Trenton Residence; December 8, 2012

Background and claims: Trenton Residence_20121208_383_Trenton-Home

This home was built in 1928.    Currently, this is a single family home.  Previously, this home was two separate apartments and the current homeowners are in the process of renovating the property.


Over the years, there has been a fair share of tragedy on this property including two women who died of natural causes, one man who committed suicide, and a 20 year old female who met a very untimely end due to an accident.


The current homeowners have had several paranormal experiences in the house.  A girl in a white dress had been seen, as has an older woman on the who has been both seen and heard on the stairs.  The ceiling fan in the master bedroom moved and stopped at the request of the homeowner.  A brown dog was seen jumping on the bed a laying down between the home owners.  The corner of the bed in the master bedroom had pressure applied to it like someone was sitting down upon it.  A white orb was seen flying through the living room.  The owners’ current dog has recently been seen growling at a presence on the stairs; very recently, the dog was on the couch with the homeowners and it started squealing then ran under the Christmas tree and whined like it was hurt.  This is the event that had the homeowners call the Motor City Ghost Hunters for an investigation.


• Investigators: Gayle, Joe, Tim W. & Tim R.
• Temperature: 37 degrees outside, cloudy & rainy
• Moon: 37% Visible
• Time 8 pm – 1:30 am
• Date 12/08/2012


The master bedroom was one of the purported paranormal hotspots in the home and this is where we set-up for the first part of our investigation.  The EMF was generally flat, but there were several brief spikes that coincided with other paranormal events (cold spots, knocks, etc.).  Tim W.’s digital audio recorder shut itself off at the start of the session and it had new batteries in it.  There were numerous cold spots that disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared and were experienced by all investigators present.  We also used flashlights that provided several answers to what we were experiencing.  All investigators heard a cat meowing but this was not picked up by any recorders.  Tim R. felt the hair on his arm being tugged upon.


When we decided to investigate the living room, the other reported hotspot of activity, we incorporated the homeowners into the investigation as they have the most direct ties to the tragedy on the property (all four death’s were family members of one of the homeowners). 


During the investigation, one of Tim W.’s audio recorders died (once again, it had a new battery) and the other did not record at all.  Once of Joe’s camcorders had it’s newly charged batteries drained in the basement.  Gayle’s recorder recorded a lot of static which has never happened before.  A cat was heard in the dining room, but the recorders once again did not pick this up.  When packing up to leave, Gayle heard her name being audibly called in the kitchen.  There were several abnormal knocks and we had positive responses from the Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2’s and flashlights.


EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

  “Should be right on the table, OK?”  EVP Class A:  While setting up our equipment, Tim W. asks about the flashlight set-up and this a male presence not only states “Should be right on the table, OK?” at 3 seconds, but also tells us it is OK to turn the lights out at 7 seconds.  This voice does not belong to any of the 3 male investigators present.

“No” Disembodied Voice: Gayle is explaining to the other side how to interact with the equipment that was are using.  During the middle of her explanation, at about 13 seconds, a loudly whispered EVP was captured of a voice stating “No” on the subject.  Tim W. heard this as a disembodied voice and a cold spot followed.

“Yes” EVP Class C: Tim W’s left arm was very cold and it felt like someone was grabbing it.  He intuited that it was a little girl and he asked if she was list.  At 9 seconds you can hear a faint “Yes.”

 “Faint Voice” EVP Class C: Tim W. and Gayle are trying to get the little girl present to work the flashlight.  Tim asks for the flashlight to be turned on as bright as possible, the flashlight goes to full strength as noted by Joe and this EVP coincides with the flashlight use.  This faint EVP occurs at 13 seconds.

“Crunching”  Gayle had brought a dog treat and some toys in hopes of contacting the ghost dog.  She tries to lure the dog in to eat the bone.  Tim W. feels a cold breeze rush into the room and then the sound of crunching is audibly heard by Tim W. like the dog was trying to eat the treat.

“Bill”  EVP Class A: Tim W. was noting minor EMF fluctuations in the room and a man’s name, “Bill,” comes through very clearly around 6 seconds.  We learned at the reveal that this man was a neighbor that recently died whose property was right across the street and he was also a good friend to the homeowners.

“We did” EVP B: Gayle felt a cold spot following her up the stairs after she had gone downstairs for a couple minutes during the investigation.  You will hear a young girl’s voice saying, We did” at 8 seconds.

“Dang it”  EVP Class A:  Tim W. was trying to get the presence to show itself for a photo at the foot of the bed.  He took a couple photos and remarked how the presence didn’t appear in the photo.  You will hear a very loud “Dang it” EVP at about 9 seconds showing some exasperation at this.

 “Turn it” Disembodied Voice:  We are trying to get the presence to turn on the flashlight in the room.  Tim R. keeps feeling the hair on his arm being pulled.  This EVP was heard, “Turn it” as an audible voice that was so loud, Tim W. thought it came from the homeowners downstairs.  Later confirmation showed that it was not the homeowners and the EVP at about 2 seconds matches the action requested of turning a flashlight.

“They do” EVP Class B: Gayle is discussing baking with a presence we believe to be an older lady who died in the house.  The voice is affirmative, saying “they do”, as to the ginger bread houses being mess makers while Gayle is stating this at about 10 seconds.

“Yes” EVP Class B: Gayle is trying to contact the 20 year old who died on the property.  While talking about playing music loud, one of the girl’s favorite things to do, there is an affirmative “Yes” at 9 seconds.

 “Please don’t” EVP Class B  While we are packing up our gear to go downstairs to investigate, Gayle remarks that she will leave the bone in the room for the dog.  An EVP saying “Please don’t” was captured at about 5 seconds.

“OK” EVP Class C: The homeowners collect chimes and have several in the house.  Joe noted one of them by the stairs was moving so he went to check them out.  Gayle states that the one Joe chimed needs to hold it stationary again and a voice whispers “OK.”  Video of this event shows, no investigators were present who could have whispered this.

“We don’t care” EVP Class C:  The natural Tri-Field meter was responding to many questions and Tim W was explaining. Due to its setting, on magnetic versus electric, only magnetic fluctuations would be detected.  An EVP of a male voice chimes in saying “We don’t care” how the equipment works.

  “No, it was him” EVP Class B:  The homeowner stated that a present, under the tree, was ripped open and Gayle was asking if it was the little girl who did it.  At about 4 seconds, you can hear the voice of a girl say “No, it was him” and the word “Pink,” is stated at the same time as the homeowner says it.

 “I’m so sad.  Talk to me.” EVP Class C: Joe feels a cold spot right behind him and he asks if they are there.  He received an affirmative EVP, “We are” at 4 seconds and then another girl’s voice says, “I’m so sad.  Talk to me.”

 “people died.” EVP Class B: The homeowner is trying to contact a certain family member and was talking about the biscuits that were made by one of ladies who died in the house.  A male voice EVP is captured mentioning that “people died.”

 “I won’t hurt us,” and the second part “Yeah, my life stunk.” EVP Class B : The homeowner is speaking to the relative who committed suicide on the property.  This clip starts with the first part of the EVP “I won’t hurt us,” and the second part “Yeah, my life stunk.”  We confirmed with the homeowner that this was the voice of the man who killed himself.


We only investigated for a mere two hours and received several EVP’s, heard several disembodied voices, knocks, and equipment responses.  We are under the impression that this house is primarily being visited by dead friends and family members who are simply checking in to make sure that life for the current homeowners is good.  We also found the presence of a young girl and this corresponds to the paranormal events that the homeowners had told us about.


Unfortunately, we could not ascertain what had happened to the home owner’s dog when it squealed and whined.  We are certain that there is no ill-will present in the house and we are relieved that the homeowners are not only perfectly OK with having a haunted house. They have embraced the presence of spirits in their home.

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