John, Team Founder

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John, Team Founder

John, Founder

John, Team Founder & Leader

John M. is married, has three grown children, and has been the owner of a State Licensed and Certified Indoor Air Quality company since 1987. He is referred by over 480+ of S/E Michigan’s top HVAC Contractors to resolve indoor air quality issues. John’s company utilizes the most precise and up-to-date equipment available today for detection and documentation of air quality issues and concerns. From particle counters to CSI UV detection lights, John brings all of his knowledge and equipment to paranormal investigations in order to scientifically decipher fact from fiction.

John has been involved in the paranormal from a very young age, with too many personal experiences not to be drawn into investigating the paranormal. And with his business, he is brought to many locations “with a past” and sometimes is asked for advice about unexplained happenings. Also for 20 years, John’s hobby and job as a mobile DJ took him to many well-known places, such as the old Botsford Inn, Henry Ford Estate, Greenfield Village, Fox & Hounds, and the old Holly Hotel, and he has seen many phenomena over the years.

John’s credentials are: licensed Mechanical Contractor in Michigan, Certified Microbial Pest Management, also a graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and FCC Certified in On-Air Engineering.

John believes nobody should live in fear of their home or work, and he believes children are the group’s first priority. No child should live in fear of the boogeyman.