Redford Residence; February 18, 2010

Background and Claims:Redford Residence_20100218_383_student4

 Home Owner began to notice unusual happenings shortly after he moved in. The radio upstairs would turn on all by itself and always go to the same song — “Bury Me”. Several people have caught fleeting glimpses of an apparition. Though no one could describe features in detail, they were all sure it was a young female. On one occasion when Girlfriend was sitting alone upstairs, she heard the spirit whisper something above her head, but couldn’t make out what she said. Another friend reported being pushed down the stairs. Home Owner witnessed a door rattling for no apparent reason, and whenever he leaves for a couple of days, his aquarium pump shuts off all by itself. He was getting the sense that this presence did not like others being around him – especially Girlfriend. The family attempted to remove the spirit on their own to no avail. Activity has grown more intense, and the presence seems to be getting stronger and more aggressive. They’ve also been aware of spirit energy in the basement, but don’t know if it’s the same entity, or if they’re dealing with more than one.


Investigators: John Art, Heidi, Chass, and Brad

Weather:  30F with light snow

Moon:  4th Quarter/Waning in Sagittarius

Time: 7 pm-11:45 pm

Structural: Single-family bungalow; approx. 1,100 square feet including the basement; built in 1947 and in good repair. However, cosmetic renovations are still under way. Two large aquariums with filters may need to be unplugged during the investigation.

As standard procedure, MCGH arrived fully prepared to conduct a pre-investigation, if necessary. Our team was comprised of John (lead investigator), Brad and Heidi. Base level readings upstairs and in most rooms on the main floor were normal. However, the K2 registered EMFs upwards of 20 both in the living room and in the basement. The exterior of the home was inspected for proper grounding, and found to be in good order. Inside, John quickly picked up on a young female presence 14-15 years of age, who he believed died in the home due to a drug overdose. The name Sarah came to mind. Home Owner led the team upstairs to the room where the most activity occurs, and John felt that this was the room she slept in, and possibly died in. As soon as Home Owner walked in the room, our K2 meter spiked. We began speaking to her, and the K2 was responding. John turned his recorder on, and we conducted a fairly lengthy EVP session, during which time, different people who were in the home came upstairs to join us. When Girlfriend came up, the K2 stopped responding. One of us asked, “Do you want Girlfriend to leave?” and it spiked, which we interpreted to be a “yes.” As soon as she left, communication was open again. A while later, “Mom” came up. Again, the K2 stopped responding. We asked, “Do you want Mom to leave?”, and we got another “yes.” By the end of the night, Heidi was the only female who she seemed to be comfortable with. At one point, Home Owner brought in the CD with her favorite song on it. As soon as he turned on the boombox, it jumped right to that track, and the K2 spiked and fluttered in time with the beat, like a strobe light or someone who’s dancing. Almost every time Home Owner left the room, the K2 went flat. It’s possible that she was following him. John’s overall feeling was that she was very scared while we were talking to her; possibly fearful that we might make her leave. All of us sensed that she doesn’t realize that she’s dead, or can’t acknowledge it because she doesn’t understand how she ended up that way. And even if she did want to leave, she doesn’t know how. We also concur unanimously that she’s infatuated with Home Owner, and wants him to focus all of his attention on her, and her alone – not his family, girlfriend, or buddies. This would explain some of her scare tactics resembling the kind of pranks an adolescent would play.

Interestingly, when John went to review the file on his recorder, he found that it had been shut off. Immediately after he asked the question, “Would you like to leave a message for us on this recorder?” and told her to talk into the red light, his recording ended; as if the recorder went dead. While we were there, none of us noticed that the recorder shut down. The last time recorded on that file was 7:20 pm but this photo to the left was taken at 9:05 pm, and it clearly shows the red light is still on, indicating that the device was still recording. We can’t explain this, but it does tend to validate Home Owner’s report that she has the ability to manipulate electronics.

So regrettably, we have no EVP evidence from that first visit. But we certainly had some interesting personal experiences, and left the family with a couple of suggestions: 1) Write out the lyrics to the “Bury Me” song – there might be some meaning in it for the girl, or a message of some kind that she wants Home Owner to hear; and 2) Obtain a copy of the last title search, if possible, so we can attempt to research past owners. It was a foreclosure property, so no contact with the previous owners was made during the purchase. But Home Owner is a real estate agent, and may be able to access the title work without going through the county clerk.


Nothing significant turned up as for physical evidence after hours of reviewing our audio recordings and night shot video. Above are a couple of pictures of interest. We all believe that there was paranormal activity in the house. As to the outcome, and the message of the young spirit, is to be seen and up for interpretation from the Home Owner.

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