Port Huron Lightship & Thomas Edison Depot; April 14, 2012

Case Background & Claims:


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  • Date: April 14, 2012
  • Weather: 65° partly cloudy
  • Equipment Used: Standard static video cameras with night shot and IR lights; digital still cameras, digital audio recorders; K-2 meters; EMF detectors; Tri-Field meter; Geophone; Ovilius and Ghost Box




 The Huron Lightship – 


Prior to beginning any investigation, it is very important to tour the location to see where everything is and the location of all of the rooms as we will be conducting the investigation in the dark. While scouting out the freezer room, both Ryan and James heard a disembodied male voice which said what sounded like “go back up.” (A disembodied voice is defined as a voice that is heard by one’s ears without amplification or the use of recording devices).
The investigation began at 8:00 p.m. and to simulate past activity, Scott rang the bell on the bow of the ship five times as James shouted the call to stations command. Ryan then asked for permission to board the ship in an attempt toobtain some type of response. Immediately, his video camera that he had been holding shut off for no reason.
While conducting an EVP session in the crews’ mess area (starboard side), John saw a shadow figure cross the galley door from left to right heading towards the bunk area. Several times during this session a video camera stationed on a table went out of focus. We were unable to determine why this happened. The MEL meter sense some fluctuations in the electromagnetic current and the K-2 meter spiked five times.
At about 8:45 p.m., Cathy, Jason and Tim were in the 01 deck port supply room with Jason inside the small room off to the side. The door swung open on its own and after trying to replicate this, it was discovered that if the door is not latched, it will swing open fairly easily with any nearby movements, vibrations or air currents. We therefore are unable to rely on this as any sort of evidence of the paranormal.
At 9:40 p.m., we ended the investigation at the Lightship and moved over to the Thomas Edison Museum.




Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation of the Lightship



 “Come over here ” EVP class C: Recorded in the back of the ship in the captain’s area, an evp was   captured saying what sounds like “come over here.”


 “Don’t get up” EVP class A: Recorded in the 01 deck port supply room, Cathy comes down the   stairs to join the others, and there is a voice that was captured that says what sounds like “Don’t get up” or “Now get out” or “Now get up.”



 “More Water” EVP class A: Recorded in the 01 deck port supply room Kellie says, “More water,” and at the same time, a voice chimes in, which sounds like a male voice saying, “We need more water.”

 ” A Marine” EVP class C:  Recorded in the crews’ mess area (starboard side) Kellie, Cathy, Brenda, Ruth and Holly are alone inside the ship. Kellie is talking about her tattoo to the shipmates. A male voice is heard saying what sounds like “a marine” or “on my wing” or “on my way.”

 “Ryan” EVP class B:  Recorded in the back of the ship in the captain’s area, an evp was captured saying what sounds like “Ryan.” Note: one of our investigators is named Ryan and this was actually caught with his recorder.

  ” who’s here” EVP class B: Recorded in the back of the ship in the captain’s area, an evp was captured saying what sounds like “who’s there?” 



The Thomas Edison Depot


Investigation at the Thomas Edison Depot Museum began at 10:15 p.m. with half of the team in the railcar classroom and the other half in the Edison video room.
Team one, in the railcar classroom used a p-sb7, a type of modified radio that scans the band of radio waves, we attempted to make contact with the spirit of a young boy that had been seen in the back of the room by past witnesses. For the most part, all that was hard was white noise and channel scanning. At one time, the phrase ‘help me’ was heard over the radio by the investigators present; however, it was too garbled on the recordings for it to be studied further.
Team two set up inside the Edison video room. A Tri-field meter, which was set to magnetic, registered a 0.1 at the beginning of the EVP session. After a few minutes into the session, the meter jumped to a 0.7. It stayed at 0.7 for the rest of the time we were there.
At about 10:25 p.m., team two moved locations from the Edison video room to the telegram area in order to put more space between teams and therefore prevent audio contamination of any possible evidence collected. A second EVP session was conducted.
At about 10:00 p.m., due to the set up of the building, team two was still getting contamination from team one and therefore the decision was made to combine teams and conduct one session in the railroad car.  Investigation ended at 12:00a.m.

                  Audio  Evidence Obtained from The Thomas Edison Depot



 “Can you see me” EVP class C:  Recorded in the video room, Holly is heard asking if there is someone in the room that would like to communicate; a male voice was recorded saying what sounds like “Can you see me” or “Now you see me.”



 “She never called me” EVP class B:  Recorded in the railroad car room, Cathy is talking about her yawning, and after she says the word ‘this,’ a male voice was captured saying what sounds like “She never called me” or “She made a comment” or “She’s never coming.”



  ” Is that a temperature gage” EVP class C: Recorded in the video room, Holly is heard asking “is that the temperature gauge” and there seems to be a strange sound that sounds like ‘whoot,’ and then a voice is heard saying what sounds like “We understand.”


 “YEAH” EVP class C: Recorded in the railroad car room, Cathy and Jason are leaving and Holly says, “Yeah,” but a moment after, there seems to be a young male voice say: “Yeaup” or “Get up” or “Get out.”




After careful review of all video, audio, and photographic evidence, it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter team that there is paranormal activity at both of these locations.

Our best evidence once again is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). There were also a few explainable personal experiences, such as the sighting of moving shadows.

Lastly, we’d like to thank The Port Huron Historical Society to allow us the chance to investigate at such great locations with such a long history. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to return to investigate further.



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