Monroe Home; August 17, 2009

Case Background and Claims:

The clients called MCGH because their 11-year-old son was seeing the spirit of a little boy.  This spirit was asking him to come on the roof and play with him.  The team came out to conduct a pre-investigation.


  • InvestigatorsJason, Chass, Brad, Katie
  • Date: August 17, 2009

Jason and Katie started to take base readings and do a little EVP work and took some pictures. We all felt sick and had to get some fresh air before going back in the home. While down in the basement, Jason and Katie asked if Chass would take a look at some writing on a beam, which appeared to be gang signs and some other signs that looked like it could have been part to do with the occult.

As Chass was smudging (per the homeowner’s request – we usually do not smudge until after the investigation if it is merited), the 11-year-old son started to get real hot, and he said that he was seeing faces in his head, his neck was hurting, and he was crying. The mother said that her son was feeling what the spirit was feeling. Chass took the 11-year-old’s pulse and asked for the mother to get him a glass of water to try to calm him down. Chass finished the smudging of the home and gave both of the children stones for protection to put under their pillows at night time to help them sleep. The mother told us that she and the son are both sensitive and see and feel things.

While there, Jason was touched, Katie was feeling sick, and Chass got hit on the butt by something in the basement. Chass talked to the mother outside of the home and told her to not talk about the spirit around the children and to keep thinking positive.


Only a pre-investigation was conducted as the family seems to feel much better in their home after the smudging and protective items that were given to them. In fact, the family feels so much better that they wrote the following letter and MCGH will consider this case closed until and unless the family reports other problems to us:

This is what the Mother wrote to John about us coming out to the home:

Hello MCGH!

My family & I wish to thank you for the compassion you showed at our home on Aug. 17th.  The cleansing worked and we haven’t sensed any other negative spirits, although I can’t say for sure if they are still lingering about – but like Chass said, think positively!  My son who strangely took on the emotions of the strong boy spirit who was here before & during the cleansing blessing has been sleeping every night with his rocks under his pillow and has been the boy that he used to be before we moved here.  I sleep with my daughter’s stones because she doesn’t see & hear things like I do and she has no interest in sleeping with them, at age 8.

Thanks again for coming so promptly and we can’t wait to find out if you got any and review any evidence with you!

This case shows how we can have success even when there isn’t any apparent evidence. Negative spirits can feed off of negative feelings and emotions. When a family can work together and feel empowered, when they can feel like they are not victims anymore and have some control over their home, when they can have positive thoughts and stop feeding the environment with negative energy, then they take the first steps to peace in their home. This family feels that the smudging/cleansing and protective stones we gave them helped get rid of a negative entity… but they really did the most important work by empowering themselves with positive energy.

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