Seyburn Mansion, Auburn Hills; August 9th, 2014

10494733_10154439549465096_8683344400741123051_nCase Background and Claims:

Wesson Seyburn Mansion, also sits on the same grounds as the Auburn Hills Public Library, though it sits at its original space, unlike the library which was moved.   Seyburn, a wealthy real estate developer, was married to Winifred Dodge, eldest daughter of John Francis Dodge, of Dodge automotive manufacturing.  (Dodge’s third wife, and Winifred’s stepmother, Matilda, went on to build Meadowbrook Hall.)  While Seyburn and his family resided in a mansion in Grosse Pointe, the Auburn Hills home was used as a country estate and for hunting.  In fact, a pet cemetery still exists on the land for Seyburn’s former hunting dogs. The Seyburn Mansion has served many purposes for the community over the years, including as the community center. Sadly, today, its main function is storage.


Video from the investigation


  • Investigators:,  Jason, Cas,Tim R, Kate, Don, Ally, Jason C, Matt, Christine, and Sean from Last Rites Paranormal Society
  • Weather: 79 degrees, partly cloudy
  • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps,  PSB-7 Spirit Box, Frank’s Box, Laser Grid, Flashlight, Echovox
  • Time: 8:00 PM-12::30 AM

The group was split into three teams: team one consisted of Jason S., Cas, Christine, and Sean (from Last Rites Paranormal Society); team two was Tim R, Ally, and Matt; and team three was Don, Kate, and Jason C.

We were lucky enough to have been able to investigate the Auburn Hills Library as well,. Which gets its own page. Only 1 team was allowed in the mansion at a time.

Team two began in the Seyburn Mansion. Five minutes into the session, they believed they heard a female voice but it was not captured on audio. Tim asked if any spirits were here that know Karen, and the speaker to the spirit box turned on by itself. Thirty-five minutes into session, the Echo box stated “we need help” in a female voice, and then the equipment sitting in front of Matt died. Karen stated that it suddenly got cold then Ally said that her recorder died, Tim’s spirit box battery drained, the EMF pump died, and the laser grid died. The team claims the strangest thing to happen was when they were packing up they were standing in the fireplace room when they heard HO, HO, HO and then Christmas music coming from one of the boxes in the corner of the room; it had gone off by itself. Karen said that has never happened before.

Then, Team three investigated the Seyburn Mansion. Several EMF pumps, flashlights, and ghost touch devices were placed around the room. During the first 20 minutes of the session, two flashlights were turning on and off possibly responding to the questions. Karen experienced a cold feeling pass through her with almost immediate flashlight activity. As activity died down at around 30 minutes into the session, the group moved to the room with the fireplace near the kitchen. EMF fluctuations were observed possibly due to an electrical panel in the wall. EMF also was detected along the floor.

After another rotation  Team one went into the Seyburn Mansion and investigated the upstairs as none of the other teams had made it up there. Sean was taking pictures and caught what they thought was a shadow figure. Upon further review, it was debunked as some cardboard and shelving that created the shape of a person. Cas did a EchoVox session as well, but they had nothing to report.

For the final session, all teams moved to the Seyburn Mansion to do a final investigation of the area. They teams set up in the biggest room, the pool room. They used the EchoVox, and a few voices came through but nothing really to report.

Audio evidence obtained during investigation

 “No” EVP Class C– Tim asks for a little bit more confirmation, and then a female could be heard.

“mumble and Hello” EVP Class B– Cas is describing the a piece of equipment to the lady who was accompanying us in the mansion. Who can hear what we think is a male mumble and then a female say “Hello”


The Seyburn Mansion was a pleasure to investigate, and we were able to catch some really good evidence. We can’t make any determinations of who is still roaming the halls, but we would really like to come back and further investigate.



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