Monroe Home; February 2, 2009

Case Background and Claims:

A couple from Monroe, Michigan  are currently renting a 150 year old home built on the River Raisin Battlefield. The homeowners are reporting seeing shadows, orbs and hearing the movement of objects.


           Possible mist

Possible mist

  • Investigators: John M, Sue, Curt and Eileen
  • Date: Febuary 2, 2009


The team went out and met with the renters. The weather was light snow showers and the temp was 31* outside. While there we found a huge dust count of 8,367,452 ppm (parts per million). This could account for orbs being caught in a photo. We had taken photos with our digital cameras and the “orbs” did appear but they could be explained as dust particles in the air especially with such a high particle count. Also noted was the fact that the home had boiler heat with the pipes running within the walls. The pipes within the walls would rattle from time to time as the water was heated and circulated throughout the rooms going to each radiator. As far as shadows, we simulated the shadows by having an investigator walk outside and from the light of cars passing it would causing shadows to appear in the home. We found very high EMF (electromagnetic field) readings throughout the entire home due to old knob and tube wiring that had not been replaced by the landlord. This could also lead to other conditions including paranoia and headaches, as W. had stated she had many headaches.



This case was debunked and explained to the clients on the initial meeting and no further investigation was needed at the time. Later we went to follow-up with the clients to see if the environmental conditions had been taken care of and to inquire about how things were going in the home. Unfortunately we were not able to do so because the clients had moved out to another location. Even though paranormal activity has been found in this area of Monroe, on the initial interview we found logical explanations for all claims at that location.

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