also felt like someone was constantly playing with her hair.

At 12:30, John, John, Tim, Joe and the client joined the other team in the store for an EVP session. The teams had positive responses with the flashlight session and believes they contacted two spirits, a female and a male. They may have also made contact with the male Indian spirit that pushed the store owner and another male spirit. These spirit numbers indicate four spirits, which is what the team was told earlier while doing an EVP session in the store and also receiving that number confirmation on the Ovilus while they were in the house next door. Chass and Teri received many direct responses during their flashlight session. John contacted the spirits in the room and made an offer that if he crossed them all into the light, they would in turn protect the store owner and others from the negative spirit in the store. John received a positive response from spirits through flashlight responses and asked that once all spirits passed over to make the K2 meter spike. Just as John passed the last spirit, the K2 meter spiked repeatedly then went silent for the remainder of the night. At this time, the team decided to end the investigation.

 At 1 AM, Chass smudged both the store and the home, as well as the entire team and all the clients that were present.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

 “No” EVP Class C : a possible “no” can be heard

 “Laugh” EVP Class A :  In this clip we hear what we think is either a female or child laugh.

 “I’m eleven” EVP Class C: In this clip we believe we hear a voice say “I’m eleven”  We boosted this EVP and  it is still a little difficult to hear.

 “Hey” EVP Class C :  We recorded this EVP by the pool, we think it says “Hey”

  “Inaudible child”  EVP Class B:  There seems to be a child’s voice that speaks right before our investigator asks the entity to come a little closer. Please let us know what you think the child maybe saying.

 “Yes” EVP Class C:  One of our investigators asked the question if any murders occurred nearby, we may have caught an intelligent response.

 “Help” EVP Class B: We believe in this clip someone is asking for some assistance.

  “Mumbling” EVP Class C:  This was caught in the store, we can’t make out what it says but it could be a child mumbling

 “Yes” EVP Class B :   When asked if the spirit is of Indian decent a “yes” can be heard

 “There’s two”  EVP Class B:  This clip may have a possible response of how many spirits are around. ” There’s two” We did boost this as well.

 “Go away”  EVP Class C: This EVP was recorded in the store and it may say “go away”.  Did someone not want to be bothered?



Both teams had a very active night, having many experiences. The team believes there to have been four spirits residing in the store. John was asked to cross all the spirits over, and the team received confirmation through equipment of crossing the spirits over. John contacted the clients a week after the investigation, and all the folks associated with store claim the store seems lighter with no heavy presence anymore. MCGH will be happy to return if our services are ever needed again.


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