Port Huron Residence; July 21, 2012

Case Background and Claims:

Motor City Ghost Hunters were called into this location because the client was seeing shadows going back in forth in hallway, felt as if something was watching them and they also feel very uncomfortable in the basement.  The son of the client felt so uncomfortable with seeing shadows that he took down the mirror in his bedroom so he could’t see them anymore.  The client claims through her own research that there was a murder in their neighborhood back in the 1970’s



  • Investigators: John and James
  • Weather:85 degrees and clear
  • Time:10 PM-1 AM
  • Date: July 21, 2012


During our time at the home, we had a few personal experiences. John, James and the clients all heard tapping on the walls. There was no explanation for this.

Both John and James noticed when they first entered the basement there was a heavy feeling. At the end of the investigation it was agreed by the clients and the investigators that  it felt lighter by the end of the investigation.


  “Matthew”  EVP Class C  :    Male voice whispers “Matthew” while clients are talking.

 “I’m gonna take this down there”  EVP Class B :  Prior to James saying I’m gonna take this down there”Male voice says I’m gonna take this down there”

 “Yeah”  EVP Class B :  As John’s asking questions about clients feeling uneasy male voice says “Yeah”


We believe that our clients are experiencing residual activity from spirits that are tied to the land as well as spirits connected to the Fire Station that is located directly across the street from their home.We also believe our female clients father is making his presence known as he watches over the family. It also seems that our male client has his uncle checking in on the family as well. It’s our belief that our clients are not in any present danger but we will be ready to assist our clients if they require our help.

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