Roseville Residence; May 10, 2013

Background and ClaimsRoseville Residence_20130513_383_rosefront

The home is a 2 story home

Residents reported unexplained footsteps, voices, unusual smells, unusual cold & hot spots, sudden & unexplained breezes, strong feelings of being watched or followed. Tapping or knocking from no source, doors opening & closing, moving of objects, movement out of the corner of your eye. Lastly, appliances were turning on and off.

There used to be a school across the street from the home that was torn down about three years ago. Currently in its place is a field with an ATT phone tower. The tower puts off energy which was recorded by our K-II meters in various locations throughout the house and especially the living room and the front bedroom. EMF readings indicating paranormal activity had to be discarded but we did note the abnormally high EMF around the house and that may have an effect on the clients


Investigators: Tim R., Brenda, Don, Leslie

Environmental: 57 degrees outside, partly cloudy, wind 21mph sw gusting to 38, 71 degrees inside

Audio Evidence obtained during Paranormal Investigation

“Whisper” EVP Class C:Don W and T3 are moving the K-II meters in different locations on the couch still trying to determine where the energy that is driving the K-II meters is coming from when a whisper-like voice is heard on the recording. This was not heard at the time of the recording.


ConclusionRoseville Residence_20130513_383_rosetwr

It is believed by the team that the family is experiencing side affects from the cell phone tower from the park that is directly across from the home.  Little paranormal evidence was able to be collected from the home to determine paranormal activity.

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