Taylor Residence; June 1, 2012

Case Background and Claims

  • Foots steps

  • Noises upstairs
  • Objects moving on their own
  • Crayon mark reappearing on the stairway wall
  • Sighting of small child in kitchen



  • Investigators: John; Kellie, Ryan, James,  Brenda, Gayle
  • Time: 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Weather: 70°, overcast
  • Structural: Townhouse apartment



Equipment used:

  • Standard video camera
  • Digital audio recorders
  • K-2 Meters
  • EMF detectors
  • MEL meter
  • Ovilus
  • Spirit Box (modified radio)
  • Geophone
  • Trigger objects


The team all gathered at the Taylor Residence at 7:30 p.m. After a brief tour of the premises with the clients and an overview of the claims, it was time to get started. After splitting up into teams of two and grabbing all necessary devices and recording tools, the investigation had begun.The time was 8:00 p.m.

Investigators in Training, Gayle and James, investigated the two bedrooms on the upper level of the apartment as investigators John, Kellie, Ryan and investigator in training Brenda investigated the living room and kitchen area with the clients present.

Not much notable evidence was captured in the two upper level bedrooms; however, team members did have several personal experiences. These experiences included the feeling of being watched and a “cobweb” type substance felt across their face and arms, as the team members moved through the room. Team members Gayle and James returned to the lower level with the rest of the investigating party at approximately 8:30 p.m.

A flashlight guided EVP session was conducted in the kitchen and living room. This is done by loosening the battery cap of the flashlight so that a simple tap on the flashlight would turn the light on and off. Through a series of questions with yes and no responses given through the flashlight turning on and off it was concluded that there may possibly be a spirit of a young African American male, named Jamaal, which would substantiate the clients’ claims. Most notable experiences during this session were intelligent responses to questions asked that Investigator Ryan, heard while listening to recordings live. (See Evidence section for details) there was also a correlation between EVPs captured and flashlight responses.

Multiple EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) were recorded in the living room bedroom. (See Evidence section for details)

At multiple times during the night shadows figures were seen in the kitchen area by the clients, most predominantly in the area between the doorway of the living room and the kitchen. Attempts were made by at least four investigators to recreate these shadows but were unable to do so. Investigators also heard footsteps in the upstairs bedrooms when all occupants were on the lower level. Unfortunately, this was not captured on audio.

A device known as a ghost box was used periodically during this investigation. A ghost box is an AM/FM radio that has been modified to scan the band of radio waves. On several occasions, the name of one investigator, Tim, who was not present on this investigation, was heard. There was also the voice of a young child that came through several times and also the name ‘Jamaal’. There were also several instances where a word or short phrase was heard through the box however it was too fast and garbled for the investigators present to decipher.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

 “Ryan” EVP class B: This EVP is the name of one of the investigators present. If you listen carefully you can hear a woman’s vioce whisper “Ryan”


 “Baby crying” EVP class C: As some of the investigators where investigating on the second floor, laughing, underneath the laughing there is distinct baby crying under the team members’ laughing. There was no baby present during this investigation.

 “It’s a sin” EVP class A: During the investigation, an older man is captured saying, “get out now” followed by a female voice saying, “It’s a sin”

 “God I like that lady” EVP class A: As Investigator in training Gayle was in the kitchen playing with a ball and trying to get the spirit to interact, an EVP was captured saying, “God I like that Lady.”

 “Jamal” EVP class C: When Investigator John asks What the Spirit’s Name is and a voice is heard saying “Jamal”

 “I’m scared” EVP class B: During the beginning of the investigation, as equipment is being gathered, two EVPs are recorded. One is a female voice caught saying “I’ll stop calling” and the second is of a child saying, “I’m Scared”.



Our best evidence once again is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). There were also a few unexplainable personal experiences which corroborate with the reports of the residence; especially in the belief of the spirit of a young African American male, between the ages of 9-10, haunting the location.

After careful review of all video, audio and photographic evidence it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter Team that there is paranormal activity at this location.

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