Trenton Residence; August 14, 2010

Case Background and Claims:

383_TRENTONpicforwebThe homeowners reported several paranormal occurrences that have occurred to them in the home in the three years they have lived there. The most frequent occurrence is a touch-lamp that turns on and off in the spare bedroom. This always happens between 1-4:30 PM. They have had two separate touch-lamps in that room (first got broken and replaced) that have continued to turn on and off. They moved the lamp from the spare bedroom to another room, and it did not turn on and off while in the new location.

Other occurrence includes two separate apparitions. The first one was observed by the homeowner’s daughter in the spare bedroom approximately a year ago. She described it as that of a man, close to 6-feet in height, wearing dark pants and a rusty orange colored shirt, with dark hair. She said he was standing by the bed and glided into the closet. About four to six months after that experience, her boyfriend also saw an apparition of a man with the same description.

Additionally, they have experienced drained batteries, a fried DVD player, and clocks stopping in that room, as well as unexplained sounds in that room and in other areas of the house, and have items relocate on them. The homeowner’s daughter also experienced whispering in the basement, which she described as saying “change it” over and over again. One of the homeowners also experienced a nudge on her left shoulder while blow drying her hair in the bathroom.

The homeowners did hear from a neighbor that a young man committed suicide in their garage. Apparently, his girlfriend lived in the home, and is believed to have occupied the bedroom that the apparition was seen in, as well as where the lamp turns on and off.

  • Investigators: Tom, Chass, Ken
  • Conditions: Hot and Humid
  • Structural: Ranch


8 PM MCGH arrived and interviewed the family, who told us about the lamp in the spare bedroom that turns on and off. The female client feels uncomfortable in the basement by herself as if she is being watched.


8:30 PM Investigators started outside were a man had committed suicide in the garage.


9:00 PM One investigator (Tom) started in the spare bedroom where the light turns on and off, while the rest of the team went into the basement.


9:30 PM Tom joined the remainder of the team downstairs.


10:30 PM The team moved upstairs to investigate in the spare bedroom.


10:45 PM The team returned to the basement, to continue with the investigation


11:15 PM The home was smudged by request of the home owner.


11:30 PM The family wanted to have unrecorded question and answer session using the K-2 meter.



EVP’s captured during investigation:

“Go Away” EVP class C: You may need headphones for this one. its sounds like “go away”


Our investigators had a some personal experiences. A couple of us felt like we were being watched while we were in the basement. One of our investigators heard music, which she described as sounding like horns. Another investigator witnessed the light turn on the highest setting on the lamp in the spare bedroom. Throughout the course of the night, the investigators were able to catch some EVPs, although they had to throw some of them out due the possibility of human contamination.

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