Taylor Residence: March/10/2012

Case Background and Claims:

281_HouseThe home was built in 1952 and has been in the wife’s family since the original owner passed away around the 1960’s. Bill and Nola were the second occupants of the home. Jerry and his family moved into the home in 2007. Bill and Nola are a part of Jen’s family and this home has been in her family since Bill and Nola acquired it in the 1960’s. The house has 950 sq. ft. with 1 story and ½ basement and ½ crawlspace and 2 bedrooms.
Per the current occupants the original builders (cannot find name) built this little house and moved in while they built a bigger house next door. Their plan was to eventually rent the smaller home (this one) while they lived in the bigger home and use the rent money to help pay for the bigger home. But his wife died shortly after moving in and he also died a few years later of emphysema. It is believed that both of them died in the house in the vicinity of the girl’s room.
Bill and Nola also passed away in the home. So as far as we know, possibly four people have passed away from natural causes in the home.
They noticed activity right away. Jerry noticed it when he was doing demolition work in the house and it got to the point to where he wouldn’t sleep in the house, while he was renovating it, so instead he would drive from Taylor all the way to Troy. It seems the activity is centered mostly the hallway and the daughter’s bedroom.
The reason the client called MCGH is because he could no longer ignore that something paranormal is in his home. On February 11, 2012 at approximately 9am, while his girls were in his bedroom watching Saturday morning cartoons, something unexplained gushed down his hallway & dropped all the pictures in the hallway.
His 3-year old daughter (she’ll be 3 in May) woke up screaming saying she saw a friend that she doesn’t know the shape to but looks like a goat. When they first moved into the house their now 6yr old daughter had constant nightmares and told them they had to keep the closet doors closed. Both he and his wife always see something out of the corner of their eye. He’s had doors open randomly; and occasionally the back door will be open. He’s heard things walking like someone’s pacing up and down the hallway but he attributed it to an old house.
Footsteps [in hallway often], Shadows [out of the corner of their eyes], Calling of your name/someone else’s name from no apparent source [wife once or twice and he may have but he’s not sure], Unusual cold or hot spots [kids room is cold all the time; very cold], Strong feelings of being watched or followed [both parents and oldest daughter 6yr old], Tapping or knockings from no source [back door rattles around a lot], Doors opening and closing [back door], Moving/disappearing/rearranged of objects [chap stick disappears all the time], Movement out of the corner of your eye [parents and often], Appliances turning off and on without reason [fan in the kitchen turns on once in a while and Saturday 2/11 turned on twice after the hallway incident.]



  • Investigators:  Scott, Joe, and Holly
  • Time: 7:30pm – 2:30am
  •  Temperature: 34 Degrees
  • Humidity: 60%
  • Equipment used: Camera, Digital Voice Recorders, Temperature Gauge, EMF Gauge, Tri-Field Meter, K2 Meter, Camcorders with Night Shot, IR Lights, Laser Nets (in the girl’s bedroom and the hallway), Trigger Objects.
Teams Personal Experiences: 
  *  Kept hearing whistling while in
       the attic.
   *  Heard a disembodied male
       voice say “Scott” while doing an
       EVP  session in the little girl’s
   *  Heard a disembodied male voice
       say “Scott” while doing an EVP session in the little girl’s room.
   *  Kept hearing whistling throughout the EVP
       recordings while he was listening live.


EVP’s captured during investigation:
The Living Room –
“Male Voice” EVP class B:Pre-Investigation: Ryan asks, “Have your kids experienced anything?” Jen is replying but there also seems to be a male voice while she is speaking but cannot understand what it’s saying.


“How Long” EVP class B: Pre-Investigation: Jen is telling us her daughter’s age when this strange voice comes chimes in. female voice: “It’s true …<ha ha>… Hello” or “how long” or …?


“Female saying Can you please move I’m sitting right there” EVP class A: Pre-Investigation: Jerry is telling us about a glass frame. Older female voice: “Can you please move? I’m sitting right there.”


“Get Out” EVP class B: Investigation: We’re all in the living room. possible male whisper: “house” or “out” or “get out” or …?


 Basement –
“Male voice saying Plastic” EVP class B: Investigation: Joe Holly Scott in the basement and Jenn and Jerry are in the garage: 10:28 = Joe is talking about how loud plastic is and the crawlspace part of the basement is covered in it. Male whisper: “plastic”


“HELP” EVP class A: Pre-Investigation: Ryan says there is a ceiling fan on the wall, Usually its on the ceiling. You then hear a male voice say “HELP”.


“WOW” EVP class A: Investigation: Joe Holly Scott in the basement and Jenn and Jerry are in the garage: 14:25 = Joe and Holly are talking about a beep they both heard and right after Joe says, “wow”, a male voice: “wow”



Childs Bedroom –
“Let us be” EVP class A: Pre-Investigation: Ryan says he wants to run something (equipment). Little child: “Let us be” or “Let us speak”.



It is our belief that this home has paranormal occurrences in it. It doesn’t seem to be malicious and it could very possibly be one or several of the folks that passed away in or near this home. During both the pre-investigation and the investigation the teams heard disembodied voices, caught EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) spikes, and EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena). There is a wiring issue in the home that should be taken care of (in the basement and leading to it) and that could reduce some of the EMF spikes and also reduce some of the activity, since in theory EMFs can give the paranormal enough energy to manifest or do things.
There are a few things that could be done if the family would like to get rid of the activity. First thing would be to have the house blessed by a man of the cloth and secondly you could have the house smudged or you could do the smudging yourselves. Sometimes doing either or both has to be done a few times before it’s gone for good. We’ve given the client a few documents to help them empower themselves by smudging and such. If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact your case manager or John.
Also, it seems that the other house that the original owner built, also has activity and they seem interested in having Motor City Ghost Hunters do an investigation. Jerry and Jen will find out if they want an investigation on both homes at the same time in the near future. Maybe this way we will find out if the original owner is still hanging around and has something he wants to say.

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