Tim W., Lead Investigator

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Tim W., Lead Investigator and Case Manager

Tim W.

Tim W., Lead Investigator and Case Manager

Tim has always had a very pointed fascination with the paranormal since his early childhood days. Throughout his youth, Tim studied this esoteric subject vigorously as he borrowed books from the library.

As Tim grew in years, his paranormal studies ebbed and flowed depending upon his mood and level of understanding. He continued to read and learn. In the late 90’s, a close friend of his who lived in a haunted place asked if he could get rid of her ghost. That was Tim’s first home cleansing, and he never looked back.

Since that experience, the paranormal seemed to follow Tim as he moved from home to home and from state to state. He continually wound up living in places that had anomalous activity occurring. Finally, after experiencing object manipulation in his residence first hand, Tim knew it was time to put up or shut up.

So Tim sought out teams to investigate with. He wound up with a group that was wholly unprofessional and did not understand even the basics of the sub-par equipment they were using. He continued to look because he knew there had to be some group that was better than the one he was in. Tim found a group in NY that was wholly professional and he learned a lot.

That group introduced him to a form of communication that he now specializes in. It is called Instrumental Transcommunication, or ITC. Tim practices communication with the other side in real time with specially designed sweeping radio frequency devices. With his ghost boxes, he can hear the other side and communicate with them in real time, and this mode of investigation brings a new perspective to the field of paranormal investigation.

Then, life called Tim to Michigan and he followed. He searched groups here in Michigan, and after attending a meeting, Tim knew Motor City Ghost Hunters was a great fit. He thoroughly enjoys what he does and feels that MCGH has done its diligence in setting the standard for quality investigations that not only serve our clients’ interest, but also propels the study of ghost hunting forward with new devices and techniques. Tim sincerely hopes that if you are reading this, you find a way to attend one of our public fundraising events or talks in Michigan, so you can experience first-hand how professional, respectful, and more importantly, fun, ghost hunting is.