Taylor Residence, 29 July 2016

Investigators: Brenda, Melissa, Ed, Erin and Mike

Moon phase:  Waxing Crescent

Taylor Residence

Taylor Residence

Outside Temp 90F Inside: 71F

Equipment: Digital Cameras, EMF meters, Mag Light Flash lights, Spirit Box, Digital Recorders


The Client stated that his wife got up to go to the bathroom and noticed the cabinet above the stove was ajar about half way. he closed the door later that night. Another incident happened about 2 pm to their daughter.  She came running out from her room and informed my wife that she saw a “black lady” (Shadow figure), wearing all black with black eyes in her room. The baby who is 16 months has been asking “what’s that” while looking up at the front door, ceiling, and closet in the living room and in our bedroom. Upon interviewing the family, we learned the 8 year old daughter was afraid of her room and closet.  The family also stated that the attic light turned on by itself about 4 months prior.

History of the Site:

The home was formally a garage on the land that was later converted into a home.  The structure was built in 1947.


We asked the owners to shut off the wifi and central air.  We first went through the house to get EMF reading.  When in the daughter’s room, the EMF registered at 10.  There was a power box in there and this encompassed the area of the closet and the area where her head would lay while sleeping.

Shadow in window

Possible shadow in window or paradillia.  Look on a regular computer to view.

Ovilus/Ghost Radar: Sip, chosen, diagram, phone, timid, soon, deal, door, Sally, search, shown, piano

Echovox: Tom, Paul, Pat, Bell, Ben, and Steve

While we were doing an EVP session, we believed we came in contact with the client’s deceased grandfather.  We called him into the house, his wife was with us during the EVP session, so he could receive the messages we were receiving.

Shadow in window 2

Shadow outlined





 EVP’s captured during paranormal investigation

Brenda asks Melissa if anything is coming across her radar and you hear “Huh?”

We are tagging a car horn and you can hear whistling

Client stated that he is speechless and you can hear a voice

Mike captured a “No” during the EVP session


Video Captured in Paranormal Investigation:


At the 20 Second mark you will see an “orb” come down on the left hand side over the child’s bed.


The team recommended moving the child to another room due to the high EMF occurring in the room.  There appears nothing threatening in the home and the family needs to tell unwanted entities they are no longer welcome.  We smudged the home before leaving and family reported no more issues.


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