Canterbury Village, Stitch in Time: September 12, 2009

Case Background & Claims:

402_stitch_ext2The property began as a family farm called the Haddril Farm, and later bought by the Scripps family, who had amassed a fortune through the newspaper business. In 1916 Mr. Scripps bought it as a hobby, and soon developed it into a major farm of about 3,000 acres, relocated earlier pioneer barns to the site on Joslyn Road, in addition to adding other farm buildings, manager housing, and a school for the farm’s children. Wildwood also became a wildlife sanctuary, providing protection for endangered waterfowl on their migration. To William E. Scripps, Wildwood Farm (Canterbury village) was a land reclamation project to make over-farmed land productive once again. During this time, many people lived and worked at the farm which Scripps called Wildwood, and reportedly became a playground for the famous, including Amelia Earhart, the Wright Brothers, and the Detroit Mafia Purple Gang.


During the 1960’ the Wildwood Canterbury property became a shopping village, much like today, known as Antique Village, and from the 1950’s until the 1990’s the original Scripps Estate (see picture at left) became know as Guest House – a substance abuse sanctuary for priests and nuns.
In the late 1990’s the village changed ownership to Stan Aldrich who established the Bavarian village of Canterbury.
Paranormal Phenomenon reported by Stitch in Time: “Almost” daily sporadic occurrences of Items missing, both the front and stair doors opened and closed on their own, footsteps heard up stairs; sounds of laughter, marbles being moved, daughter felt pushed at bottom of the stairs, sensation of cold spots, DVD malfunction, equipment goes on by itself, witnessed by store owner – her daughters –  and customers.


  • LOCATION: “A Stitch in Time” is an antique store in historic Canterbury Village.
  • DATE: 9/12/09
  • INVESTIGATORS: John, Curt, Eileen, Ken (June Bug), Brad, Rachel, Chris, Chass, Mike, Heidi, and Rebecca
  • WEATHER:  Clear, cool, 50’s
  • STRUCTURAL:  We investigated the Stitch in Time shop, the surrounding grounds and areas in the Celtic Pub next door.  While the A Stitch In Time building is the original farmhouse to the grounds, the furniture inside had been brought in by the current shopkeeper Linda Lee, including a used sofa she purchased at the Salvation Army in Canton and a dining room side board cabinet, which had been given to her by a neighboring shopkeeper.


Personal Experiences & Observations:


402_johncamsept2009018Basement: Ken & Brad took initial EMF reading throughout the house and noted the basement had high EMF readings – around 15MG around the telecom system and fuse-electrical box and about 5 feet away.



Bridal Room (upstairs): Brad, Heidi and Rachel sat in an energy circle, placing their hands on a cup in which they then asked a series of questions, gaining apparent pieces of information from what seemed to them to be a spirit who indicated he was just passing through. Through the questions the group learned he was a Native American Indian who died in 1714.



Main Level: Eileen and Chass stayed on the main floor of the store and began their EVP session by placing two balloons on the floor along with a K-2 Meter. Chass reported that the balloon did move a few times by themselves and saw the K-2 meter light up between 1-2 lights. Both investigators witnessed the upstairs door move a slightly and did not detect its movement was caused by a breeze. Eileen and Chass also noted the room temperature dropped to 69º from 75º- 76º degreesChass also noted she could hear a knocking and another noise that sounded like a noise maker. Later, Chass reported a camera began to malfunction at the same time she saw a cloudy white light at the bottom of the door on the steps. When the light was gone, the camera started to work fine. Eventually, Chass and John conducted a dousing/crystal session which, if genuine communication, led to the following conclusions:
1) The store had the presence of a little girl who had been accidentally killed on the farm. would like to be called Sara, is very attached to the storeowner and her daughters, and sometimes travels home with them. Sara doesn’t like the two men that are at the store, nor does she care for any man, except Linda’s husband.
2) An older man, called Samuel, was a businessman from Kentucky and was attached to the antique sideboard upstairs and normally stayed on that level of the store.
3) The third spirit was John, a steel worker from downriver, who came into the store with the sofa from the Canton Salvation Army. When asked, he stated he had a wife, two daughters and a son, all still living.
4) Both men died suddenly of heart failure and both refused to move on.
342_RachelstitchThroughout most of a second Question and Answer session investigator Rebecca got very cold sitting in the corner of the room, and reported her leg was numb and tingly. Investigator Cathy, who was sitting at the opposite side of the room also reported a numb-tingly foot at the same time. At the same time — Chass reported she felt the little girl was standing right behind her, playing with her hair. Shortly after these reports, the Fax machine, behind the group, turned on by itself.
Grounds of Canterbury Village: Original to the Haddril Farm/Scripps Wildwood Farms.
Paranormal Phenomenon reported by Village: Sighting of a man hanging in tree by west parking lot. It is rumored a former chef hung himself in what was once Ben’s Bull Pen restaurant, the old barn building south of Whittington’s (to the left of the green arrow). There are also stories of a manager from Ben’s Bull Pen who reported seeing the image of the former chef, in the building after hours.
Chris, Mike F., and Shopkeeper Linda Lee walked the grounds at Canterbury, where Chris felt he was being watched near the barn. The group also heard what sounded like footsteps inside the original barn, as well as foot steps around them outside.
Later, Chris and Chass walked to the west parking area, where both had the sensation they were being watched directly before Chass saw what appeared to be an apparition of a man hanging from the tree. Heidi tried to take some pictures of the tree, however, her camera locked up and would not take the picture. However, the camera did work when she pointed it in an alternate direction.



379_Canterbury_group2Celtic Pub (next door): The Celtic Pub is a bar/restaurant attached to the Canterbury Castle building next door to the Stitch in Time Shop.



* During a break of the Stitch in Time investigation, an employee of the Celtic Pub requested some of us to come over and tour the upstairs of the pub as they related there may activity within the restaurant.





Paranormal Phenomenon reported by The Celtic Pub: Some employees related seeing the ghost of a little girl in the building. In addition, a kitchen staff member, reported seeing an older gentleman dressed in period attire — quite often while he was downstairs in the kitchen. The employee speculates the apparition may have been a butler.




Chris and Ken responded to the employee request by investigating the upstairs of the building, where they saw a light on. They observed the light disappear, like when someone or something walked across in front of it. Both Chris and Ken tried to recreate the event by passing in front of the source of light and found Ken would have to be nine feet tall to recreate the phenomenon.





This is the only photo of note that we took. However the blue “orb” is most likely a reflection of some sort.







EVP’s captured during investigation:

“I am 9” EVP Class B: Same “I am 9” evp, but amplified




“I am 9” EVP class B: A voice occurs in the middle that says “I am 9” and the sound of carousel music can barely be heard. There is a carousel nearby that hasn’t worked in years.




And while scientifically, we gathered a small quantity of physical evidence from “A Stitch In Time”, the greater amounts of personal experiences encountered by several members Motor City Ghost Hunters warrants further investigations of both “A Stitch In Time” and “The Celtic Pub”. Furthermore, because Canterbury Village is so rich in its labored history, the team is open to additional investigations of any and all of the buildings and grounds at Canterbury Village, at a future time.


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