Trenton Residence; February 22, 2013

Case Background and Claims:2:22:2013 Trenton Apartment- living room

Our client reports she and her husband have lived in the apartment for the past 10 years with their 2 cats. The Historic Building they live in was built in 1895 and has a rich history and many reports of Paranormal Activity. Our client claims to hear voices in the building and has seen shadows as well as having  had personal experiences of being touched and held down while in bed watching TV. She also claims that her 2 cats stare at unseen things in her apartment and do not seem bothered or threatened by the activity. Our client does not feel threatened but seeks answers to the activity in her home.


  • Time: 9pm to 1am
  • Investigators Present: John M., Gayle, Joe, Myatt
  • Structure: 3rd floor apartment
  • Environment: 36 degrees outside with light rain, 70 degrees inside, 87% humidity
  • Air Particle Count: 7182558
Living Room:

The team started their investigation in the Living room at 9 p.m. During this time we received many responses on our flashlights to the questions the team was asking. Gayle felt a cold sensation while sitting on the couch during which time the Ovilus was extremely active.

Master Bedroom:

Gayle, Joe and Myatt went into the Female clients bedroom for an EVP session. The team once again received many responses on their Mag Lights. John stayed in the Living room to monitor the apartments activity. Many responses with the K2 meters as well as the Ovilus.


Joe went into the spare bedroom and conducted an EVP session and received many K2 hits to the questions he was asking.

Ovilus Words Spoken: 

Gentle, Cross, Long, Polite, Open, Different, Embark, Boat, Since, Grandmother, Room, James, Anna, Police, Cannot, Gate, Fruit, Opposite, Ground, Deposit, Paralyzed, Police, Anna, Core, Cry, Dwindle, Exit, Frank, Frame, Helpful, Rope, Turning, Medium, James, Best, Language, Various, Trace, Actually, Best, Paralyzed, James, Grasp, Dwindle, Probably, Exit, Frank, James, Ate, Soak, Talk, Core, Various, Bomb, Product, Hope, Six, Lark, Grasp, Ate, Sip, Glass, Question, Best, Need, Column, Last, Bomb, Boat, Cannot, Dig, Mouse, Notice, Woman, Probable, Cannot, There, Suddenly, Steel, Tune, Themselves, Dwindle, Salvation, Dust, Bomb, Paralyzed

Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


 “Me.” Class C EVP: Gayle asks John “Why don’t you lay on the bed?” His response was “Because there are no spirits that could lift me off the bed.” You can hear a response say “Me.”

 “Yes.” Class B EVP: Gayle asks if a Frank ever lived here. There is a response of “Yes.”

 “Yeah.” Class B EVP: Gayle asks if the spirit likes when Chris plays the guitar; a response of “Yeah” is heard.

 “It’s Fun.” Class B EVP: This EVP was caught while John was saying how much fun it is to tease Gayle. There is a response of “It’s fun.”


Even though paranormal activity occurs in the client’s home she does not feel threatened at this time, and hopes that the spirit may find its way home.

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