Vintage Tavern Restaurant, Port Huron, Michigan; April 18,2014

Case Background & Claims:salads-port-huron-mi-vintage-tavern-callout

After purchasing the building Jeff, the owner, was cutting a board in the basement when the saw got caught in the wood and caused the fuse to blow. Jeff was looking for his flashlight. Once found he turned it on and noticed two transparent men standing in front of him. He only could see their torso on up. They were wearing turn of the century clothing, overalls and suspenders. They disappeared quickly. Jeff got the feeling that they were just seeing who was working on their building & was not there to cause any harm.
Halloween 2012: Motion cameras were tripped late in the evening by an unknown presence on the main floor just left of the bar. It looked as if the spirit was walking through the main area of the restaurant looking for someone or something.



The current brick building was built around 1851 by W.H. Dowling after two prior wooden buildings had burned down. The owner heard about the strength of brick and built this building so it would not burn down again. As luck had it the building was totally destroyed by fire in 1904. The building was rebuilt and opened in 1905. The Woolworth company purchased the property in 1911 & opened their doors as F.W. Woolworth co. 5 and 10 cent store. In the 1920’s the building operated as Port Hurons Kresge building, then from the 70’s to the 90’s became Arden’s clothing store.


dime store



     Barrett & Goulding 99 Cent Store once sat on the site of
     The Vintage Tavern. The building burned in January 1904.







Video Interview & Evidence Obtained during investigation:





  • Date: April 18, 2014
  • Time: 12:00AM – 2:45AM
  • Investigators Present: John, Tim R., Bert, Tom, Sharon, Heather, Lesley, Kate 2, Cas, Ally.
  • Weather: 51 Degrees & partly cloudy.
  • Equipment used: Mel meter, EMF pumps, Flash lights, Night Vision camera, Video camera, Various audio recorders, Spirit box, K-II meter, Ovilus, Flur thermal camera.


Pre-investigation: IMG_0487

11:00pm: Arrived at the restaurant. The team met with the client to go over some of the claims that they had been having. Since there were three levels to the building, the team split up into two groups with team one (T3, Lesley, Ally, Sharon) starting their session on the third level and team two (John, Bert, Tom, Cas, Kate2, Heather) starting their session in the basement. Brenda walked while video taping the sessions. During the pre investigation I asked Kate 2 and Ally to check out the third level being that it was draped in plastic for the winter and an open lounge in the summer. There was a bar next-door with a live band so I wanted them to check the cold and noise level. Once they reached the hallway from the stairs they heard a loud sigh. The hall area connected to the lounge roughly 30 feet away. While in the lounge they could hear sounds like footsteps of someone following them. They asked the owner if they could see the surveillance footage. They noticed at the same time they approached the last step, a light like orb streaked through the air blocking out the exit sign that was at the end of the hall. The camera then malfunctioned splitting the frame in two. The owner stated that this had never happened before.  A couple seconds into the frame it corrected itself.



Team One:IMG_0483

12:55am: Team one began our investigation on the third level dining room area. The team set up equipment, but had a difficult time hearing due to the noise from the bar next door. I started the session trying to contact the spirit that was seen in the area earlier. We had immediate flashlight activity. The noise from next door became so loud that at 1:10am we decided to move to the first floor area.  First floor – We located ourselves in a closed in dinner area which kept the noise out. While setting up, at 1:48 into session Ally asked the owner about a picture on the wall, she asked if the picture was random (Was the subject of the picture) and you hear a YEAH. Fourteen mins into the session Lesley’s equipment malfunctioned. Lesley stated that batteries had been replaced before investigation. A clicking sound was heard right after her equipment went out. We decided to use the spirit box to start our next EVP session, but the noise was too loud for the team in the basement so we moved to the front of the restaurant . No activity came from the spirit box. Brenda began an EVP session using her dowsing rods. Brenda had contacted a spirit that worked in the building when it was a clothing store. He had crossed over and was here for a visit. He stated that he was not the only spirit here. Communication with the spirit using the rods stated that their were four spirits in the building. They all feel safe and have no bad intentions. We had flashlight response while conducting the session.

2:00am: Team one started their second session in the basement with Sharon starting the EVP session trying to  contact  two gentlemen spirits that the owner and his waitresses have seen in the past. Sharon and Lesley’s flashlight responded immediately. When asked if the spirit with us perished in one of the fires that occurred on the property, the flashlight came on responding to yes. The spirit we were in contact with perished in the fire of 1904. They worked in the building at the time. They also stated that they felt at peace. As I was asking if they would like to pass on and be with their family in Heaven, both our flashlights responded and a white light anomaly was seen in the upper right of the room. I attempted to make them feel at ease and that they should not be afraid to go into the light to be with the ones they loved.



Team Two:IMG_0489

12:55am: Basement – Team two attempted to replicate Jeff’s (owner of the Tavern) 1st experience seeing a full body apparition while working on the building. Bert attempted his Period Resonance technique trying to contact the spirits. Jeff came downstairs and showed the team footage on his laptop from his bars IR cameras that was caught of Kate (aka K2 ) and Ally on the 2nd floor with shadows chasing them. Team seen shadows on the stairs and had flashlight activity to our questions. John using his Flur camera had heat spots appear on the wall that couldn’t be explained. This heat source appeared then disappeared then returned during the session. Note: the furnace was not on during our session.

Sessions ended at 1:45am.

2:00am: Team two started their second EVP session on the first floor. The team received lots of flashlight response to questions being asked. Tom experienced his K2 meter spike a few times during the session. Tom says the name “Amy then his K2 meter spikes to 72 at that time. Amy was the name that came thru when Brenda did her spirit box session.


Ovilus Words Spoken:

Jump, small, steam, near dear, banshee, wall, about, blood, subject, fear, important, blue, honor, quarantine, point, hello, Brother, Grandfather, mission, copy, nerd, wisdom, It.

Session ended at 2:45am.





Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:



“Yeah” EVP class B: While on the first floor in closed dinner area, Ally was looking at a picture on the wall, & asked the team who they thought was it in the photo or was the picture random. You then hear a voice say Yeah 9 seconds into the clip.




The MCGH team feels that there are spirits that reside on this property where at least two documented cases of fire occurred. We believe the spirits to be harmless to the patrons of this establishment .


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