Trenton Residence, 29 Jan 2016


The client was able to supply this history (See Thomas Limbocker House)

Thomas Limbocker House

Thomas Limbocker House

1922 Sanborn Map notes the residence is a two family home (Flat), 1930s Aaron Nelson Simmons (homeowner) born May 1, 1883 in Sanilac County Michigan, was an electrical engineer at the Trenton Channel Plant, Trenton Michigan for The Detroit Edison Co. of Detroit Michigan. The 1933 Wyandotte, Michigan, City Directory lists his address as 2625 Riverside drive. Draft card was signed 24 April 1942. His address is listed to be 2625 Riverside Drive, Trenton Michigan. This coincides with the 1940 Census, which also show him at this address. Mr. Simmons WWII Draft Card notes his physical attributes to be: White, 5’7 in height, approx 162 lbs, blues eyes, gray hair. Mr. Simmons died 26 February 1976 in Trenton Michigan, per SSI. He is buried in the Pinecrest Cemetery, Oscoda, Michigan, next to his wife Gladys.

His wife Gladys Camille Blanchard Simmons, born 17 August 1889, in Oscoda, Iosco County, Michigan, was a music teacher. (1930 census lists her place of employment as “own studio”. Perhaps she taught music lessons in her own home. However, this is mere conjecture.) Gladys died 08 February 1990, in Trenton, Michigan. Her tombstone is inscribed “Classical Pianist and Beloved Teacher, Wife and Aunt.” She rests next to her husband in Pinecrest Cemetery, Oscoda, Michigan.  Earlier census & vital records place both Aaron & Gladys in Oscoda, Michigan during their childhoods.

Gladys mother Victoria Charboneau Blanchard, age 63, born 14 October 1866 in Fonester Michigan, is listed as also living in the home in 1940. She is a widow. She died at Harper Hospital in Detroit on 14 February 1935. Residence listed on her Death Certificate is 2625 Riverside Drive, Trenton, Michigan.

Family #2-

Frank E Doughty, born approx 1902, in New Jersey, was a maintenance clerk at the local power plant. His wife Irene Heineman was born approx 1907 in Michigan. They were married 06 October 1928 in Wyandotte, Michigan. 1940 Census, Frank is found as a lodger at 2236 Third Street, Trenton, Michigan. His marital status is listed as divorced.

Also listed living with Frank & Irene are Frank’s nephews. George Anderson, age 7. & Frank Anderson, age 4. Their mother’s birthplace is listed as New Jersey. I may be assumed that these boys are Frank’s sister’s children. They are not found on the 1940 Census with their Uncle Frank. Both he & his brother Frank are living in Detroit with their mother, father, and siblings.

1940 Family #1- Wallace Brockett Gibbons, born 13 November 1904 in Charlotte, Michigan, is listed as a renter. He lived in Three Rivers, Michigan in 1935. He was a public school teacher. He died 18 September 1952 in Trenton, Michigan. His last known address was 333 Helen Street, Trenton, Michigan. He is buried at Michigan Memorial Park in Flat Rock, Michigan.  His wife Marguerite Hickey Gibbons was born approx 1907 in Michigan. She & Wallace were married in 1933 in Portland, Ionia, Michigan.

Family #2- William Vogelsong, shipping clerk, age 58, born approx 1882, in Ohio lived in the same residence in 1935. His wife Violet, age 58, born approx 1882 in Michigan, and 17yr old son William F Vogelsong, also born in Michigan, are listed in with him.

Most Recent History

Grantor listed on land records when house was last sold is listed as Danny Menna Trust. Mr Menna, born 18 November 1917, died in 29 October 2009.  He is buried at Michigan Memorial Park in Flat Rock, Michigan. His wife Mary M Miller Menna died in 2005, at the age of 79.  They were married 22 June 1946, at St. John the Baptist, Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa. He enlisted in the Army on 31 March 1941 (branch is listed: Branch Immaterial Warrant Officers, USA). US City Directories- Wyandotte Michigan Directory shows Danny & Mary living at 2544 Riverside Drive in 1950, 1958, & 1958. 1992 US Public Records Index list Danny’s address at 2544 Riverside Drive.

The client claimed that the house was built by a Civil War hero. These records have not been found at this time.

Trenton Residence

Trenton Residence


Unexplained Voices, Unexplained Footsteps, Unexplained Knocks or Other Sounds, Unexplained Shadows, Apparition Was Visible, Someone Was Touched, Feelings of Being Watched or Followed, Doors Opening or Closing Without Assistance, Objects Moving, Falling, Disappearing or Being Rearranged, Movement Seen From Corner of Your Eye.
The house is very old and drafty, so impossible to tell if there was a cold spot or draft.The wiring is all new.

Client stated that corks from wine bottles were thrown in the dining room around Christmas Time.  Client also claimed that her coat was pulled off of her when she entered the home.


Investigators: Brenda, Erin, K-II, and Ed

Equipment:  Mag light flashlights, EMF Meters, Marbles, SP-11 Spirit Box, Digital Recorders, Digital Cameras and Video Camera.

The home has antiques that were not in inherited through family.  Many items, such as the chandelier, registered high EMF. Upon entering the residents, team members could feel some sort of energy.  Once in the kitchen the feelings of confusion, dizziness, and headaches began.  We ran EMF meters through the kitchen and the meters registered high.

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We then tried to debunk the cabinet doors opening by themselves.  As you can see from the video, they are hard to open and would not open freely.  The floors, however, are not level and we tested this by using marbles on the floor.

Video Trenton Residence (Debunking the Cabinets)

We attempted to conduct an EVP session to see if we were able to communicate with any entities.  Brenda brought out chocolate chips to engage anything that may want to communicate.  No EVP’s were captured by any teammates.

We then went and conducted an SP-11 Spirit box Session.  The name “Emily” was a recurring name.


Our team advised client to see if her electrical was grounded.  This could be a reason to the high EMF as well as a router for the internet.

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