West Dearborn Residence; June 6, 2009

Background and Claims:

The homeowner, Cindy, reported of seeing a full body apparition of a child in her home, and of family members in one area of the home when they were really elsewhere in the house, but her main discomfort came at night while she was sleeping and felt a dark and menacing entity walking in her bedroom and hovering over her.

Greg and Cindy reported to the group that some of the belongings of Cindy’s ex-husband Patrick were brought into the home. Soon, Cindy and her son noticed a dark shadow in the home and felt something was watching them. Cindy started to feel uneasy and wanted us to return so we did and found and experienced a contact with 2 spirits (which we refer to as Patrick and Tom) through automatic writing, the use of EMF meters, dowsing rods and crystals.

Video Evidence Obtained During the Investigation:

This is video of a K-II meter interaction at the Dearborn house. We used 2 meters in an experiment to see if they would both act the same. HOWEVER, because there was a cell phone in the immediate vicinity, our confidence in the evidence is somewhat negligible. The meters seem to respond to questions rather than in a random fashion so it does seem that there is communication. But because there was a cell phone in the room, we can’t rule out natural causes.

 Regarding the references to names, “Tom” was sensed by one of the sensitives in our group. And “Patrick” is the homeowner’s ex-husband who passed away – and there has been activity in the house ever since some of “Tom’s” possessions were brought into the home.

Of course it is speculation, but one theory is that Patrick wants to make amends with his ex-wife and with his son (this K-II interaction took place in his son’s room). And that whoever “Tom” is, he is there as a protective entity. The homeowner did know a Tom who passed away and who was friends with both her and Patrick, and he is the only Tom who she can think of who died and may have ties to her family.


  • Investigators: Brad, Chass, Heidi, Ken, John
  • West Dearborn Residence_20090606_207_thumbDate: June 6, 2009
  • Time: 8:00pm to 1:30am

John had a few personal experiences such as getting pinched and his hair pulled. The group also noticed a red light in the corner over the door in the boy’s room that showed up just a few times (this is on an inside wall in the boy’s room over the door in the rear of the home).

Another personal experience of note is that two of our investigators, Brad and Chassidy had an abrasion mark appear on their thumbs during the investigation. Here is a photo of one of the abrasions. We can’t say it is paranormal, but we don’t have any other explanation for it either.


We found very high EMF readings in the bedroom when the TV was turned on and normal readings when it was off.   Because we found no other evidence at the time to verify activity in other parts of the home, we suggested that the homeowner stop using the bedroom television at night. The high EMF readings from the TV only occurred while the TV was on, not while it was off.

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