Inkster Residence; May 14, 2011

Background and claims: Inkster Residence_20110514_383_Inkster_Investigation_5-12_003

The client believes that a spirit is involved within the house and is scratching her children. She also stated that items in the house have been moved and the faucet has turned on and off by itself.  They have also been hearing unexplained noises, and sometimes she felt like she was being watched. The client has reported a smell of flowers, which the client described as “funeral type.”


• Investigators: John, Chris H, Ryan and Brelan
• Temperature: 60 F with rain
• Time 10 pm – 2:00 am
• Date 01/22/2011

10:00 pm – The team arrived at the client’s home, setting up EMF meters and EVP recorders. We began to interview the client, with the client explaining things that had been happening in the home such as unexplained noises, faucets turning on and off, her daughter’s name was inscribed in a closet, missing money, and scratches on her children. During this time, the K-II meters kept spiking sporadically.

The team continued to take pictures and recordings of the home. One of the team members asked to go inside the attic, and retrieved a very old photo of two women standing in a driveway (possible mid to late 80s time frame).

10:30 pm – One investigator kept feeling like something was kicking the back of their seat as they were talking with the client in the living room. The K-II meters then spiked to yellow and stayed there for fifteen minutes. Chris H. was in the children’s bedroom with the PX box and it said a name that was familiar with the team, but wasn’t relevant with the case.

11:00 pm – The K-II meters again spiked to yellow and stayed there for fifteen minutes in the living room. Upon further research, Chris had found that when the refrigerator kicked on, it submitted such a high EMF that caused the K-II meters to spike in the living room.

11:30 pm – The team brought the PX box out of the children’s bedroom and into the living room. Some investigators decided to take a quick break outside while Ryan and Brelan stayed inside with the client and her daughters. Ryan and Brelan both claimed to smell the “funeral flowers” and it quickly dissipated.

12:00 am – Brelan and Chris proceeded to investigate the attic and placed a recorder there. While in the attic, they both smelled the “funeral flowers.”  In the living room, the PX box kept saying “closet, clothes, look,” so an investigator went into the client’s bedroom with the PX Box to look inside the closet. A loud bang in the attic (determined to not be paranormal) startled him, in which the PX Box said “sorry.”

1:00 am – Chris left the client’s house; Brelan, Ryan and John began a Q&A with the PX Box in which they received the name “Anna.”  John felt that it was a male spirit present and Anna could have been a girlfriend of the spirit who had passed away due to a drug overdose. Ryan began to have emotions of sadness, which he could not explain. This continued for around 15 minutes and suddenly stopped.

2:00 am – The team wrapped up the investigation.


The team believes that there was a spirit present at the investigation; however, it is not tied with the home or the client. There was no evidence found due to many distractions in the home, which can compromise evidence.  Additionally, several places in the home have high EMF, so the client was advised on the safety concerns of high EMF exposure and advised to look into correcting the situation (grounding the home and updating wiring).

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