Canterbury Village-Revisiting “A Stitch in Time”; July 24, 2010

Case Background & Claims:

383_canterburypicforwebsiteThis is MCGH’s second visit to Canterbury.  Linda, owner of Stitch in Time, called the group back in because she was moving buildings and wanted to make sure that Sarah knew not only that she was welcome to move with them, but that  they wanted her to come with them.
MCGH investigated the original Stitch in Time building and the new Stitch in Time building, as well as Sacred Sisters, a shop at the end of the back line of shops (opposite end of where the new Stitch in Time is located).

 Paranormal activity continued to occur at the old Stitch in Time, while things seem to be rather quiet at the new location (adding to the Linda’s worries that Sarah had not relocated with her).  As for Sacred Sisters, the ladies in that building reported hearing unexplained noises (bangs, footsteps, etc.).

For all of the background on the old Stitch in Time, as well as some history about Canterbury Village, see our previous visit.



  • DATE: July 24, 2010
  • INVESTIGATORS: John, Chass, Kenny, Cathy, Jason, Tom, Kellie, Mike and Ken (Junebug)
  • Weather:  High 70s; clear; low winds
  • Structural:  Both Sacred Sisters and the new Stitch in Time are bungalows.  In both, they have the store set up in the main level in large open room, a basement for storage, and a second floor with separate rooms.


                                                                                         (ORB follows Cathy as she uses EMF meter to check readings)

402_CANTERBURYorb1MCGH arrived at Canterbury Village and split into three times. John, Ken K., and Chass were team one; Cathy, Jason, and Tom were team two; and Kellie, Mike, and Junebug were team three. Teams one and three went to grab a bite to eat at the pub, while team two went in to investigate the new Stitch in Time.


Team Two: We entered the new Stitch in Time and decided to begin our investigation upstairs. All throughout the upstairs, we were getting high EMF readings that were consistent but unexplained. We decided to use the flashlight to communicate with anything present, and we were getting pretty consistent responses. The first time the light responded was when we started talking about Sarah. Except for a quick, cold breeze that Jason felt on his legs and Tom felt on the left side of his face, the flashlight was the only consistent activity we received up there.

402_CANTERBURYorb2We went to Sacred Sisters, and once again started upstairs. Once again, we had high EMF consistently throughout the rooms, but could not explain this. While upstairs, we attempted to use the flashlight to communicate, but did not get consistent responses. While we were upstairs, we heard a voice from downstairs, which, upon review, our recorders did not pick up. We ventured downstairs to try to find the source, but could not, and decided to go into the basement to investigate. While downstairs, Jason witnessed a white wiggly line on the floor, which he described as looking like a light, but there was no source. Tom also saw this briefly, but neither could debunk it. We also set up the flashlight and attempted to use it to communicate, but it was sporadic and seemed to purposely do the opposite of what was asked.


402_CANTERBURYorb3Team Three: We began investigating the old Stitch in Time shop. Junebug sensed something in the far back of the shop that didn’t want us there. Kellie thought she saw something go by the main counter but as there were a lot of people still outside, she could not rule out someone tossing something by the window. There were a few times where Kellie felt as if something had touched her arm when she was sitting on the flatbed. All three times this happened, Kellie wasn’t looking at her arm and therefore cannot rule out a bug, hair, or whatever. Towards our end of time in this store, we had moved the motion detector from the upstairs doorway to the main entrance way. It went off twice. It was in plain sight of all three of us but not close enough where our movements would interfere. Kellie took pictures at this time, but nothing showed up.


402_CANTERBURYorb4Team One: We went to Sacred Sisters. When Chass walked in, she described it as feeling lots of “good energy” and felt like she wanted to stay there. She also felt that there were three children with them, two boys and a girl, and that they seemed happy to be there. After Chass verbalized this aloud, the team was informed that a family with eleven children used to live there. Somebody heard a noise coming from the basement, but John and Ken debunked it as the heat coming on.



Team Two: We went to the Old Stitch in Time location. Cathy was getting high EMF readings, and Jason took a series of pictures (approximately 5-10 seconds apart) of her in which an orb-like object appeared. Specifically, he took a four pictures in a row where this object continues to appear. The first one has it above Tom’s head, then two have it in the same location in front of Cathy’s face, while on the third, it drops below her right hand. From there, we went upstairs, where all three of us heard some thumping noises. Jason went downstairs to get the camera, and while down there, he heard footsteps coming from upstairs in the room to the left of where Tom and Cathy were sitting, but they had not moved, nor were they walking around. Upon coming back upstairs, Jason also heard and saw the wicker chair settle as if someone had sat in it.


Team Three: We went into the new Stitch in Time to investigate. After a quick tour, we settled in the upstairs bedroom area and decided to set up a flashlight and ask questions. We were able to get some responses, but couldn’t get anything consistent enough to positively say that it was communication. However, if it was a communication, the spirit told us that he was a 8-year-old boy. We were unable to get a name. The “communication” died out, as we moved to the first floor. We again set up the flashlight and tried to get the little boy to come and talk to us. At first it seemed like a success, but either the spirit or the flashlight did not want to participate. There was a moment when Junebug was surrounded by a much warmer atmosphere than Mike and Kellie. We were sitting in a sort of circle and there was a noticeable difference when you moved your hand from one area to another. This lasted about for abut five minutes. We are unsure where the intake vents are and the air was turning on and off, so it is possible that it was completely explainable. We attempted to get the communications on tape, but it seemed as soon as Junebug grabbed his camera it stopped talking to us.


The group all agrees that this is a very active location and would not mind investigating there again, as long as we could make sure there is no entertainment going on at that time as it affected our ability to get EVPs.

 Additionally, it is good to note that Linda Lee had contacted us for the purpose of making sure that Sarah made the move to the new building. In the days after our investigation, Linda reported that the door knob moving at the new store just as it used to at the old store.



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  1. Wendy

    Hi there! My family and i have just moved into Lake Orion, from Dearborn Heights… I lived in Dbn. Hgrs. My whole life and had absolutely NO idea your organization was so close!! Anyway, I have been soooo interested in the Scripps Mansion and Canturbury Village since we moved out here about 1.5 yrs ago. I admit to driving down Scrips road whenever i have to pick up the kids from school.. is there anyway i could be part of your next ghost hunt if you ever do another one out here.. i admit, im a nivice, I’ve only ever done a ghost walk up on Mackinac Island last summer. I would really really love to help in any way possible.. You guys really do ROCK!

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