Warren Home; January 18, 2013

Case Background and Claims:

Warren Home Overhead PhotoThe client recently renovated their home that was built in the 1940’s and was divided into 2 different apartments.  The entire home is approximately three thousand square feet.  Since the renovation, the client has witnessed dark shadows darting around.  The cabinets in the kitchen have been opening on their own.  The client has also heard footsteps and voices in the home when no one else was present.  Recently, the client’s mother fell in her home and subsequently died in the hospital.


  • Investigators: John, Tim, Art
  • Weather: 33 degrees outside, 68.8 degrees inside; clear and dry outside
  • Winds: 21 mph S/SW
  • Humidity: 55%
  • Moon: Full
  • Time: 8:00pm to 12:00am
  • Date: January 18, 2013


Upstairs Apartment:

Our investigation started in the upstairs living room. During this time we believe we made contact with the spirit of the home owners’ mother because of the flashlight session that occurred. The mother passed away last year after falling in her home; she died in the hospital.

During this phase of our investigation, we used an experimental device known as an Ovilus which produced a series of words.  Some of the words have a direct correlation to the circumstances of our investigation, and these words are in bold face type.

Ovilus Words Spoken:

Carrier, Steam, Apple, About, Ask, Point, Wisdom, Embark, Second, She, Brother, Choke, Fly, Although, Candy, Tree, Honor, Pluto, Paul, Mommy, Lay, Sallies, First, Length, Here, Study, Since, Wisdom, Embark, She, Records, Debbie, Scare, Award, Feed, Crowd, Police, Astral, Story, Phantom, Brother, Embark, Fist, Tail, Subtract, Thus

Ovilus Word Correlation:

Our team announces to any spirits present that the are going to ask some questions and the Ovilus responds with the word “About,” then the words “Ask,” and then “Point,” in succession.  We believe that any spirit present possibly wanted to know the point why the team was in the home?

Later, the client was speaking to us about why she called MCGH, and the Ovilus stated “Wisdom” then later says “Embark.”  At the time that these words were spoken, the client was reflecting upon how she had broken up with an old boyfriend that her mother did not approve of and it is possible the mother was trying to communicate the wisdom of sending her boyfriend packing.

While client is talking to her daughter on her cell phone the Ovilus states “She,” possibly referring to her daughter talking to her Grand Daughter on the phone.  Also noted were the words “Brother,” “Candy,” and “Choke.”  The client informed us that her uncle on her mother’s side used to live in the upstairs apartment and loved to eat candy.

Most impressively, the Ovilus stated the word “Debbie,” which is the client’s daughters name.

Downstairs Apartment:

Our team and clients went down to the 1st floor Living room and conducted another EVP session. Once again, the team received almost a full hour of direct responses on their flashlights to the questions the team and the clients asked during the investigation. The Ovilus also may have answered many questions during this session as well while we were downstairs.

Ovilus Words Spoken:

Levitate, Order, Pine, Color, Rabbit, Door, Records, Award, Supper, Eat, Project, Center, One, Spoon, Talking, Size, Wide, Choose, Waist, Hug, Highway, Any, Alright, Down, Short, Much, Property, Foliage

Ovilus Word Correlation:

When the team was downstairs, they noticed a “Rabbit,” picture directly over the chair where the clients mother used to have her favorite chair.

The client also collected “Spoons”.

Her Bedroom was in the “Center” of the home were they just completed the “Project” of renovating her old home.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


“A lot” EVP Class C: John says did you spend allot of time looking out the window looking for your grandson and a voice says “A lot.”

 “Non-EVP,” Disembodied Voice.  During an EVP session, John hears a disembodied voice, but what it states is not clear.

“Get out” EVP Class B: John asks client to take cat downstairs during the investigation and voice is recorded saying “Get Out,” and the client told our team her mother didn’t trust men.

“I know” EVP Class  C: As the client and John are talking about their Indian ancestry, the words “I know” are heard and the flashlight also lights up.

“Mom” EVP Class C: John and the client are speaking and you can hear a voice say “mom.”

“One”  EVP Class  C : Tim and the client are talking about seeing an orb, and and EVP states “One.”

“Yeah”  EVP Class C: John asks “Do you like your animals better?” A recorded voice says “Yeah.”


We believe that the  clients’ mother loved the home that she lived in for over 50 years. She is happy with the renovations that our client has had done to her home and will continue to watch over her beloved home and family which still resides there. If our client ever needs MCGH we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

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