Types of Ghosts

There are different types of ghosts!

A lot of people ask what are the differences between a ghost and a spirit. Both are referred to as discarnates (without a physical body), however the primary difference is that ghosts are earthbound, but spirits have already passed on and are able to travel between realms. There are several different types of spirits and ghosts, below are listed the different types.

Apparitions – An apparition is the visual representation of a ghost or spirit. There are several different types of apparitions, but the mostly known form is that of seeing a transparent figure. Many apparitions look as real as any living person. Some have been known to hold conversations with people and even interact, but then will suddenly disappear. It has also been reported that certain odors have been smelled prior, during and after the sighting of an apparition. Apparitions are not limited to people, there has also apparitions seen of animals, cars, ships, trains, carriages, buildings. Simply put, an apparition is something that we see, that is often transparent, that suddenly disappears in front of our eyes or walks through solid objects like a door or a wall.

Atmospheric – This type of ghost is only seen in one location and repeats a certain action over and over again. Some investigators believe that they are projected images, brought about by the psychic energy stored in the area. Also referred to as replaying haunting or residual.

Family – These are ghosts that are connected to a particular family. Believed to appear to forewarn of a death or disaster.

Haunted Objects – A particular object that a ghost has a strong emotional tie to. This can be almost anything, such as a wedding ring, a favorite chair, a toy doll, etc.

Historical – These are a lot like atmospheric ghosts, except these have been seen in multiple locations doing their business. They are also non-interactive, there for they would fall into the category location based. These ghosts typically appear often to be solid and wearing period clothing. Battlefield ghosts would fall into this category.

Marian – The appearance of what some believe is image of the Virgin Mary. These can also cover cameos by other saints or religious figures.

Modern – These ghost are like historical ghost, but these appear to resemble more contemporary people.

Phantom – This is the type of ghost that most closely resembles the living. These are often not even suspected of being a ghost until they do something like walking through a wall.

Phantom Hitchhiker – This is the type of ghost that many urban legends are centered around. The appearance of this type of ghost usually happens on the anniversary of their death. These ghosts will interact with humans by asking them for a ride, but before they arrive at the destination, they mysteriously disappear.

Phantom Travelers – Ghosts that are usually found along a certain stretch of road or along a certain route, this is usually the place of a deadly accident. These ghosts can be found riding in or waiting to board a train, plane, boat, car or horse. Again, these are the types of ghosts that usually manifest on the anniversary of their death.

Photographic – These can be all different types of ghosts, but simply are ghosts that are not usually seen with the naked eye, but are seen in the pictures afterwards. Some of these appears as orbs, vortexes, ectoplasmic mist, and other unusual light or optical abnormalities.

Recurring – These ghosts usually appear at a certain time, most often on the anniversary of their death.

Transportation – These are the appearance of some type of transportation that no longer exists. These are often associated with the final moments of a tragic event in which the mode of transportation appearing met it’s demise. The wreckage itself can have energy attached to it in such a way that it has become haunted. There are certain types that are not necessarily relegated to one location, but can be seen anywhere that it would have normally been seen during it’s pre-spirited existence. Some examples of these are cars, trains, ships, airplanes and carriages.

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  1. Cheryl Grahek

    I had taken a picture of my grandson, outside playing on a big mound of snow my husband made for him! My husband came in the side door to tell me to look out the bathroom window at the back of the house. He was having a blast! I decided to get the camera for a picture, yelled out to him to be careful, because the pole of the swing set was at the bottom of the hill, exposed from snow! I’m over protective…I took a picture and said, “oh” that didn’t turn out! I’ll try one more, but this stupid camera! I took a picture, not really even looking at it and shut it off! This was a few weeks ago, during a big snowfall! My two friends and I had the girl’s night weekend last Saturday night, March 8, 2014. I decided to show my friend some pictures of the grandchildren, when I looked at the first picture of my grandson, playing on the hill, I thought that did look weird, but when I looked at the second one, I couldn’t believe what I saw! With goosebumps, and mouth open, I asked my friend, look, what do you see?? She knew, as well as I that it was a solid white figure above his head, he was smiling and it was my Mom, who passed away May 9, 2001, before my grandson was born!! Everyone who has seen this picture so far, have said without us mentioning my Mom, have said, “it’s your Mom” and had chills!! With thinking about the day, I am so over protective, about him and hitting his head that day, everyone makes fun of me and says, “I’m just like my Mother”… What do you think? Thanks!

    1. Heather Phillips

      I know that I’m very late on commenting but I just couldn’t help but to help you out. I don’t know if your friend mention edit but you are seeing a spirit of your grandmother in the pictures. Ghosts and spirits can sometimes appear in photos. You’re grandmother was visiting your son and watching him smile and laugh and wishing he could of been there. She is his guardian angel and shes there to visit. You may not see it physically, but just know that she will always be in your heart.

      I was 15 when I started seeing ghosts and spirits. I still see them today. I can relate very well and I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Heather Phillips

  2. grace

    My boyfriend sees a jakel like figgure over his sleeping brother. He says it twitches and moves, but it always goes back to staring at his brother. Other people in his house have seen it doing other things. It really freaked me out. He says when he talks about it it shows up again. He says hes thrown things at it and even shot at it and it dissapeers. His mother owns an Egyptian relic necklace. He wonders if that may be the cause. But its not like a normal residual haunting which always does the same thing. It seems to have a consciousness and reacts to changes around it. That makes it even the worse… if anybody sees this and has seen a black dog or jakel or anything simular post it on here for me. Thanks. 🙂

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