Union Hotel Investigation with Beyond Ghosts Canada, Normandale, ON 8 Nov 2014

Brenda and Kellie assisted Bert and Guy with their event with Ghosts Beyond Canada at the historic Union Hotel in Normandale, Newark County, Ontario, Canada on 8 Nov 2014. Approximately 17 participants were at the hotel at the time of the event from all over Canada.

Investigators: Brenda and Kellie of MCGH; Bert and Guy members of MCGH and Beyond Ghosts CanadaUnion Hotel

Michelle Strazzeri and Linda Mancuso from PRS and  Trans North American Paranormal (TNAP)

Equipment: K-II meters, EMF pumps, Ovilus, Mag Light Flashlights, Digital Recorders, Ipod.

Temperature: Low 40’s, rainy, Full moon occurred day before.


According to the owners,”Tthe hotel was built in 1835 to serve the local bog iron ore boom, the property is located on the historic Talbot Trail. The hotel was closed about 1850 and abandoned. It because occupied by vagrants and squatters and became very warned down.  It was restored as a bed & breakfast in the 1980s, the hotel is now a beautifully restored private residence. Being designated as a historical building, the original floor plan in intact, which includes three “parlours”, a dining room, front tavern room, as well as a ballroom upstairs.“ None of the antique relics in the hotel are original to the hotel.

The hotel is outside of the area called “Spooky Hollow.”  Spooky Hollow is actually the area of road behind the property of the hotel. From research through the Toronto & Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society , it was said that, “in the 1920’s there were booze runners who illegally transported alcohol to the US from Normandale (probably to Erie, NY). The booze runners were raided by the police and killed and it is believed their restless spirits walk the roads.”

Spooky Hallow
Recent reports of activity include the shadow figure of a woman and child, antique toys appearing, the sound of a dog dragging a chain, dehumidifier starting while switched off, and loud knocks on guest room doors.

The current owners stated that they have heard a dog walking across the floor dragging a leash and big bangs in the middle of the night.


Saloon Room (First floor first room on the left)

Historic event in room: A man was a travelling salesman hid his gold in the floor boards of the room, there was a guard outside of the room. The next day the guard was gone and the salesman’s body was found in Spooky Hallow.  Date and time are unknown at this time when the event occurred.Saloon

While in this room it appears that we were able to come across a male entity. He was able to communicate with us through K-II meters and flashlight activity.  Some participants heard sounds and shadows.  Brenda observed a curtain moving at the beginning of the session but no more throughout the session.  Members felt cold spots near them.  Mediums were part of the and were able to get the entity to validate what they were saying by getting the entity to lighting multiple K-II meters on request.

Audio Evidence captured during session

Brenda’s Recorder captured a lady saying, “It’s a candle” when we were trying to determine what the flickering light was.

Brenda was trying to determine the time era the entity was from and asks, “are you from the 1900’s?” An EVP is caught by Kellie’s recorder saying, “No.”

While trying to determine who was in the room, Brenda asks, “Were you a guest here?” and someone cleared there voice (sounds like a male) but there were no males in the room at the time.  Kellie’s recorder picked this up.

The last EVP captured in the “Saloon Room” was when the entity was asked if he worked in the Iron Industry and he stated, “Yes.”

Bedroom back by stairs to the left upper level.

Kellie’s recorder captured No EVP’s in this room however in a room at the end of the hall, she captured, “They are looking for Ghosts” when Brenda and Guy were talking about the ceiling being possible tin or faux tin.

Dining Room

Our team moved into the dining room. In this room there is a wood stove and was the main heat source in the part of the hotel we were in.  We received a lot of flashlight activity and received confirmation of a male presence in the room.

We were able to maintain contact with what was in the room.

Door Creaking

Female Mumbling

Lower room Bedroom (second room on the right first floor)

History: There was an altercation between a husband and wife and the wife locked herself into the room.  The husband attempted to get to his wife by using a hatched against the door to get the door open.  No deaths were reported from the incident.

Ovilus: Question, Rate (when asked how they would like to communicate), Canada, She (when asked if her name was Martha), Age, Consist, Begun, Fairly, Bronwen (name of family in the area), College, Dream, Feet (Brenda had just scratched her foot), Place, Mistake.

Upstairs Ball Room

Spirit Box Session was started and during the session music was played in the room. While music was being played, the flashlights reacted with the music as if a lot of excitement was occurring.

Spirit Box Hi, Amber, No, Play Music, That’s Okay, One (female), Map and you’ll miss it

Would you like me to play music for you, “PLAY MUSIC”

I’ll have to turn the radio off because we won’t be able to communicate at the same time (Male Voice) “THAT’S ALRIGHT”. “Sing, Sing, Sing” was played and the flashlights went off excitedly.

The team was talking about Cab Calloway and the spirit box said, “The perfect name.”

Ovilus; Must, Afraid, Germany, Rose, Does, Canal, Cool, Lose, Mars, Alaska, Lunch, Fastened,

During the second part of the Spirit Box Session, the entity turned on the music from my phone by itself. Brenda has a code lock on the phone and would have had to put it in to access the music.

Catch up with me, Press Bar, Enter, Done, Perfectly, And Yet? (When Kellie says you’re a fun guy), Bye

Brenda asks if you don’t like this song and she says to “Jump for it.”

While Moonlight Serenade was playing, three of us saw a ball of light travel across the wall. No cars were driving in this direction to make the ball of light appear like this.

At the end of the Spirit Box Session, Brenda says 3-2-1 and you hear “BYE.”

Brenda’s recorder captured a Yell

Make Me or Take Me

Bedroom across the Ball Room

We used K-II Meters, and EMF Pump, and Flashlights. When Johnny Comes Marching in was played and the K-II meters would like in union with the song.  We moved them off the bed to see if there was a change and they quit lighting up.  They would only light up in union while onto of the bed at the foot of the bed.

Ovilus: Band

Brenda’s recorder did not capture any EVP’s.

Kellie’s recorder captured, “The Bed” when asked if the entity was attached to something.


We would like to thank our sister group Beyond Ghosts Canada for allowing us to join them on this adventure.  The Union Hotel appears to have lots of activity and we wish the private owners much luck in the future.



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