The Lawrence House (Sarnia, Ontario); April 20, 2013

Case background


The family that built and lived in the home was, William and Elisabeth Lawrence.
Elisabeth Lawrence Died 1940. William Lawrence Died 1922, their children were Ralph, Wilber, Edger.
The Lawrence family was a prominent family that lived in Sarnia Ontario and owned much of the logging industry in the area. The home in its era was a true show place and was a home of prominence in the area. After the owners donated the home to the city it fell into much disarray until grants were established to return the great home to its original splendor. There are many reports of activity in the house from seeing shadow people hearing voices and footsteps to the elevator going up and down between floors for no apparent reason. Elisabeth Lawrence Died 1940, William Lawrence Died 1922 both rare the primary spirits believed to still be in their old home. The Lawrence home is currently being used as a beautiful art gallery.



  • Investigators present: John M., Sue M., Tim W.
  • Outside Temperature: 34˚
  • Humidity: 66%
  • Winds: 5mph West
  • Weather: Clear/Dry/Cold
  • Inside Temperature: 66˚
  • Humidity: 30%
  • Air Particle Count: 68753 @ .3uf
  • BaselineEMF: 4.4  


Equipment Used

  • Sony 8 mm W/Night shot and IR
  • K2 meters
  • Paracorder
  • EMF Pumps
  • Trigger Objects
  • Trifled Meter (Natural)
  • Mag Lights
  • Air Particle Counter
  • Motion Detectors
  • Various Audio Recorders
  • ES emf speaker w/IPod


7:30 pm – MCGH Team Arrived at the Lawrence House in Sarnia, Onterio and meet up with our friend  Founder of Beyond Ghosts Canada and MCGH Associate Team Member Bert Richards who was sponsoring the investigation as a fund raiser for the Building. Bert gave a brie history of the home and then teams were dispatched to different areas of the home to investigate.

8:30 pm  – We started our investigation in the basement receiving high EMF readings from the wiring. While Tim was asking for spirits to make contact our MEL ADD sounded frequency change. This happened a few times during the night as questions were being asked. The K2 also lit a few times to questions being asked by our team.

8:50 pm – The team moved to the Kitchen area which was located on the first floor. He we continued to try and contact members of the Lawrence Family. During this time Tim and Susan were sitting at the kitchen table while John was recording video. It is believed the we made contact with Mrs. Lawrence and her son  during this time. Also once again John’s MEL ADD Meter responded signaling a frequency change in the room during this contact time.

9:50 pm – We relocated to the lobby area located on the first floor to continue their investigation. Tim was sitting on the stairs and Susan and John sat at the  kitchen table during this session. Not much activity happened during this time.

11:00 pm – We ended our investigation in the attic area where we believe that we made contact with  a male servant possibly named Philip. We received K2 hits and also flashlight responses at this location. At one point Tim reported feeling a cold spot.Tim also believed he seen a shadow.


EVP’s captured during investigation:


 “Harder” EVP class b: As John and Tim are getting set up on the 1st floor a male voice whispers what sounds like “Harder” and then “No”


 “HI” EVP class C: As John is introducing himself and others in the room a female voice can be heard whispering “Hi John”


 “John…Help” EVP class C: Tim is heard asking if the spirit present could say their name. A voice whispers very quietly “John … help”


 “Walnut” EVP class C: Tim can be heard asking the spirit present what his/her favorite type of wood is. As voice whispers very quietly “Walnut”. Tim is then heard asking “Oak?” and John says “Walnut”



This Canadian landmark is very rich in history and still extremly active. It is the belief of MCGH that some members of the Lawrence Family and their staff still reside in the older majestic home.

We would once again like to thank our friend Beyond Ghosts Canada for the invitation and honor of investigating such an amazing building.

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