Wixom Residence: June 14, 2013

Case Background & Claims:

From reports, the apartment complex was a high drug infested area in the past.  Many overdoses occurred at the complex.  There were also multiple drownings of children in the pond in front of the apartment complex.
The apartment resident reported broken glasses after being placed in the sink, an apparition of an old man staring out the window at the Rail Road tracks, “Roy” the undertaker whom they’ve had previous experiences with, a child apparition, and unknown entity, and an old lady they call “Greta.”



  • Investigators: John and Brenda
  • Date: Jun 14, 2013
  • Time: 7:20PM to 11:00 PM
  • Moon: N/A
  • Weather: Clear , 75*F (inside 72*F), winds 3 NW
  •  Equipment used:IR Camera, Digital Recorders, Ovilus, K-II meters, Spirit Box, EMF Meter, Flashlights, motion sensor.


Ovilus Words:
Raster, Ken, Period, Said, wishing, usually, push, ascend, said, everything, gate, Heaven, render, morning, Division, usually, everything, bring, morning, held, grain, ascend, North, stunt, normal, lake, smile, stunt, pm, raster, normal, throw, elements, lake, chimp, stunt, coffee, dictionary, try, ask, Diablo, celebration, steel, held, dead, sea, angles, near dear, held, cool, everything, broad, held, grain, share, believe, steel, wall, usually, ask, dune, smile, sea, ask, dictionary, cancer, tear, want, tube, belong, cancer, why, yield, alcohol, cancer, tear, blood, lemon, gather, coffee, brother, length, coin, barn, thus, important, copy, represent, tablet, toward, quarentine, sensures, hello, length, neck, copy, barry, brother, abyss, western, grandfather, Ron, one, represent, belong, embark, gave, national, honor, coast, choke, one, death, tube, mean, tablet, repeated, Diablo, nose, tablet, wall, grandfather, pet, space, evolution, hand, sea, belong, jacket, lake, died, point, cute, Ron, Kansas, put, Hello, hand, with, alien, choke, cust, jacket, box, ask, dock, brother, share, died, thus, lemon, fist, special, Fist (k-II active), dune, war, quarentine, tube, Kansas, fruit.
Ghost Radar (only used to compare to ovilus readings):
Malice, censure, room, nose, since, Debra, war, fatal, Cord, candy, alien, coast, Ron, Blue, choke, coin, check, experience, arm, becoming, creature, farther, strong, none, Robert, mouse, night (ovilus said morning), Dad, damage, plan, dish, bear.


*When we got there the apartment was scanned and the average EMF was at 2.5.  There is a large flat screen tv and two fish tanks in the room that may have caused a trianglar effect of EMF in the room where the residents sit.
During our Spirit Box Session An entity came through named Kevin.  Kevin reported that he was tied to the property.  Another entity came through and began using foul/curse words to us. We also experienced Temperature Changes: When asked if there is someone non-human the owner stated the temperature got cold around him. As well as  K-II activity,  when asked for a presence.  Also by the TV when asked “Why are you here? We also believe the resident’s grandfather came through.  (grandfather also came up on the ovilus). Earlier in the session our clients cell phone moved by itself in front of us as we watched. At this time Brenda said she had felt something touch her back then the K2 went off. Our flashlights responded a few times at the beginning then later in the night and our Geo Phone reacted twice during the investigation at the home. Midway thru the investigation Brenda believes she seen a male with a baseball cap walk by the outside of the apartment when our male client checked the door…no one was found to be outside at the time. Later in the evening our male client seen a shadow in the corner located behind where John was sitting. We believe we made contact with our Male clients Grandparents as well as a little girl that possibly drowned on the property. Another possible female that died of a drug overdose and yet others that we believe died on the busy road in front of the complex in car accidents.





Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


EVP class C: EVP came though of someone exhaling; another one stated “ooh ohh”





It is our belief that our clients are not in any danger. It is our belief that there are many spirits that reside at this location due to its past much revolving around things such as: Drugs, Drownings and Car Accidents close by the location.
If our clients continue to experience unwanted activity MCGH will be happy to further assist them.

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