University of Michigan, Union Hall 31 October 2015

On October 31, 2015 MCGH was invited to demonstrate Ghost Hunting to University of Michigan students. Many students that attended appeared to be in the Engineering and Science fields.

Team Members: Brenda, Lesley, John, T3, Sharon, Gayle, Tim W, Erin, Tim S.

Some History: Union hall has a vast history.  Some of the history we were able to find is that in WWI the Hall was used as baracks for returning soldiers.  Many Presidents visited the site and it’s believed that two employees may have died on the site of natural causes.

Ann Arbor June 1888

Ann Arbor June 1888

Union Hall as Baracks 001













Ooh Rah Rah


Lesley Brenda and Melissa demonstrating Research

Lesley Brenda and Melissa demonstrating Research




The tours began with demonstration of researching sites:  Brenda, Lesley, and Melissa showed students what resources were used to validate information of a site that is requesting an investigation. During this session, the researchers were able to give the students a history of Union Hall from the time era of WWI to present day.  Newspaper articles and archaeological maps were shown of the site.



Sample EVP Session

T3 conducting an EVP session

T3 and Sharon conducting an EVP session










The next stop was to show an EVP session that is conducted while doing an investigation.  Sharon and T3 showed a session and discussed experiences in the past.






Tim doing a box session

Tim W and Erin doing a Mini Box Session



Equipment Used

The final stop was with Tim W to give a demonstration with ITC Communications.  Erin and Gayle assisted at his station.






A Big Thank You

We would like to thank the Student Organization and the students who attended for coming to see us at this event.  We hope to do more in the future with U of M.




























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  1. MCGH

    The event was in 2015 but I just published it today.

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