Trenton Grand AKA TV’s Grand Event; October 6, 2012

Case Background and Claims:Trenton Grand

According to those who frequent the hotel, there are knocks and bangs abound. The ghosts who are reportedly present include a woman in white seen in the banquet room; the spirit of a little boy who drowned in the river; and a barkeep who hung himself in the banquet room. The maintenance room door reportedly locks itself on its own accord and there is only one key.
The Trenton Grand Hotel, now known as TV’s Grand Event and Banquet Center at Historic Trenton Hotel, was built in 1895. During its almost 120 year history, this hotel has served as a restaurant, a carriage stop and residences. The building had a fire in the 1970’s and was condemned until it was rebuilt. The current owners have turned the building into a bar/restaurant with full catering packages. It is a warm building with a history of tragedy.
This is the second time that the Motor City Ghost Hunters have investigated this location.


  • Investigators: JohnTim, John H., James, Scott, Holly, Joe, Gayle, Tim W.
  • Weather: 48 degrees, cloudy and rainy.
  • Moon: 71% visibility
  • Time: 11:00 pm – 2:30 am
  • Date:October 6, 2012
  • Structure: 3 story hotel which now serves as a bar, restaurant and banquet center.  It currently has apartments on the third floor and there is a basement as well.


BASEMENT: The basement, which includes several small rooms, was a hotbed of activity on this cold October night.  In a storage room, a chari was rocking on its own when nobody else was in the room.  The MCGH investigators heard knocks, bangs and feet on the stairs leading down to the basement.  There were cold spots that vanished as soon as they were felt.  Dark shadows were seen darting in and out of hte office.  In the office itself, a waste basket liner was heard being rattled.  When our investigators finally sat down for an investigation in the office, the flashlights were going crazy and one of our investigators, Joe, was physically pushed in an office chair so hard he slid several feet.  Gayle did a MEL-Meter experiment and was able to have the spirits present lower the ambient temperature from 78.6 to 69.1 degrees briefly.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation of the Basement:

“Hello” EVP Class B: John H. had thought he heard a door handle jiggling and James mentioned how we need to see if we can find a source for these sounds.  While James is talking, 15 seconds into the clip, you will hear a “Hello” while he is speaking that does not have the typical cadence of a human voice.

GROUND FLOOR: This street level floor contains the restaurant, bar and kitchen areas.  There were sounds of door handles jiggling, knocksand bangs, lights dimming and heavy footsteps.  In the bar area, flashlights were giving positive responses, there were full body sized cold spots present and exceptionally loud footsteps heard.  Oddly enough, most of the activity in the bar area became more omnipresent when the discussions were about bar culture and drinking.  In the dining area, there were also flashlight responses which seemed to indicate that a child was using them.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation of the Ground Floor:

“Ten Years after” -or- “Tell me it’s outta here” EVP Class  C: There are three investigators in the office while this EVP was recorded, and only one of them was a woman.  This is the voice of a woman (not our investigator) and we are unsure what she is saying, some hear “Ten Years After,” while others hear “Tell Me It’s Outta Here.”  What do you hear?

You’re too gorgeous” EVP Class B : About 30 seconds earlier, the questions posed were about travel.  None of our investigators had spoken in over 30 seconds when this EVP was recorded.  You will hear it at about 4.5 seconds into the clip.

“No, Ok. I did that” EVP Class  C:  The flashlights were lighting up and we asked if they could make them brighter.  The “No, OK” is at 13 seconds and the “I Did That” EVP is found at 20 seconds.  It seems like they are telling us that they do indeed use the flashlights to communicate!

Hell Yeah…..Help” EVP Class B: While trying to communicate with a little boy spirit, a toy ball was being rolled in hopes it would roll back.  You will hear the “Hell Yeah” at 3 seconds and the “Help” at 7 seconds when it is noted that the flashlights were going off.

I Know” EVP Class C : The team was trying to have the spirits present turn the flashlights on again since they had not gone off in a while.  John M. tells them that the lights won’t hurt them and the response is at 11 seconds.

“Don’t go, stay here” EVP Class C:  Three of our investigators were set-up at the bar and were considering moving to a different location.  Your will hear this direct response at 5 seconds into the clip.

SECOND FLOOR: Out investigators set-up in the NW Corner of the Cake Room where the purported hangin occured.  There were numerous flashlight responses, knocks and a misty figure floating in front of the window.  There were footsteps heard on the stairs and when checked, nobody was present.
There were numerous flashlight responses that indicated that:
  • The spirit was a woman in her teens or younger, her Mom worked there and they lived upstairs on the 3rd floor
  • Confirmed at 2 different times that her name was Mary
  • The place was being used as a brothel, the Madam who ran the house was a good lady
  • Mary died of consumption (tuberculosis) and the Madam would not pay for a doctor
  • There were men who had cheap cologne (confirmed by knock as well)
  • The spirit in the basement is a boy
  • The man who hung himself is scary/grouchy killed himself over a woman and is still around
  • She is waiting for a family member
  • She was there pre 1910 (confirmed horse and carriages, rail lines outside)
  • She does not like the way women dress today

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation of the Second Floor:

Bobby” EVP X: This is a clip from a Frank’s Box where a spirit reveals his name to the investigators.

Hi (x3)”, “Bringing her home”, “Away” EVP X: This is a Frank’s Box clip where “Hi” is stated 3 times starting at 2.5 seconds, the first and third in a female voice and the middle is male.  “Bringing Her Home” is stated at 5 seconds in a male voice and “Away” is at 7 seconds in a female voice.  Is it possible that they were bringing “Mary” into the light?


Team outside the Grand

Over the course of a few short hours, our team was able to pick up several EVP’s, witness the physical manipulation of two chairs, and capture a misty apparition floating in front of the window.  We were able to make contact with a couple of spirits that are reportedly haunting the Trenton Grand Hotel and the woman in white may be named Mary.
It is interesting that the flashlight indicated that the hotel was being used as a brothel as this is not reported in the 118 year history of the building.
This building has had countless visitors over the years and more than a few residents.  We conclude that the Trenton Grand Hotel has a few residents that are still there even after their lease on life has expired.  Those present do not seem to pose any ill will towards the living and are happy to live in this charming, cozy building that exemplifies historic Down River in Southeast Michigan.

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