Royal Oak Residence; November 23, 2013

Case Background and Claims:

2013-12-24 Royal oak residence  The house is a 1500 square foot, two story bungalow built in the 1920s. There are four occupants that have been living in the home for roughly a year. All floors are wooden  with no carpeting or rugs. The windows are older and drafty.  There are active railroad tracks about half a block from the house. It was a cold night and the furnace ran on and off throughout the investigation. Three clients were present throughout the investigation. The clients share the home with two dogs that were not on the same floor as the investigation. The reports of paranormal activity are, doors opening and closing on their own, things in the home being moved, smells of something being burnt, footsteps, shadows, hot and cold spots, feelings of being watched, animals acting strange, clients being touched & one of the male clients has been having disturbing dreams of a young women, while the other male client has seen a brunette women standing in a second floor window seen from the street area. Most of the activity has occurred on the second floor. The clients do not feel threatened and have not been harmed in any way. They would just like to know who shares the home with them.




  • Time: 8:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Investigators: Tim R, Don, Kate, Sharon.
  • Weather: 23 Degrees & Cloudy
  • Equipment used: Recorder, Flashlight, Ovulis, Laser Grid, EMF Pump, Camera, Spirit box, K-II, Mel Meter


Main Floor:

2013-11-23 20.49.11The living room & dining room are opened to each other, so we all sat around between this area. I immedatly felt like I was being watched by  something peaking around the corner. My K-II meter was going off at the same time. I placed my laser grid on the table directing it towards the kitchen area in hopes of capturing a shadow figure. By the types of questions the team & clients were asking during our EVP session, we came to the conclusion that there are three spirits that reside in the home. Since there is no history on what may have occurred in the home through the years it is extremely difficult to know who the spirits may be. One hour into session I heard movement coming from the upstairs area so I walked over to the staircase asking Don to join me, the movement got more extreme.  The sound seemed as if  something was being moved /dragged around the rooms on the second floor. The team decided to move our session to the second floor. Session ended at 8:55PM.


Second Floor

2013-11-23 21.04.22The second floor had two bedrooms and a bathroom. Tim and Sharon positioned themselves in the first bedroom on the left, while Don set up in the second bedroom to the right. Kate and the clients sat in the hallway area. The clients explained  some of the activity that has occurred on the second floor. They have witnessed the shower curtain in the bath fly through the air. They also explained that a door hanger that you hang items from lifted up off the bedroom door and drop to the floor with force. Don checked the EMF  in the rooms and found high EMF (2MG) outside the bedrooms in the hallway. During our EVP session Don and Kate’s flashlights, which were positioned in the hallway were constantly reacting to our questions, most of the time reacting together. The air became very thick and at times made it hard to breath. I thought I had seen the clothes in the bedroom closet move, so Sharon aimed her Laser grid towards the closet. No shadow was detected. Don and I both heard a female whisper, but after listening back on my recorder it did not get picked up. Other than extreme amounts of flashlight activity nothing else was witnessed by us. Session ended at 10:03PM.



2013-11-23 21.11.47All investigators and clients were situated in the room at the bottom of the stairs. Two of the clients were sitting/standing at the small bar by the entrance. Tim and Sharon were sitting/standing opposite the bar on the other side of the entrance. Kate and Don were sitting/standing along the wall opposite the entrance that has the furnace on the other side. the third client stood by the entrance to his room in the basement. During the session, T3’s, Kate’s and Don’s flashlight all lit up during the session with multiple lights turning on at the same instance. Tim felt a burn on his leg, but after checking it there war no noticeable marks seen. Throughout the session you could easily hear the furnace turning on, running and then shutting off. The two dogs were on the floor above but were only slightly heard during the session. Session ended at 10:55pm.



Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation
First floor EVP’s –

  “Zak” EVP class A: At 21.15 Min’s While conducting our EVP session on the first floor, both Don and Kate’s recorders picked up a male voice saying “ZAK”.


 Second floor EVP’s

 “Knit” EVP class C: A female voice is captured saying “Knit” after Tim ask’s if anyone heard that female voice.


The team feels that there are spirits that reside in the home, but we believe them to be harmless to the clients .

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  1. Christine

    This is my brother’s neighbors house and my daughter spent the night at my brothers house a few months ago before my brother decided to tell me the neighbors’ house was haunted. My daughter came home the next day freaking out and saying ” I saw a woman with long dark hair in a white olden days dress looking out the window when I went up to the bathroom, I looked out uncle buddy’s windows as I was going up the stairs”: She showed me what window and it was the second floor window and it is a perfect view from his window to theirs.

  2. Christine

    We can’t hear the first recording? “ZAK”

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