Ypsilanti Home; June 13, 2009

Case Background and Claims:

The homeowner is very concerned with some of the strange noises and occurrences that are going on in the home. She informs MCGH of what she believes to be paranormal activity in the home. We were there back in February for about 2 hours (for a mini investigation). At the time what we experienced and felt were more negative feelings in the home than anything else, possibly due to a pending divorce. Well it seems the couple is doing better now but they say their home is possible haunted! Homeowner says things are flying around the house, hears kids running down the hallway, hears growling noises and voices in the home. The house will be vacant and that we can stay as late as we need to.


  • Investigators: John, Brad, Chass, Heidi,  Kenny (Junebug)  and  Rachel
  • Time: 8:00pm till about 12:00am
  • Date: June 13, 2009


During the investigation one of our investigators made a psychic link with a 7 year old boy named Samuel. We were able to validate that the homeowners daughter did have a classmate named Samuel a year ago in the second grade, but haven’t had contact with sense. To the right is a short audio recording of the channeled connection with the little boy. The clip is below



Well after many hours of audio and countless pictures gone over we could not come up with anything that would be considered “concrete evidence”. We did get a picture of a shadow that was there in one picture and then gone in the next. As mentioned above and more on the subjective side of evidence is the audio of the connection made with the little boy. The judgment is still out, listen to the audio above of what came through in the channeling and let us know what you think?

We did find a leaky toilet that was allowing the air/water to mix in the pipes that could be heard in many areas of the house.  We found a red light that was being emitted from the smoke detector and a blinking white light could be seen from a radio tower outside the window. Also noted that homeowners were still having marital “issues” and some believe that can also lead to “bad vibes” and open up activity in the home.

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