River Raisin Battlefield, Helenberg Park, and Navarra Trading Post; August 3, 2013

Case Background and Claims:

2013_ 8_3 River raisen_ 383_Navarre_Trading_Post

 River Raisin Battlefield was the site of one of largest engagements during the War of 1812. The battle on January 22, and the massacre on January 23, 1813 was fought here in Monroe Michigan (formally Frenchtown) on the northern shore of the River Raisin. Of 934 Americans who fought here, only 33 escaped death or capture.  The massacre of wounded soldiers the following day shocked and enraged Americans throughout the Old Northwest Territory and “Remember The Raisin” became the battle cry for the War of 1812.

According to Wikipedia, Lieutenant Colonel William Lewis led these men across the frozen Maumee River and along the coast of Lake Erie to the River Raisin. His force consisted of 667 Kentuckians and about 100 local French-speaking militiamen. On January 18, 1813, Lewis charged across the frozen River Raisin to attack the British and Indian camp, which contained 63 soldiers of the Essex Militia, accompanied by a 3-pounder cannon, and about 200 Potawatomies. A brisk battle took place before the Americans forced the British and their allies to retreat. The Canadians charged the American lines several times, supported by the gunfire of the Indians. Fighting continued sporadically for several hours, with the Canadians and natives fighting log to log after which Lewis reclaimed Frenchtown. Names gathered pertaining to the Battle of 1812 :

Maj General Samuel Hopkins,Commander Richard M Johnson, Captain John Simpson, Captain Willliam P Duvall, PVT Samuel Mkee, PVT Thomas Montgomery, Brigadier General James Winchester, Brigadier General William Hull, Col John M Scott, Captain Collier, Captain Pugh, Camptain Morris, Captain West, Captain Sebree, Captain Glaves, Lt Col Williams Lewis,

Captain Hart, Captain Hamilton, Captain Gray, Captain Price, Captain Williams, Captain Martin, Captain Brasfield, Captain Megowan, Lt Col John Allen, Captain Ballard, Captain Hickman, Captain Kerley, Captain Langhorne , Captain Ellis, Captain Edmiston,Captain Simpson, Captain McCracken Col Samuel Wells, Captain William Garrards.


Video Evidence Obtained During Investigation

[embed_youtube src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/CzpV0FCuP_4″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


InvestigatorsJohn, Brenda, Gayle, Heather, Bert, Guy

Date: Aug 3, 2013

Time: 3:00PM to 9:00 PM

Weather: Sunny with 82*F


We sat under the pavilion and did some EVP sessions.  Bert, Gayle, and Guy went around the site to do their Period Resonance . In the beginning of the session we had a lot of flashlight activity.  We believed at one point we were talking to a child and a Native American due to the responses we were receiving through the flashlights.

Flashlight Activity:

Are you a female at the battlefield (3:20pm). Flashlight went on and off on command.

Are you a child?  Flashlight lit up.

Is there an Indian here?  Light went on.

Bert talks about Excavation. Light went on.

EMF meter had numerous temperature and frequency changes.


‘ Periodic, Everything, Minutes, PM, Father, Dune, Itself, Diablo, Periodic, Mean, Blood, Why, Ask, That, Throw (John had a ball), Legion, Space, Blood, Elements, Normal, Signal, Tear, Share, PM, Cross, Pet, Normal, Gather,  Chimp, Tear, Trust, That, Evolution, Tablet, Cute, Malice, Valley, Halt, Cells, Grandfather, Just, Box, Choke, Cross, Blue, Died, Wall, Special, Coin, Yield, Kansas, Wisdom, Barn, Thus, War, Steel, Copy, Study, Neck, One, Kansas, Study,Open, Box, Toward, Malice, Astral, Dust, Tune, Malice, Embark, Length, Hello (When Gayle was tagging for EVP), Wisdom, Lock, Copy, Sallies, Yield, Thus, Rates, Kansas, Fist, Abyss, Length, Lamp, Jacket, One, Thus (Taps was being played), Coast, Feed, First, different, Anna, Police, Pappy, Never, Five, Dig, Actually, Float, Frame, Her, Rope, Budha, Might, Gentle, Question, Reservant, Manifest, Might, These, Explain, Soccer, Genders, Decided, Tall, Sugar, Circle, Horse, Single, Corner, Ate, Dwindle, Bomb, There, Stigmata, Never, Soak, Section, There, Pond, Salvation, Increase, Various, Kate, Center, Exit, Medium, Cry, Increase, Voyager, Pond, Soak, Ate, Best, Crowd, Phantom, Coin, Gave, Themselves, Grandmother

Ghost Box Session:  The name Wolfe came up.

While sitting at a second table, Brenda saw a ball on the table with all the equipment moving back and forth on the table.  Wind was blocked by the equipment cases.


We then went to the Island in Helenberg Park where 17 soldiers were massacred by the IndiansWe had no paranormal activity occur while on the Island.
 We then met the rest of the team at  the Navarra Trading PostHistory:  In 1894 the building was moved from it’s original site on Elm and moved one block north to Willow Street.  IN 1972 the building was moved to storage then moved to the current site when the land was donated.  The building was owned by Pierre Nevarre, Captain John Anderson, and Doctor Narette.We had some K-II Activity on the front stepsOvilus:Cancer, Neck, Meat, Lemon, Nose, Astral, Hand, Mission, Repeated, Lamp, Embark, Dock, Cells, Gave, Hello, Subtract, War, Tune, Yellow, Room, Anna, Fatal, Self, Salvation, Language, Coat, Toward, Specular, One, Priest, Language, Honor, Does, Leaded, Crowd, Reached, Mistake, Gave, Brown, It, Ate, Less, Tail, Frank, Grasp, Frame, Snow, December, Grandmother, Without, Frame, Same, Feed, There, Happen, Same, Spell, Medium, Happen, Same, Opposite, Tide, Soak, Quarter, Oracle, Tide, Opposite, Trade, Column, Sugar, Kelly, Answer, Stigmata, Shinning, Each, Dwindle, Budha, Women, Question, Freeze, Frank Answer, Less, Trade, Shinning, Cry, Index, Mouse, Sheppard, Mouse, Salvation, Phrase, Specular, James, Various, Bomb, When, Notice, Anna, P, Actually, Language, Pond, Alright, Dwindle.

Physical Experience:  John was touched on his head, Bert was pushed, and John had some equipment fly out of his bag and come unscrewed.  While at the porch, we activity with movement of a doll’s ribbon (video was taken).  It appears to be a little girl.  John checked for air/wind movement with one of his tools and determined there was no air movement at that time.

“Cannon Fire” EVP Class  A :  In this clip we may have caught the residual sound of a Cannon firing

“Is it cold” and “Cannonfire”  EVP Class  C : While investigating under the partition we may have caught a voice and maybe another cannon.

“Hey” EVP Class  B :   There appears to be a soft child like yell coming from somewhere. None of our investigators heard this at the time.

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