Taylor Residence; June 30, 2012

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Background and claims:

Built by German farmers in 1932, sold to an old couple, sold to prior owner John (Jack) Dolan; Jack’s daughter, Anita, sold the house to the clients; Lots of furniture, pictures, gun parts came with the house and are still present; Bullet holes in the LR and MB ceilings; Jack was an arms dealer; Jack died in the house, bedroom bound from mesothelioma; Anita had said a person was shot on the premises; House was raided in the past 4-5 times by law enforcement.

Events usually occur after 10 pm; footsteps on the stairway and hallway upstairs;         dark shadows in the bedroom; bottles spinning/stopping on their own; items flying off the table in bedroom; lights going on and off on their own; phone calls being received from other resident’s phones but no record of the call being made; youngest child (age 10) believes her imaginary friend lives in the closet. His name is Charlie and is afraid of her mother. She also speaks of someone named Esa; on two occasions, a large vase in the living room lifted up an spun about.


• Investigators:  John, Kenny (JuneBug) and Tim W
• Weather: 84 F and Clear
• Moon: Full Phase
• Time 7:30 pm – 1 am
• Date 06/30/2012

7:40 p.m. – After arriving at the location, we met with the client’s and their son about the claims of possible paranormal activity.

8:00 p.m. – Base reading were recorded. It was discovered that the home contains high EMF levels. Once high EMF was discovered inside the home we recorded some readings outside and our MEL meters and K2 meters all registered at a full spike, actually shutting down on Internal Overload Protection that is built into these devices. The team also noted that the home is improperly grounded which is probably what is causing the high EMF.

High EMF levels can create what is known as a fear cage. In a fear cage scenario, the EMF can affect one’s body, causing feelings of anxiety and paranoia, as well as the feeling as being watched. These feelings, along with dread, sadness and heavy pressure were felt in the upstairs by at least three investigators. This was discussed with the clients and a report on the dangers of exposure to high EMF was reviewed. Many of the symptoms listed within the EMF report the clients agreed family members were suffering from.

It must also be stated, however, that not only can high EMF cause these feelings but it can also attract spirits as it creates an atmosphere which makes it easier for them to communicate.

9:00 p.m. – The investigation was started upstairs as due to reports of a man being seen at the top of the stairs as well as hearing footsteps going up and down the stairs on a nightly basis. It was believed that the man may have been named “Jack” and could have died of some form of cancer inside the house.

It was the general consensus of the team present that they would been needing more equipment to better gauge what was going on and therefore they left the site, returning roughly an hour later.

10:45 p.m. – Upon returning with more equipment, the investigation resumed. An EVP session was conducted using various other tools to aid in understanding possible responses and to help guide additional questions.  Investigator John may actually have known “Jack” from doing gun shows at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor. The Jack that John knew was also a FFL Dealer for 20 years prior. Many words were produced through the Ovilus which confirmed “Jack’s” connections to John’s past and Jack having lived in the home being investigated. The spirit of “Jack” seemed to be most prevalent in the upstairs bedroom which is the location in which the clients have seen the shadow figure appear.

It is interesting to note that one of the digital recorders shut off at 56.34 minutes into recording. This occurred while Investigator John was asking “Jack” questions about the Taylor Police Department raiding the home for gun dealing. When the recorder was checked it was found to still have at least 50% of its battery power still left.

It is believed that this “Jack” with whom we were communicating with may be John E. Dolan, the previous home owner who was a gun dealer and did shows at Gibraltar Trade Center roughly twenty (20) years earlier. (Investigator John also worked at these shows)

11:50 p.m. – An EVP session was conducted in the kitchen once again using the Ovilus and other equipment to help gauge possible responses and guide questions. Investigator Tim W. used his Franks Box. During this session many words and names came through both the Ovilus as well as the Franks Box in English as well as in German. (Investigator John, who speaks some German, was translating questions). It is the belief of the investigators present that they had made contact with the original builders of the house who lived there and farmed for many years. They were both German. They also believe to have made contact with the grandmother and grandfather of one of our female client and the grandfather of our male client. All these names were mentioned using our Ovilus and Franks Box equipment and confirmed by our clients.


EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Paranormal Investigation

“Back up” EVP Class B: Kenny had just located a BB or a small piece of buckshot load and was showing it to Tim and John. All three investigators were standing by the table on the landing. A voice which doesn’t sound very human-like was captured saying what sounds like ‘back up”

“He’s not” EVP Class  B : The Ovilus had said the word ‘anger’ and John asked what “Jack” was angry about. At about 2 seconds into the clip a male voice is heard saying “he’s not.”

“Shame on us” EVP Class B: Just after discussing the BB, John asks if it is the owners’ bedroom. 7 second in a female voice is heard saying what sounds like “Back up” and at about 11 seconds in a male voice is heard saying “Shame on us”.

“Matt” EVP Class C: John was finishing up the UV search; the Ovilus had stated the name Matt a couple of minutes earlier. At about 13 seconds into the clip a female voice is heard saying what sounds like “Matt” It is interesting to note that Matt is the name of the eldest son in the home.

“Stick up” EVP Class C: Tim W. and John were remarking how since there was no blood evidence maybe there was nothing to search. At about 6 seconds into the clip a child’s voice can be heard saying what sounds like “stick up” and something following it.

“Yes” EVP Class C: John was trying to establish a rapport with who we believe to be the spirit of “Jack.” John was referring to as a common get together and said he could be trusted. At about 7.5 seconds into this clip a male voice replies with “yes.”

“Retard” EVP Class B: While the team is on the 2nd floor doing a Frank’s Box session, the voice of a child was captured on a recorder left running on the 1st floor. It’s a little broken up but sounds as if they are saying “retard.”

“Getting mad” EVP Class B: John was speaking about the humidity in the house due to the air conditioner running while there was standing water in the basement. At about 3.5 seconds into the clip a male voice is heard saying what sounds like “getting mad”area. At about 5.5 seconds into the clip a male voice can be heard saying what sounds like “on me, that’s good.” At 10 seconds in a male voice can be heard saying what sounds like “in the bedroom.”

“Get out” EVP Class B: One of the clients is heard talking about the furniture that was left in the home. A male voice is heard saying “Get out” at about 4 seconds in.


“giggle” EVP Class C: The team was on the 2nd floor starting up a Frank’s Box session. This EVP is that of a child giggling. This was caught on a recorder that was left on the 1st floor.

 “Dolan”EVP–X “DOLAN” (unfortunately it is said under TIM asking what Jack’s last name is)


After careful review of all video, audio and photographic evidence it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter team that there is paranormal activity at this location. Our best evidence once again is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).

It is the belief of the investigators present that all of the spirits in the home are friendly and will not harm anyone. They loved the house when they lived there and only wish to watch over the property that has fallen in to disarray over many years. (Our clients have been renovating the home and property and are attempting to restore the home to its past appearance.) We also believe that deceased family members of both clients are in the home to watch and guide our clients in their daily lives.

MCGH will return for a follow-up investigation if requested but at this time we believe that the family is not in any danger from the spirits in their home.

As a closing note, the EMF recorded in the house was a little high and it is recommended that a licensed electrician be called in to check it out.

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