Waterford Residence; April 17, 2010

Background and Claims:Waterford Residence_20100417_383_SDC11966

Dave called MCGH in early April after one of their friends, Mike, saw an apparition of an older woman wearing a long nightgown in the bathroom of the house, which told him “leave and don’t come back.”  This startled him, causing him to run out of the house to his car.  In addition to what Mike viewed in the house, he believed that he also saw the same figure out in the backyard by the pond.  (In his last visit before this one, Mike was going through the previous homeowner’s stuff in the garage and had taken a coffeepot with him.)  This specific event is what prompted the family to contact MCGH.

Waterford Residence_20100417_389_OrboverJasonBW

This was taken in the backyard after Chass said that Mrs. Kelly was walking next to Jason.

Prior to this, Dave reported seeing shadow movement at various times in the house but never really connected it to paranormal activity.  The couple also has a touchtone lamp which sometimes turns on by itself (this was something that was never a problem with this same lamp in their previous residence).  The dogs also bark into the center of the room as if barking at something when nothing is visible there.

Also, at one time, Dave’s brother was staying at the home in the basement and reported two separate paranormal events.  The brother was communicating with his girlfriend over a web cam and the girlfriend inquired who the older woman in the room was.  The brother was perplexed as no one was in the room with him.  On a different occasion, and in a similar situation, he was communicating with his girlfriend and she asked whether the young boy that was in the room with him was his nephew.  She described him as a young boy, but the brother was not only in the room by himself, but his nephew (Dave and Becky’s son) is a teenager.

Video Evidence Obtained During the Investigation:

The team is in the basement trying to make contact with the young boy. Chass states that he is playing with her hair. This is just a sample of the six minute recording.

Rebecca is talking to Jason as he is about to switch the tape on his camera and something soars past her left shoulder. We attempted to slow the recording down and watch for wings from a bug, but it came up inconclusive.


  • Investigators:   Jason, Cathy, Rebecca, Chass, Teri
  • Date: April 17, 2010
  • Time: 8:00pm to 1:00am

Chass sensed that a young boy had been killed in front of the home after being hit by a car.  This information was not known by Chass, but had been confirmed with the client by Teri and Cathy.  Upon entering the home, Chass immediately felt the presence of older woman that she described as extremely mean.  According to the homeowner, Mrs. Kelly, who died in the home, was often described as very crude.

The team moved on to the garage as some of the older woman’s belongings were still stored in there. While walking back, from the pond, several members of the team saw what appeared to be a little boy standing at the glass door wall.  He stood there for about 5-7 minutes before disappearing.  He appeared to be standing with both hands on the glass and was wearing overalls and a shirt. Despite taking many photos and video we did not catch this phenomenon.

While in the garage, Teri also felt as though someone said “yes” and “leave” behind her.

We left the garage to go back into the house and realized the kitchen lights, which had previously been off, were on.  Nobody had been in the home.

When we came back into the kitchen, both Cathy and Jason felt like they heard a child cough.

Soon after being downstairs, Chass had felt like she got hit in the head and quickly we were able to feel a bump on her head where the pain was.  Soon after that, Chass felt the sensation of her hair being played with, which Jason was able to capture on video.

Rebecca began to channel the little boy and she felt that his name was “Tyler.” During the time of channeling, Rebecca’s voice and laugh changed.

While in the basement, Cathy rolled a piece of paper into a ball, and we began throwing it around to try to get a rise out of the child. Soon after we started playing, we felt as if the boy became nervous, and some members of the team felt as if the old lady was in the basement.

While discussing the situation, we heard a small whine as if the old lady was scolding the child.

Evidence Obtained During the Investigation:

“Whimper.” Class C EVP. Teri is heard saying that she hopes the old lady is “being nice to the little boy.”  Following that, a sound like a whimper is heard in the background.

“Whisper.” Class C EVP. A whisper is caught but we cannot make out what it says.

“I’ll hold it.” Class B EVP. Jason says, “I can’t keep it still” (the camera).  A voice is heard saying, “I’ll hold it.”

“Parlez-vous?” Class C EVP. A voice is heard saying something like “Parlez-vous?” (“Can you speak?” in French)

“I’m scared of Kelly.” Class B EVP. This EVP was captured in the basement.  Chass is heard saying that she “thinks he is coming closer” and that her “headache was getting worse.”  Following that exchange, a voice is heard saying, “I’m scared of Kelly.”


We all felt that there was paranormal activity at the home, but that the homeowners have nothing threatening to worry about.  The homeowners don’t feel threatened at any time, but feel bad that something may be stuck in the home, and would like to reunite it with family.  They would be interested in us attempting to cross over the boy and the older woman.  If they are not willing to go, the family does not want the home smudged and feel fine about everybody living together peacefully.


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