Sterling Heights Residential Home, 28 April 2016

Time:  7:00 pm– 10:00 pm

Roseville Reidence

Sterling Heights Residence

Present: Tim R., Sharon, Don, and Kate.

Homes Specs:  Client’s home was built in 1967; it is a one-story brick ranch with a full basement. 

Environment: 49 Degrees and partly cloudy outdoors. Precip: 0, wind speed: 0.

Readings: EMF in the home was very minimal.

Equipment used: Mel Meter, EMF Pumps, Thermal camera, Flash lights, Ghost touch, Various audio recorders, Motion detectors, K-II Meter, REM brick, Thermal Camera, Ovilus x, IR camera, Geophone, Spirit box, Laser grid.



Arrived at the Sterling Heights home. Sharon and Kate interviewed the client and her daughter at the kitchen table while Don and I conducted an EMF sweep of the house, starting with the basement. The client has had activity in her last two homes and even though she has lived in this home for a few years activity has recently picked up, especially in the basement family room area. The client knows of no known deaths in the home. She has had a psychic and priest recently come into her home to help eliminate anything paranormal, but this has not helped. Items have disappeared, been moved, feelings of being watched, sounds of footprints but the most strange occurrence is her two dogs. The client showed us three videos taken on different days and at times where the dogs seem to see and hear something that is not shown on the videos. In the basement their attention will focus on the stairs area where they both look at the same time, heads moving together. The client asks them to pay attention to her but their heads stay fixed to the spot. The client has also taken similar video in the living room upstairs. In the last month the dogs have not wanted to go into the basement. This has made the client feel very uneasy.


As Don and I were heading down the stairs to conduct our EMF sweep of the basement Don had asked me how my knee was, and when I explained that I would be having surgery on my right knee in June you hear a voice say WOW, at 34:67 on the recording.  The temperature in the basement was 64.3 degrees with little to no EMF. The rooms in the basement were a family room, computer room, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom,  and furnace room. The furnace room and cubby underneath the basement stairs had a lot of the clients deceased mothers items stored.  At 31.17 on the recording, as the client showed us the cubby under the stairs explaining the important of her grandma’s items you could hear a BREATH.


Went upstairs to the bedrooms where we got a .2 EMF in the back bedroom. Living room, Kitchen & family room had no EMF. 


 The team set up in the family room area at the bottom of the stairs. During most of the investigation the clients and investigators were seated on the chair and couches in the basement living room area. Motion sensors were placed at the staircase and in the other rooms of the basement but they were not activated. Our recorders were placed around the room. A geophone and REM brick were also used but those also remained inactive during the session. One oddity observed is that the temperature readings on the Mel Meter used by the daughter seemed to always register a higher value (up to 5 degrees difference) than observed through another Mel meter used by an investigator seated right beside her. When the daughter handed her mother the Mel meter she was using, the temperature dropped back down to the base room temperature. No odd temperature was observed through the thermal camera. When we tried to ask to speak to the client’s mother we had flashlight responses. At 28.58 while the client was explaining that her grandmother hated taken selfies, you hear a female SIGH. At 42.24 I ask if the spirits were the ones affecting our equipment and you can hear a female voice say YEP. The client was asked why she feels uneasy coming down stairs, and while she explains you can hear a female SINGING. Small fluctuating levels of EMF were also observed during this session but not during the initial EMF sweep. The session ended at 9:15 PM.


MAIN FLOOR KITCHEN AREA _ the team set up in the kitchen and family room area on the main floor to conduct the EVP session. The word award came up on the ovulis. I asked if the client’s grandchildren had won an award or if their grandma had seen any competitions and at 16.07 you hear a female voice say an AWARD. While conducting a spirit box session I ask if Carol was here with us, and you hear a voice say YEP.  We also had numerous flashlight responses during this session. Session ended at 10:00PM. 


EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation






After investigating the home the team felt no negativity. The home had a very positive feel and we believe that the client’s mother may be the spirit that resides there.

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