Romulus Residence Investigation: January 20, 2012

Case background and claims

383_trailer_viewOwners have seen shadows, heard noises, feeling of being watched, and uneasy feelings while living in there home. They had nowhere to turn but to call the MCGH into investigate.



  • Investigators: John, Joe, Chass, Kellie
  • Date: January 20, 2012
  • Time: 9:00 p.m. to 12: a.m.
  • Weather: 16° – 17°, light snow


Baseline Readings:

  • Living Room – EMF: 0.1; Temp: 76º
  • Kitchen – EMF: 0.4; Temp: 74º
  • Bedroom (small) – EMG: 0.1 Temp: 76º
  • Bedroom (master) – EMG: 0.4; Temp: 69.7º
  • Bathroom – EMF: 0.3; Temp: 71.6º



Living room

An EVP session was conducted in the living room with everyone present. Using a flashlight, we were able to make contact with a spirit who seemed to be a young boy around the age of six. Going through the alphabet, using the flashlight to indicate the letters of his name the spirit spelled out “AJ”. AJ seemed to dominate the night, answering most of our questions and seemed to enjoy the attention. AJ indicated that he lived in the area. We also received evidence that he may have died in a fire.

The audible voice of a child saying what sounded like, ‘hey’ or ‘hi’ was heard by investigator Kellie during this EVP session. It appeared to be coming from the hallway. Another investigator felt something touch his head and saw a visible orb near the dining room table. He also saw what appeared to be a shadow in the hallway which was captured on one of our cameras (see enclosed video).

Footsteps were heard multiple times going up and down the hallway. With Investigator Joe in the smaller bedroom and the rest in the living room, we continued to talk to AJ, trying to obtain more details about him, his life, and whoever else may also be in the house. It’s interesting to note that the investigators in the living room would get responses on their meters and then there would be footsteps heard in the hallway. Afterwards the meters in the living room would not respond to the investigators questions however the K-2 meter in the small bedroom with Joe would. Joe’s K-2 meter would continue to spike until the footsteps were heard again in the hallway, after that the meters in the living room would begin responding again. We believe that this was the spirit of little AJ running back and forth to answer all of us. He seemed to really like the attention he was getting.

Also interesting is the fact that although we used two flashlights only the red flashlight continuously answered the majority of our questions while the blue one dimmed to a nightlight setting and stayed there throughout the investigation. This may be evidence that AJ was manipulating it.

At 10:55 the bathroom door was heard opening by itself. We were unable to debunk this and so set up a static night vision camera in the bathroom focused on the door for the rest of the night. Unfortunately we were unable to capture anything.

AJ indicated that there was also the spirit of an older woman in the house. He looked to her as a sort of grandmother figure. Finally he was willing to take a step back and let someone else answer the questions. Throughout a series of yes and no questions the spirit of the older woman proved herself to be the homeowner’s grandmother. She indicated that she was extremely proud of her but also expressed her want of the homeowner to quit smoking. Flashlight answers were consistent enough for not only the investigators present, but more importantly the homeowner to conclude that the female spirit present in the house was that of her grandmother.

         We also received evidence in the form of flashlight answers that there was a man present as well

         however he did not want to talk and further details about him are unknown.



Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


 “Get out/sigh ”  EVP class C: This EVP was recorded at the end of the night when the team was packing up. It’s very faint and sounds like it says “get out” followed by a sigh or breath.


 “Mommy “  EVP class C: During a session in the living room, Investigator John asks AJ if he’d like to talk to Chass or Kellie (the two female investigators present). An EVP of a small child was then captured and it sounds like a child’s voice saying “mommy” not once but twice. (You may need headphones to hear this one).


 “Umhmm “EVP class C: Investigator John is heard asking AJ if he fell into the fireplace. The response he received is a very faint “unhmm”.


 “Yeah” EVP  class B: Investigator John was discussing a spirit that he encountered in Iowa the previous year. After talking about the nightmares he had following this encounter this EVP that seems to agrees with him was caught. It says simply, “yeah”.


“Yeah”  EVP class B: Investigator John asks AJ about having his picture taken. This EVP was captured that sounds like a long drawn out “yeah”.


 “Yeah EVP” class B: This EVP was recorded in the small bedroom by Investigator Joe. Everyone was trying to get AJ to touch one of the devices and after Joe says “it’s a lot of fun” a voice can be heard saying, “yeah”.



Our best evidence is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) however in this case we also have a piece of video evidence which shows a dark shadow in the hallway.

After careful review of all written reports, video, audio and photographs taken it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter team that there is paranormal activity at this location. We do not at this time feel that there is anything threatening in the house. We believe that there are at least three spirits at this location at this time: a very playful little boy named AJ, the homeowner’s grandmother, and a man of which we got very little details from however based on the answers given from the grandmother during the investigation it is possible that this man may be the homeowner’s grandfather.

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